Saturday, February 02, 2008


Reminding everyone to hit up Saturday's with Dr. Pauly. I'm already signed up and will be playing from the bar.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to Basics, Skin Pics 

Now that whole 1000th post rubbish is out of the way, I don't really have any booze stories to tell. The flu continues to run raging through my system and booze isn't an option. I'd probably pass straight out. That didn't stop me from hitting up the bar on Tuesday but there was only one shot involved and the night consisted of trying to run patrons out of the bar with our music selections. Apparently I also missed that I was registered for the Blogger Skills game yet managed to outlast half the field (how's that for qualifying our decision to change BBT scoring from half the field to top 25%?).

Monday night I skipped the MATH again. Other than completely despising 6-max tournaments, I didn't think there was a chance in hell that I'd still be eye-open. I did donk out of the TuckFard Open pretty quickly but made up for it by dragging a bunch of people along for a cheapy HORSE SnG which was won by yours truly. Last night I had an up and down ride in the Mookie. I doubled up early off of Lucko in a hand I probably shouldn't have played. Putting my early life on the line with AK was not brilliant but worked out. Then turned around the very next hand and gave it all back. AQ on a queen high flop doesn't hold up very well to KK. I'm just another donk who can't let go of TPTK. I busted out just before the first break and went night night. No weird dreams anymore from fever, but I am starting to get the no-drinking shakes.

Thursday night is the Riverchasers game. Plenty of free money floating around for anyone with the patience to pick it up.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
Where/when: Full Tilt, Thursday 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


I really need to get back to the pub. Sweet nicotine can only go so far to quell the unrest. If not tonight then Friday for sure. The pub is opening their upstairs area with a friend's band (led by Phil The Blogfather Saviour) and that is a can't miss evening. I'll get back to my old ways of snapping random pics during the evening for your viewing pleasure. This will also be the first time I get to see the new venue for the September Big Bash up and running.

Speaking of pictures, I can't believe I missed this one yesterday. Joaquin, the self-appointed A-lister (whatever the hell that means) was serenading the bloggers during the first summer WPBT. I threw a big party at a Vegas tequila bar and Joaquin was in heaven.

And why not keep going through four years worth of raunchy pictures. The only thing that keeps people coming back. Listed below are two lists. One you can view from the comfort of your office and the other you might want to wait until you get home.


These are totally safe for work.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Bonus for the girls

Not even REMOTELY safe for work.

NSFW Picture 1
NSFW Picture 2
NSFW Picture 3
NSFW Picture 4
NSFW Picture 5


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1,000 posts worth of pictures 

Let's just go ahead and move that post farther down. Checking my website this afternoon was startling. I have uploaded over 1200 images in the last 4 years. Very few could even remotely be considered safe for work. Below are just a handful of pictures I found with a quick scan through. Enjoy.

The only "authorized" picture of Iggy on the internet

Back of the stretch Excursion, first WPBT Vegas event. Not pictured are Maudie, Otis and G-Rob wondering why the hippy man was leaning out of the window and calculating what to tell Johnny Lawenforcment.

In the booth with DJ Scuba Steve, Bash at the Boat 7

Gavin, Brandon and a very happy Carter, Bash at the Boat 7

JoeSpeaker's favorite Key West bartender

JDub in Key West

Pauly and Spaceman, crazy trip to the Playboy Mansion

About to make a critical mistake against BadBlood

Crackwhore blogger tries to get attention. Mission accomplished

Sent from Sean. I love Hooters girls

My favorite Happy Otis picture. The PCA in the Bahamas

Poker girl, one of the first picture I posted that was widely distributed across the web


Post 1000 (Time to Move Along) 

I'll say it right now and get it out in the open. I've never been a big fan of navel gazing blog posts. I'm going against my own rules. This is being written as my 1000th post, it's been nearly 4 years. I have absolutely no idea where it is going to take me and it's being written over several days. I offer no apologies and won't be offended if you skip right over it. There will most likely be scantily clad girls nothing at the end just as a reward to the readers with nothing better to do then read the wandering words of a mindless man looking back over the years deciding if it was all worth it. Thank you for your consideration and feel free to move along until I'm back the next day with drunken thoughts.

4 years ago I started wasting valuable internet space for a silly reason. I was reading some poker blogs, they were starting some private tournaments (bloggers only) and I wanted to play. I pulled up blogger.com and the rest will go down as the worst internet move ever.

4 years ago I was running a pretty large local private game that was eventually busted up by the owner. The sight of 80 poker players and wads of cash on the tables didn't sit too well with him. Our games were ahead of the curve. Months before Moneymaker won the WSoP Main Event seat, blowing up the poker scene, we were already pulling in 70 to 80 tournament players each game. It was during this time that I got my first glimpse of the forums and blogs. It's been straight downhill ever since and blogs are to blame.

4 years ago I was also happily married buying a new house, a degenerate gambler, habitual bar patron and chronic drinker always looking for a good time. At least I still have my drinking and gambling to keep my liver warm these days.


This is the spot in which I ran rather wordy about the past, present, and future. No one give a fat monkey's ass what I think. Ctrl-c, Ctrl-x. Thank you, move along.


Finally the best parts of starting this steaming pile of crap 4 years ago. The writing, the experiences and the friends.

I had never written anything prior to pulling up blogger.com for the first time and it shows. During the four years I've never really taken a break or hiatus. If I had something to say, I said it. There has never been a desire to this as a full time job (although I would change my mind with the proper Southern Comfort sponsorship of the world's greatest drinking establishments). I have all the respect in the world for the real writers out there amongst us who pay the rent, mortgage, child support based solely on income brought in through their writing. I'll never be a Pauly or Otis (or the other crazy bunch of pro writers). I know I'm just hack but at least I'm a consistent hack. The writing has provided some sort of marginal creative release with built anonymity. At least at the beginning. Unfortunately for those who still drop by here, I'm still enjoying it.

The experiences I've had since starting are too numerous to even begin to state. I've played poker all over the world. Out west in Los Angeles and east to Europe and a quick hop to the Bahamas to challenge their gambling authorities. I've thrown parties and crashed other parties. Vacations, benders and all things degenerate. Thanks to this site I've added dramatically to the list of states where I've been able to passout in a drunken stupor. For that I say thanks.

I've made many friends in the last 4 years because I started this site. There are far too many to even attempt to name/thank/acknowledge them. There is no way I could name everyone without missing some and that would be an insult to those who I miss. Needless to say there are friends I've met that will be around no matter the future of this site. My internet footprint could completely disappear tomorrow and I still wouldn't have a problem finding a game in another city, the next big party or some fools to join me on a jaunt around the world. It's the friends that I've made which made this entire thing worthwhile. To those I consider friends and those who consider me a friend, I say thanks.


I never started this site with any intentions of actually drawing any traffic. Shits, giggles and blogger tournaments were the only motivation. I check my stats about twice a year unless I'm completely empty of idea for posts. The numbers mean nothing to me since there is no comparison with anything else. I never go back and read old posts unless I'm trying to refresh my memory. Once I hit the post button, it's history. I post for my enjoyment and maybe throw a picture up for a few to enjoy. I certainly never intended to be around this long. I can't believe the number of old-timers out there still cranking away with a manic pace, the ones who started posting long before me and will be here long after.

In December I realized that I was nearing the magic 4 digit post number and made a confession to several friends. I seriously considered using this post as my site obituary, I intended to give it one more year then shut the lights out at the end of 2008 for good.

Certainly my local friends would be relieved at not having to check my site the next morning to see if they're spread across the internet (except for JDub, he loves the notoriety). I would be able to keep my pictures for my own viewing pleasure, unless of course I decided to start up my own porn site. If I stopped writing I could add all that additional time into my drinking.

I still have no idea what my plans are for the future. The decision has been much tougher than I anticipated. No one really comes here expecting mind blowing revelations or even top shelf stories. I just assume people come here out of morbid curiosity at what the drunk monkey did to embarrass himself this time. This year I have travel commitments, a little WSoP deal that needs to get hammered out and other things in the works that need attention. They'll also need an outlet. I guess that's where this damned site comes in.

So I'm not going anywhere. At least for the time being.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me out through the years, my local friends who have put up with my crazy shit the last four years and anyone who was batshit crazy enough to swing through these parts at anytime. Most importantly thanks to the makers of Southern Comfort, without your sweet nectar I'd probably be posting nothing but hand histories and poorly timed rants.

Cheers my friends, thanks for the good times.


God damn what a mess I created above. I have no idea what that crap reads like, it started to pain me when I tried to proof read. I gave up. Never write long winded pointless posts when dying of the flu, just another little tip for you there.

There is a reason I hate navel gazing. Disregard the above and follow my new religion.

- Drink, get drunk.
- Enjoy and really appreciate everything you have.
- Drink some more and bet it all on black.

I'm back later with pictures, pictures, pictures and pictures. Anything to move post 1000 further down the site.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Post 999 aka The One in which I Almost Die 

No matter what I say Friday afternoon, I just haven't been able to muster up the desire during the weekends to hit up the big MTT's on Full Tilt and it has nothing to do with being dead money. This weekend found me curled up in the fetal position on my lazy boy throne fighting off the inevitable flu that I knew was going to accompany the aches and pains I was feeling. From the chest up I felt like child's helium balloon and praying for someone to stick an ice pick in my temple.

That didn't stop me from hitting up the $50 NL games during by brief stints of wakefulness. Why let a little thing like health get in the way when they are giving away free money. In and out of my fever induced nightmares and I had waking nightmares that I was being forced to watch a football free weekend of TV. I'll have to check my account this morning to make sure I didn't order anything from the informercials at 3am when I thought I was ordering a Russian mail-order bride.

Nikita the Russian > The John Tesh Greatest Hits Collection

I haven't really eaten anything since sometime Friday afternoon except for a handful of Oreos. Not even double stuff but they were the only thing nearby unless I wanted to munch on a dog treat or two. I woke up sometime Sunday afternoon to discover I had apparently found a pen and drawn a very passable version of the Pink Floyd prism on my left forearm. I guess at some point during the hallucinations it made plenty of sense. At least I found out this morning in the shower that it wasn't a permanent marker. Thank god for small favors. I hate long sleeve shirts.

I had a dream where I was arguing with BigMike that JarJarBinks was 100 times greater than Yoda. Some seriously screwed up shit. HBO needs to stop running Star Wars marathons. I suspect that I'll hit the wall again sometime this afternoon when a co-worker will find me face down on my desk mumbling about default gateways and genocide against hardware guys. I hope to be sane sometime later this week, until then I'm going to sit staring at the rambling thoughts of post number 1000. It should be fun to try and finish it in my current condition.

There is zero chance it makes any more sense that post number 999.

God protects fools, drunks, and children. We have a bingo.


It's been a couple years but finally coming back. Saturday's with Dr. Pauly on Poker Stars.

This was always a fun way to kick around a Saturday afternoon in a blogger tournament. No leaderboard, no tracking the money winners, no asshats. I suspect the new regular Saturday afternoon tournament will be a lot more relaxed then what our blogger tournaments have become. Back in the day when they were thrown for no other reason then to sling some chips around with invisible internet friends without the pressure of someone standing on your throat if they don't like your style of play.

I'll post more about this as the day gets closer, but feel free to make plans to join the crew Saturday afternoon at 4:20pmET (international players are not only welcome, but encouraged).

See you there.


Also, Head's Up Challenge 6 is beginning shortly. I will have no parts of it because I am by far the worst HU player in the history of this silly game. But that shouldn't stop the rest of you button mashers from getting involved.


One of my favorite pictures below, severely cropped to protect the young lady and drunken hippy next to her.