Thursday, January 10, 2008

Riverchasing the nut / nut hands 

I've had corporate America crawling up my ass for the last 24 hours with no end in site. So here's your post for the day.




Don't forget about the Riverchasers game this evening. This is the first switch up game and we're going with good ol' Limit Omaha/8. See you there.

Update: It's my damn drunken fault I didn't double check the tournament setup. Tonight is button mashing Pot Limit Omaha/8. Grand times, at least we'll have two winners in each lottery hand most times.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
When: Thursday, January 10th 21:00et
Game: Deepstack POT Limit Omaha/8
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

AlCantHang Tour 2008 

I have to say that I really loved the 4 card lottery last night masquerading as Pot Limit Omaha. I love totally disregarding starting hand requirements and just maul the "Bet Pot" button over and over. Unfortunately I was interrupted by work never the halfway point and did the ol' push and pray. Hoping to get enough chips to sitout while I completed my tasks and still have something to work with. Unfortunately I got my chips in slightly ahead (as ahead as you can ever get preflop in Omaha) but no such luck.

I can't wait to see how many family pots there are Thursday night when the Riverchasers game turns into Limit Omaha/8. Don't forget about the Mookie tonight and listen to the newly renamed Buddy Dank radio. Nice job Jaguars!


Everyone who planned to do a "Goals for 2008" post have already completed them and moved along. I have no high expectations about 2008, I only hope it doesn't suck rat balls like 2007. My poker goals are simple. Don't go Waffles broke.

My travel goals are much more solid and I'm going to be able to put quite a kick in the my frequent flyer miles account. Here is just the short list off the top of my head of places I'd like to hit during the year aught 8. Most of these are fairly certain to happen and plans are already in the works. This list does not include my plans for other vacations. There is at least one Vegas trip sitting in there as well as my newly revived yearly trek to Key West. This is just a starting list for reference-sake.

Eh! Vegas - Curling, poker and booze

Toronto. End of February. I've got a real friggin' problem with the cold weather here so I can't imagine being 500 miles further north. But it is a bunch of bloggers partying outside of the US of A so I am in. Lock it up if there is a promise of Astin firing up some prime rib.

Live Mookie - Golf, poker and booze

Mookie probably sets the record for blogger I've chatted with more than anyone else yet never met. I've been known to swing the sticks for 18 holes (rather badly) and I look forward to ending my lifetime ban of ever entering the state of Texas. Besides, since Mookie is a world class breeder the chances of him actually leaving the house for a Vegas getaway are pretty damned slim.

Okie Vegas - Wave runners, karaoke, poker and booze

Other than Derek and his comfy sofa, I spent more Vegas time in December with Gary then anyone else which included a sick drunken run at the craps table (and Denny's Grand Slams for everyone!). I drunkenly swore to Gary that I would be attending Okie Vegas this year so that means I have no choice. Plus, how can I turn down a chance to see Auntie Maudie in her natural habitat?

G-Vegas - "The Procedure", poker and booze

This is the most open ended of my decisions. If Otis ever decides to throw another Brad-o-ween, I will be there anchoring a team in the Drunk Olympics. I will not be watching Derek puke 4 times or the Boy Genius not NOT pass out. If Brad-o-ween is still on hiatus then I'll have to pick a weekend to attend a BadBlood Invitational only only if there is a guarantee that we can run The Procedure prior to the tournament. There is also the prospect of having the mini-Blood's school me in poker again.

WSoP (Summer WPBT) - Falling down, poker and booze

Last year was the first in 5 that I went the entire series without making a trek to Vegas. That won't happen this year. I'll try to either schedule my trip around whatever summer gathering occurs or I'll pop in for the start of the Main Event. By then the bloggers covering the series will be whittled down to their last nerve and ready to pop a cap in the nearest hooker. I hope to digitally capture that very moment.

NYC poker game - Muggers, poker, booze

In all these years I've never managed to make the trek north for any of the regular home games amongst my NYC brothers and sisters. Now that Mary Mary Bacon Bikini is cooking up her hard won bacon each month during the game, now I definitely need to make the effort to get up there. The possibility of taking out my WPBT Winter revenge on the rooster would only make it sweeter.

The Bash 2008 - Booze, booze, booze, falling down, poker, booze and booze

I don't have to travel real far for this one. I only have to put one foot in front of the other until leaning up against my friendly neighborhood bar. The date is set and arrangements being made. This is an open invitation to anyone reading.

The weekend of Saturday, September 27th. There will a good size poker tournament the Friday before The Bash. If every other Bash is an indication, there will also be several side games going on during the party. Saturday is there for no other reason to hang out, listen to a handful of bands, and get sloppy ass drunk. Local hotels, shuttles, and comfy street corners insure that no one will be driving with a belly full of booze.

More details to come, keep it in mind if making any plans.


It's time for a new year maintenance on the old blogroll to the right. The list is long and distinguished, just like my...

Nevermind, old jokes never really get old.

Here is your once a year offer. If you are listed on the right and post on a regular basis, drop you link in the comments. If you are linked up and haven't posted since the Reagan administration, you get to bypass the languishing status and go straight to the bin. I rarely use my own blogroll since they are all loaded into bloglines.com but hopefully visitors can use it as a jump off point.

A little bloglines side beef. I'm going to start eliminating feeds that don't give me the full RSS feed. If Dr. Pauly, king of all revenue generation and belly crawling RSS rippers, can offer up his entire posts for RSS feed then you sure the eff can. Chop chop, open up those feeds.

So get with the commenting if you aren't listed, start posting if you are listed and want to stay there, or just sit back and watch the spammers come out of the woodworks.

Cheers, see you at the Mookie tonight.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stairway to some f#&%ed up shit 

"One of the leading online ticket resellers, Seatwave, said the average price for tickets sold through the site for LED ZEPPELIN's comeback gig at London's O2 arena was £7,425 (approximately $14,700)."
I don't give a good god damn who's playing. If Jesus himself came down from heaven with a merry bunch of dead rock legends and offered to play if I would pony up 14 large, I'd politely have to tell him to go get bent.

$14,000 was the AVERAGE ticket price to see the Led Zeppelin which is completely insane. I used to consider the benchmark of moronic money dumping to be the large majority of bottom rung poker players dropping $10k on the WSoP Main Event when they literally had a better chance of scoring with a BoDog girl then sniffing the money. I've now seen an all new standard where people pay good money to watch a bunch of crotchedy old men remember their glory days. Rock and roll legends no doubt, but good lord. Give me half that loot, I'll give you my top shelf bootleg recording and I'll even sign it for you.


I don't know where on the interwebs I saw this girl yesterday but Drizz picked up on it also. Some MMA/MMC/WWE girl named Gina Carano who likes to kick the shit out of other girls and ain't half bad on the eyes. If Iggy told me these kinds of girls were running around the sport, I might have paid attention to the sport instead of calling it a gayer version of boxing (seriously, what's with the all the man love humping?). Since I'm apparently better at the internets than Wheelchair Drizz, here's one picture with links to others. All completely safe for work.

more here
or here
or here
or here
or here
or here
last but not least


My mind has been all over the place for the last two days. As witnessed by my completely disjointed ramblings the last few daysweeks years. I think I'll have a post up tomorrow stating some of my goals for 2008 other than to still be breathing on 1/1/2009. I have some interesting things in the works for the coming year and I have a feeling my frequent flyer miles are about to skyrocket once again.

AlCantHang Tour 2008, coming to any town near you. For where there are two or three gathered in the name of poker and booze, there am I also. (Hell ain't going to be that bad of a place I'm hoping).


There are two tournaments for you to chose from this evening. Smokkee with the BoDonkey at 21:05ET for a little NLHE action and Chad's Blogger Skill Series on Full Tilt which will feature PLO with knockouts at 21:30ET.

Since I'm still unable to get fundage on BoDog, I'll be hitting up the PLO for shits and giggles. Dead Money walking!

Tournament: Poker Blogger Tournament
Where: Bodog Poker
When: Tuesday, 21:05ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $10+1
Password: bodogblogger

Tournament: Blogger Skill Series
Where: Full Tilt Poker
When: Tuesday, 21:30ET
Game: Pot Limit Omaha
Buyin: $12+1 ($2 for each knockout)
Password: skillz


Monday, January 07, 2008

For the non-Aussie bound 

"What was surprising was it was one of few places that we know of that women actually outdrank men; we're not exactly sure why. It could have something to do with fact that they aren't dressed."

John Clapp, director of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services at San Diego State University
Can someone please find these women and pass them along my way? I'm certainly in the mood to track down some women with world class livers, few clothes, and really low self esteem.

40 year old, Single, morbidly obese, white, man with short temper and bitterly cynical sarcastic outlook on life seeks mute, twentysomething supermodel for hot, passionate, monkey sex followed immediately by some light domestic duties. Only serious offers need apply, all others "SHUT UP! SIT DOWN!".

I'm pretending really well that I'm not bothered that I'm currently sitting in the pub instead of 33,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. I wish I could say I was drowning at the disappointment with vast amounts of Soco, but I'm not. Stupid sobriety. Instead I type into notepad and stare helplessly at the orphaned bottle with no creative outlet for it's feel good taste. 2008 sure is kicking off with a bang and quick kick to the nutz.

OSU goes up a touchdown, Love Elf rejoices, the dorks at the other end of the bar not so much. They turned off the jukebox full of Pink Floyd and other music to match my sour mood. I have nothing but Terri besides me and the promise of booze in my future.

Stupid sobriety redux.

If I'm not in Australia, I could at least be in the Bahamas sitting barside with Mr. Otis in the land of 5 mile long casinos and bartenders who shut the show down at 1am. We'll always have our bottle throwing and GRob's hair. I'm sure Mrs. Otis is taking care of his booze drinking, rock climbing needs.

So I sit here watching OSU yack up a national "championship", dreaming of Vegemite, overpriced imported Southern Comfort, and more prop bets with Pauly. Good luck to jeciimd as he represents the blogger hosts and my ride along blogger girls on the two week jaunt. I swear I'll start thinking happy thoughts about it sometime soon. Right after I start drinking again.

Stupid stupid sobriety.


Don't forget to sign up for Chad's Blogger Skill Series Tuesday evening. 21:30ET and the game this with is Pot Limit Omaha (complete with knockout bounties). If I'm not throat deep in the nearest bottle, I'll be sure to make it.


The previous post is made in jest. All except the damn not drinking shit. That one will stick for awhile until my liver and brain come back inline with the rest of my head.