Friday, December 28, 2007

Free trip to Australia 


Full Tilt Poker has given me seats on the private plane from Los Angeles to Australia for the Aussie Millions tournament. The flight leaves LA on January 7th and returns January 21st.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE a tourney buyin or hotel arrangement for the two weeks. This is only a seat on their private plane to and from with their pros and online qualifiers. It also does not include airfare to/from Los Angeles.

So here you have it. Who wants a free plane ticket to Australia? Email me here and I will give you the flight details. It is not first come first served. I am offering the first options to the finalist of the write-in campaign and the final table players from the TOC. That being said, I doubt many will be able to pick up for two weeks in Australia, so send me an email if you can go and your chances are gold.

(two of the four seats are already reserved for myself and riggstad. Soco down unda!)


Happy New Year 

Haven't really had much going on this week other than suffering through the job the mostly consisted of thumb twiddling at it's high point. Some quality bar time and not much time spent playing. There was the Mookie Wednesday where I donked out to Bayne on a moronic hand I had no business being involved with.

I hope everyone at my Riverchasers table last night had a grand time. I wasn't the player in control, instead handing the power to my friend who wasn't exactly playing ABC poker. The players probably weren't enjoying the play but shots were lifted with every gutter shot she hit and every big pocket pair. This was my version of the Friday Donkament stress relief.

Here's hoping everyone has safe New Year's Eve. Stay safe and away from the drunken idiots on the road. No need to worry about me, I'll be hoofing it one foot in front of the other.


Don't forget to show up for Kat's Donkament this evening. $1 rebuy silliness starting at 21:00ET on Full Tilt.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to Chad's new Blogger Skill Series. I am just about bored to death with all NLHE all the time so this is coming around at a perfect time.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just another drunken excuse 

It was an odd Christmas season for me this year. I've never been a big fan of Christmas in the commercialized, buy bigger/badder gifts, tra-lala sense. What I really enjoyed was waking up in the same house for 30+ years no matter where my residence at the time was and having the old man make breakfast for 20 even if there were only 4 of us there. Watching any sporting activity we could find and arguing over the current state of the Eagles no matter their condition at the time (the old man listens to WAY too much Philly sports talk radio). Spoiling my niece/nephew rotten until it is impossible for my sister to deal with them. I feel that is my job as the non-breeder in the family.

This was the first time in my 40 years on mother earth that I would be spending Christmas alone.

But don't feel any pity for me. I spent the weekend in quiet drunken contemplation. It involved 16 hours at the pub with my extended family on Sunday (Chelsea, football, football, wacko crazy drunk college kids, Guitar Hero at 3am) and Christmas eve attempting to drink every bit of alcohol in the house (pretty damned close). Somewhere in there I managed to piss away a shit load of tokens on some of the worst poker in my life. I have defined a new term. Forget weak/tight, tight/aggressive, loose/aggressive. I was spectacular in my tight/stupid play. Play tight and then decide 88 is what I was going to take into battle.

I blame the tequila/vodka/lemoncello/soco/jack daniels mix. Or the Arena Rock at neighbor disturbing levels. Or my choice to play the 24k Monday night (overlay!) when I was already on the verge of an epic passout.

Christmas was spent with my friend the booze fog and I didn't feel half bad considering the ridiculous buffet of high octane drinks the night before. With a nice day out I actually made my way into the world that doesn't involve clouds of smoke and beer signs. If I told you my fatass actually went on a two mile walk, would you even believe me? After clearing my head I went over to a friends house for dinner. As you might think, when people find out that you're going to be alone for Christmas the invites start pouring in. I chose the one that involved deep fried turkey and a bottle of Soco complete with decorative tin that will last much longer than the bottle.

No immediate plans for New Year's Eve because I tend to avoid the drunken masses and stick to places I know I wouldn't get broadsided by some idiots thrown bottle or careening vehicle.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Maybe when I get back tomorrow I'll continue some Vegas stories that are locked up in my brain. Since Jerry pointed out that the latest BBT challenge left me lacking in chippy pics, here's a little holiday spirit for you.

Bad Santa (relatively safe for work)