Friday, July 27, 2007

That wasn't so difficult 

Seems I've found the cure for my recent problems with ill tempered technology and shitty moods. I neglected to mention that my friend Brad is in town from Minnesota (ya you betcha) and that takes on a life of it's own. For those not in the know, Brad is the original alpha-drunk who set me upon my path of drunken stupidity and anti-social behavior. He's only back here for two weeks a year and we attempt to fill 50 weeks of missed drinking into a couple of days. Distillers be warned and tobacco road production is on the rise.

So what I do is to hit the bar, hard, for as long as I can continue to take fluids into my system and set the American land speed record for consecutive cigarettes chain smoked with a break. Shots of Jack, glasses of Soco, and plenty of their friends barley and hops. There's not much past sunset that I can actually speak of. Man shall not live on booze alone when the last thing to eat was a big bacon sandwich 14 hours prior.

We were firing on all cylinders until I realize that there was the little freeroll running shortly. I already managed to completely miss one tournament I was registered for at 8pm that night. Brad is one of my few friends on rejected the siren call of poker two decades ago (yes Virginia, poker was around long before Moneymaker) and wanted to see what this whole internet poker thing was about. So I fire up the old laptop and dig in.

I had zero intentions of playing anything resembling proper poker in the freeroll. Drinking with my friends was much more important. So with a dozen people standing behind me we kicked off the tournament. I catch AK in the big blind and fully expect a walk until the golden boy Waffles pops it before it gets around to me. I repop from the BB, Waffles makes a smart ass comment and calls. Beautiful JackAce flop of JAA for my big slick. It seems I am destined to get my chips in on the first hand as long as he makes a mistake (turned out to be holding QQ).

He does, I double up, and SirWhiffleBall is out first. Brad looks unimpressed, his look tells me he doesn't think this poker game is really that tough. You just need cards and donkeys to push with second best. I can't say I would argue.


For the record, I showed up an hour late to my Riverchasers event. Just like Waffles the night before I found QQ on my first hand and managed to push it smack dab into kings. One and done, at least his bust was in a freeroll. I actually paid for this one.

Congrats to Drizz for taking down the Riverchasers tournament last night.


Speaking on the freeroll, I'm still waiting on final word from Full Tilt about the resolution. There will be another freeroll but I need to do all the coordination again plus make some decisions. It will be resolved, have patience with myself and Full Tilt.


Coming up soon. Get those Tier II tokens.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another day, another problem 

It seems the world of high tech just seems to want to put me on perma-tilt for every reason under the sun. This morning required me to sit and watch my frozen laptop as some goose stepper across the pond decided to push patches down across the wire one at a time from the fatherland. All the while I'm forced to watch and damned dancing icon that made me want to scratch my eyeballs out after slamming the laptop into a pile of dust.

Defining the very worst kind of writer's block. Having a top shelf sentence busting on WaffleHouse then forgetting it when it comes time to sit down and write.

There is no real sense in complaining though, stooping people created stoopid problems. I shall struggle on as a persecuted minority and do what I must.

So I plan to just go pack my bags and head off in the direction of the nearest vacation spot full of scantily clad women and large containers of alcohol.

I am quickly losing my patience with godaddy.com also. Blame them if the links to the girls about do not work.

Wish me well.


No Mookie this evening as he takes a break for the final BBT event in the form a freeroll for qualifiers. FTP was kind enough to give us a great structure (on top of being kind enough to give us all the rake back). Players start with 2500 in chips, 12 minute levels, and we'll be paying the final 12. If you qualified, please make sure to come get your piece of the action. If you didn't qualify, feel free to come out and railbird the crowd with your witty banter.

There is also the bi-weekly Riverchasers game, also a deepstack, starting at 9pm ET tomorrow.

And don't forget about BuddyDank radio this evening during the event.

Cheers to Waffles

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
When: Thursday, July 26th 21:00 ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Alive! 

Well, it's kind of alive. The site is now up and running on godaddy.com which is a hell I will put down in detail later. The old server is still dead which means years and years worth of images are still lost on a server quickly turning to dust. So the site is alive (not so sure about the RSS feeds) but my brain has been fried in the few short hours I've been stuck behind this desk. The topper to my work day was a wonderful story from this morning.

Hanging out in the gulag smoker's jail for the first one of the morning. The day had already quickly turned to shit and only looking to go downhill. After a nice relaxing cowboy killer we started walking back in when a car started to cross our path. We waited for the girlie little bug to drive past with the big manly brute behind the wheel. What we didn't notice was the plastic water bottle sitting right in the middle of the parking lot. Directly in front of Mr. Girly Dub.

The top of the bottle was conveniently pointed directly at us as the car ran over it. 36 ounces of cool french spring water turned into a human sized power washer.

It's a testament to my company loyalty that I didn't turn around and go straight to the bar.


Have no fear my degenerate/perverted/internet friends for not all is lost with my files which draw the most attention.. I was able to recover some which I was nice enough to compile all on one page.

Lost Girls from The Death of a Server


That's all I have today. I wish to be somewhere else yet clicking my blackened shit kickers will not send me to the great wonderland that is the bar.

Don't forget about the BBT Freeroll tomorrow if you qualified. If you forget, just more free money for the rest.



Monday, July 23, 2007

Frustation proclamation 

This whole down web server business is about the most frustrating thing I've dealt in recent memory. I half-assed pissed off and at a boat load of people and companies with no outlet whatsoever. I'm tempted to build my own server, pay the cost to run a big honkin line straight to my basement rack of servers and start my own hosting service. If I actually treated my clients the way I've been treated I would have been out of a job a long time ago.

I did manage to get a bunch of my image files uploaded to the new site and waiting on the rest once the old server finally decides to show signs of life. Unfortunately it takes a friggin act of god to get my dns work completed and available for the world to see. So for the time being I'm stuck on nothing but blogger.com.

Luckily I'm not the kind of person who gives a rats ass about my traffic numbers or I would have put a gun to my head last week. I just want my nudie pictures back for my friends.


Random shit...

- I thought for sure the Phillies were going to get crushed by the Padres this weekend just looking at the starters for the 4 games series. Boy was I wrong. After losing the first game 1-0, they went on to lay a hurting on them. Wish I had my wits about me to stay up and actually watch a game all the way through. Would have been nice to see someone else's bullpen get crushered.

- Watched the over-hyped Beckham Galaxy premier. To be honest I probably wouldn't have even watched it if they weren't playing against my beloved Blues. If Tommy Smyth is the MLS best choice for commentator in the booth, thank god I never got around to watching the MLS on a regular basis. He is brutal.

- Geeked out this weekend. Anyone want to know who dies in the new Harry Potter book?

- Is this thing on?

- Very disappointed I wasn't able to make it out to Okie-Vegas this weekend. Many of my invisible internet friends were running around the flyover state with too much booze and not enough waverunner action. Thanks to dead-phone-itus I missed many dial-a-shot calls and text messages Friday night but I got a few in on Saturday. Sounds like GCox threw one hell of a party with his other Okie cohorts. Next time, I swear.

- 2 months today, that's all I'm saying my friends. My obituary should be completed in 2 months and 7 days.


Poker poker poker.

Don't for get that there is a slight change in the blogger tourney schedule this week. Instead of the normal Mookie tournament on Wednesday, we will be having the BBT Freeroll for all the qualifiers. Be sure to check and make sure you are signed up and ready to go. This list of qualifiers is here.

There will be the regularly scheduled MATH tonight and the bi-weekly Riverchasers game on Thursday.


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