Friday, July 06, 2007

The real reason people stop by here 

You get very little way from me today by way of actual content. I've resisted all temptations the last few days to turn my laptop into an expensive pile of scraps. I'm using the slow day to either fix it or stop resisting. I'm already calculating the force needed and weak points so I can slam it against the door frame and snap in two.

I'm a pleasure to be around today. It's the Friday Cop Out Post! Quick hits and then you get to see the full picture of that little cutie on the left.

- A drunk girl at the bar last night, the drunker of the two girls to be honest, made a point to come over to the bar to introduce herself. Said she sees me there all the time (not exactly tough to do) and always wanted to tell me something. Sounds good for our hero until she says "I really think you should grow your hair into dread locks!" Get the hell out of here. 15 minutes later she was blowing chunks. Fantastic.

- I'm on work tilt because I'm here today. Nary a real person wondering the halls except those of too stupid to take the time off. Even the mail girl who stands in the corner talking to herself all the time remembered to take today off.

- Bad Chinese food pisses me off. When done properly it's the greatest thing in the world. When done poorly it tastes like dog shit on a plate. Today happens to be dog shit on a plate day.

- Riverchasers guys are in Vegas, I'm sitting here. Just what I need, more tilt in my life.

- Today starts when I'll really miss Pauly's live blog during the WSoP. There is so much going on and this is where he knocked it out of the park every year. Hopefully the 'live reporting' adds something positive.

Fine, you made it this far so you get pictures. I'm in no mood to be particularly subtle so there is no fancy way to tie them into the post. If you are easily offended by the female body, for the love of god don't click here, here, here, here, here, or here.

That is all, have a good weekend.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dr. Pauly does the Main Event 

Courtesy of Mookie. Other sizes here.


To hell with midweek holidays 

"...but I wasn't the Otis who puked."
Mrs. Otis
Quote posted without comment, stop by her site if you want the full writeup.


Mid week holidays are a royal pain in the ass. Sure, who doesn't like splitting up the work week with a nice BBQ but I couldn't help to keep thinking over and over that it was actually Friday. Then I'd get pissed for no reason because I realized I had to come back in for two more days of squat and piss.

Picture on the right is of Rachel Taylor, also in Transformers. Post for no particular reason. Geek hackers dream in the movie.

I planted myself yesterday in front of the TV for as much baseball as I could find on the tube and following along with Dr. Pauly and the Pokernews updates. Tom Schneider was still battling it out for the WSoP Player of the Year in the final event with points (all this talk of points sounds somehow familiar). You can follow his quest over at Pokerati.com.

I sat in the bar Tuesday night getting sloppy, watching the umpires blew a game for the Phillies (then apologize), and generally not caring about a thing in the world. A frequent occurrence in my own head these recent days weeks months years and I'm getting pretty damned good at it. Or really bad at it depending on your point of view. That probably didn't help the feeling that yesterday was a weekend. Damned evil booze with it's mind altering yumminess.

I need to go take a nap.


The end is nigh.

I predict the media/celeb events ends with a heads up battle between Pauly and Otis with shots every other orbit after Pauly knocks out Shannon Elizabeth (again!) and Otis beats Penn Jillete over the head.

Then Friday they all stick their heads down for the final stretch of the Main Event when the stench level hits the high mark and pisser lines are a mile long.

Good luck to my friends, they've done a fantastic job across the board.

Tao of Poker
Poker Stars Blog - Otis
Pokerworks - CC and crew
Ultimate Bet Blog - MeanGene


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation."
Adlai E. Stevenson
I am damned hypocrite my friends. And it has nothing to do with my claim to be a supposed poker player. After going on my mini-rant about the shitty summer blockbusters and not enough support for those worthy smaller independent films, it took me less than a week to eat my words.

Sitting at the bar yesterday evening fudging around with some web-type stuff, BigMike walked in and fired up his laptop. "There's a 10pm showing of Transformers, you in?" My anti-hypocrite gene (rather small at even the best of times) instantly said no but the half dozen doubles said Fuck Yeah pretty damned quick. Did I mention that Megan Fox is in the movie?

So I got a little drunker, a little poorer, and off we went to one of those evil summer blockbuster movies. I saw Transformers before you did. And I loved it. A movie that never came close to taking itself seriously, it's about alien robots who turn into vehicles, how could it? Funny, action packed, and Megan Fox. I'll be interested to see what everyone else thinks because it might have been the booze talking.


No time for anything else this morning, still working on my post-BBT writeup. A few small things.

The 56 players qualified for the BBT freeroll are listed on the BBT Blog. Check it out and let me know if I'm missing anyone.

And yes, I do realize that there are two freerolls which all 56 are signed up for. FTP Doug put both out there so I could check out the structures. I went with the 12 player flatter payout so that more people have a chance at their rakeback. Also, Doug gave us a great structure for the freeroll. Starting stack will be 2500 and we'll have 12 minute levels instead of the standard 10 minutes.


Two congratulations going out today. Garth made Day 2 of the 2-7 Triple Draw w/rebuys this weekend and held his own with the big boys. This is a great photo gallery, can you pick out the blogger donkey?

Also, congratulations to Pokerati regular Tom Schneider on taking down his second bracelet and the lead for the WSoP Player of the Year (wait, there's a point system at the World Series?).


The Main Event is right around the corner. Everyone should know, but if you don't, check out the following links for your WSoP stories and events.

Tao of Poker - daily stories from behind the scenes. Shit you won't find anywhere else.

Pokernews.com - only place for live reporting and chip counts brought to by the likes of Pauly, MeanGene, Change100, and a shitload of others.

PokerStars Blog - Otis has all the stories about the big and small Poker Stars players.

I'm sure there are a ton I'm missing but duty calls and I wanted to get these out here quickly.



Monday, July 02, 2007

The End 

"Nice guys finish last, but we get to sleep in.
Evan Davis
It's finally over. The 3 month Battle of the Blogger Tournaments Challenge finished last night with MiamiDon's Blogger Big Game which went over the $3,000 prizepool again. Congrats to Tripjax for taking down the big prize and Hoy for making a huge run in the last month. If he hadn't gotten off to such a horrid beginning to the challenge, I might be the one paying off a bet to Jordan.

The final Leaderboard is updated and the numbers are in. The final rake total came in at $3,711. We'll be throwing $1,850 into the freeroll prizepool and paying out the top finishers.

1st bayne_s - $930.50
2nd Buddy_Dank - $558.30
3rd jeciimd - $372.20
4th hoyazo - Nintendo Wii
5th summer_babe -Nintendo DS Lite

As soon as FTP gets everything complete and confirmed, I will be paying everyone off and funding the freeroll.

Challenge - 39 events - 20 @ 10+1, 16 @ 24+2, 3 @ 69+6
Total Prizepool - $41,217
Total Rake - $3,711
Total Player Games - 2,285
Total Individual Players - 316

I don't think Hoy, Mookie, or myself thought we would have this much participation and getting people to throw in over 40 grand into private tournament prize pools is pretty sick. So what I'm saying is that you are all a bunch of sick degenerates and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I could buy each of you a big ol' bottle of booze this evening I would.

I'll have more to say on my thoughts during the challenge, both good and bad. Right now I have a bunch of numbers to crunch including the very interesting profit/lose table. You think the average points/event makes you think, wait til you see this one.

Thanks to hoy and Mookie for letting me tag along on this little online adventure. Hoy made the switch over from Stars just for this and they've both been running the best weekly blogger games for a very long time. It never would have gotten off the ground without their support when we first came up with the idea. (it may have been the captain and cokes at the Borgata that convinced hoy).

Thanks to everyone who pimped, posted, and otherwise helped us spread the world. The average players per event jumped significantly from the very beginning and stayed high throughout. Special thanks to the Good Doctor who took time out of his extremely busy WSoP schedule to pimp the events. That always adds numbers.

A big thanks to everyone involved. This wouldn't have been possible obviously without you playing in the events and supporting it.

Finally, thanks to the guys who sponsored this whole thing. Doug from Full Tilt Poker who actually came up with the rake-back idea for the tourney. I asked if FTP they wanted to be involved in anyway with the prizes and this is was his first idea. How about rake free? Didn't take very long for me to accept. And Michael from pokeronamac.com was the very first on board and he definitely got the ball rolling when offering up the Nintendo Wii and DS Lite systems. So a huge thanks to Doug and Michael (who also played in 20 events along the way to qualify for the freeroll).

Again, this was bigger than we ever imagined. There were some good things about it and certainly some things that could have been done different/better. You guys made this thing go and take on a life of it's own. Congrats to everyone who made the prizes and those who qualified for the freeroll. I will post when the freeroll is set up and I'll be posting the players who qualified over on the Challenge blog.

Now Chad and Fuel can stop bitching about ghey points. Fookers.

Cheers my friends, and see you at the MATH tonight.

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