Wednesday, December 27, 2006

AlCantHang site is dead, but not dead 

"Philadelphia at Dallas, 5 p.m. This is the time of year that dreams come true, right? If you're from south Jersey or Philly, the gift you really wanted for Christmas would be the most unlikely division title in recent Eagle history. In order to do that, the Birds need a win at Dallas. That would make Philly and Dallas 9-6 with one game to play, and it would give the Eagles the tiebreaker edge by virtue of a series sweep with the Cowboys. But I don't see it. I see the bubble bursting because of a great game from Tony Romo, and no drops from Terrell Owens. Dallas, 27-17."

Peter King
That's just about all I have to say about the game Monday. Well, not quite. I could have missed the entire game but would have known the outcome easily due to the lack of Romo-sexual text messages from Milwaukee Steve and Joaquin.

About the Giants game... 60 minutes, no offensive snaps in Saints territory. ELI ELI ELI ELI.


I started writing this up on Tuesday, then discovered that my main site is down. Not that big of a deal since I cross post on alcanthang.com and alcanthang.blogspot.com. There is one main problem. alcanthang.com is where I store all my really good pics. The ones that make men get in trouble at work.

My friend who owns the server is running around trying to get it fixed but I'm not pushing him at all. He does it for free so who the hell am I to complain. You'll just have to deal without any girlie pics for awhile.


This weekend was nice and relaxing. I've managed to come back after the weekend and managed to stay away from the bottle since I've been back. Nearly a week without my amber nectar has to be some kind of an unintentional record. I'll make up for that tonight.

I'll start posting regularly again starting tomorrow but I just don't have it in me today.

Til then, if you happen to be reading this on blogspot, feel free to join me on Full Tilt tonight for a cheapy Riverchasers HORSE tourney replacing your regularly scheduled Mookie tourney.

Have a good day.

Tournament #9376891
Game: H.O.R.S.E.
Date: December 27th, 10pmET
Buyin: $5+.50
password: riverchasers
Tournament name: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour Event #5