Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day, Full Tilt, and a Tiara siting 

"The United States Marine Corps traces its institutional roots to the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Congress formed the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775, planning to draw them from among Washington's army in Boston and send them to capture supplies from Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, Washinton was unenthuthiastic about the plan and suggested the Marines be recruited in New York or Philadelphia instead. Captain Samuel Nicholas was commissioned as the Continental Marines' first officer on 28 November 1775."
Too much stuff going on yesterday to get a proper post up. Happy 231st birthday to the Marine Corps and thanks to all veterans who have served our country. Too often they are under-appreciated and taken for granted. Cheers to you.


A spent most of the morning answering flaming emails and problems associated with the Riverchasers tourney I threw on Full Tilt Thursday evening. It was supposed to be a regular ol' NLHE multi but they put all 90 players into a head's up tourney with a screwy structure. The fury combined with booze made for one very unhappy hippy. It seemed that they screwed up my tourney after messing up the start time of the The Mook tournament Wednesday night. Not great.

I found myself at the first table with Jordan, defending Riverchaser champ and organizer of the Head's Up Challenge. Naturally my inexperience allowed me to dispatch him early with lemur-like luck thus allowing me to handle the 5.6 million complaints about the tournament. I had no business beating him in the first match but I got so distracted that I practically threw my second match.

I spent the evening firing off emails to FTP to get everything corrected. It took me all Friday morning but they came through with a solution. I'm not sure exactly how many bloggers/readers signed up, but everyone one who was signed up for the tourney Thursday night is automatically entered into a $1000 freeroll coming up this Thursday on FTP. To make it a little more interesting, we're throwing in one of the Full Tilt Poker customized jerseys to the winner of the event.

Full Tilt Tournament #8464970
Tournament name: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
Game: NLHE
Date: Thursday, November 16th, 10pmET

Again, this is for the 90 players who signed up for the tourney on the 9th and got hosed by the structure. Double check and you should already be registered.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I was excited to see 90 people registered on only the second try at running these. Plenty of dead money floating around these events so hopefully even more bloggers/readers can get involved in the next one which will probably be on November 30th.


Calling all bloggers, don't forget about the next WPBT Circuit event this Sunday.

What: WPBT Circuit #12: Stud 8/b (E is for Stud/Eight)
When: November 12th - Sunday
Time: 9:00pm EST
Where: PokerStars.com (Private Tourney 34759268)
How Much: $20 + $2
Password: you should know it
Restrictions: Bloggers only, please


On the advice of Scott, I went and downloaded Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell. Good stuff. But then again, why wouldn't I trust the recommendation of a man in a tiara?


Thursday, November 09, 2006

My bad 

"Mother F@$%^er"
Me, last night
The bar was full last night so I was going to be forced to run the laptop on battery power to start the Mook last night. That's why I didn't get on until right before the scheduled start of 9pm CT/10pm ET. Now keep in mind that I'm 5 hours into a proper bender so it took me a little while the realize there was no Mookie tournament scheduled at the time I expected.

Not until reading around this morning did I find out that the time got screwed up and actually started at 9pm my time. Shit, at 9pm I was bobbing for cleavage in a tub full of booze preparing myself. Apparently Mookie is enjoying himself in Vegas and didn't notice the time was screwed up.

I did make another mistake. Since there was no tourney to play in, I hopped onto some micro-O8 for entertainment. It would seem that Southern Comfort is the great equalizer between myself and the fishies. Oops.

To make it up for last night, feel free to join me for the Riverchasers tourney tonight, and I'm good god damned sure the things starts at 10pm right coastal time zone. I offer up to my blogger friends the great fishery that is freerollers with cash to burn.

Full Tilt Tournament #8027787
Tournament name: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
Game: NLHE
Date: Thursday, November 9th, 10pmEST
Buyin: $10+1
password: riverchasers


I've been in some sort of world class funk the last couple of days and I just can't shake it. It doesn't help that I'm on severe travel-tilt thanks to Pauly and Change100. Reading their stories and checking out the pictures from Amsterdam is killing me. It's been so long since I was there but those things I can remember are burned in my brain.

Not a bad way to spend a bachelor party, you think?

I went back in blog history and just realized I started telling an Amsterdam story years ago on this here pile o' dog shit but never finished up. Here's the ending.

I found myself puking on a hooker. And her little dog. And that was the good part of the evening.

Someday I'll have to catch everyone up to date on that little ditty. For now I'm day dreaming of a time long ago when I was strolling the streets of Amsterdam, throwing Barry Sanders-like dodges around the hardcore drug dealers on each and every corner, gazing in astonishment at the red neon lights as far as the eye could see, enjoying their tasty confections known as space cakes, and watching BigMike eat more Febo snacks than any one man should ever be allowed. Really, once is more the enough.

We also found this cool rugby pub on our last day in town. It was so remarkable for all involved that when we walked into the same bar 6 months later, the owner remembered our names, drinks, and that one of us chuckleheads was getting married.

I wish to be there right now, anyone know a rich old bat on her last legs with a hankering for some fat hippy loving? Nah? Me neither.


My funk has also extended in my musical lists. I think I've listened to every song in my mp3 catalog and I'm bored. Luckily Caucci talked me into downloading Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy so I should be good for a bit.

I'm taking suggestions for some listening goodness. Rules are simple. There are no rules.

Cheers and hopefully I'll catch some people at the tourney tonight. Maybe she'll be sitting next to you at the virtual table.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shitcan City 

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."
Harry S Truman

As much as I'd like to revel in the glory of ousting a bunch of irresponsible corrupticians yesterday, I don't think I'll be popping the champaign with Otis or declaring the world free of oppression and lousy government. I am extremely happy to have helped oust lowlife scum like Santorum and other congressmen who have done so much to destroy our faith in our government but

I'm still uncomfortable. We've merely replaced politicians...

...with politicians. Just as easily corrupted as the mouth breathers now searching for prime consulting jobs.

This isn't the last step in the process, only the first. It needs to be made clear to the new bunch that if/when they fuck up, they are next on the chopping block. I already have the letters ready to go out to my congressmen stating that very fact.

We wanted a change, we got a change, now we must hold them accountable.

Thus endeth my poorly worded political rant. See you in two years. Celebrate, enjoy the moment, but be vigilant.


Update: Amy has an article up at PokerNews about Jim Leach getting the shitcan. Great stuff Amy.


If you'd like to do you civic duty by flipping the virtual bird to the toolbags leaving office (Leach you douchebag, I'm talking about you), here's your chance. The Mook is upon us this evening. I'll be spending the rest of the day gathering some fine selections from my hottie database. Like this. But more of them. And more nekkid. Do your duty, come play poker tonight.

If anyone else is interested, I'm running another Riverchasers tourney tomorrow night. Jordan is the defending champ. He and NewinNov both have bounties coming their way from the last event.

Full Tilt Tournament #8027787
Tournament name: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
Game: NLHE
Date: Thursday, November 9th, 10pmEST
Buyin: $10+1
password: riverchasers

I'm helping to set up an online league for their players coming next year. We'll see how it goes. I'm doing it mostly because the owner is a good guy with a Hall o' Fame liver on par with few I've had the pleasure to drink with.


Tonight I'll be taking my 5% concentration and booze-addled mind up against some of the best bloggers in The Mook. Hope to see you there.



Monday, November 06, 2006

I hate Mondays 

"The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously."
Hubert H. Humphrey
Damn skippy. I have no idea where I found that quote but it fit my current mood. I've had just about enough of people coming into my office with retarded theories and suggestions.

For once I'm overly tired because of too much sleep instead of too little. That doesn't mean I didn't hit my quota for adult beverages this weekend. Amateur night Saturday found us closing the Boathouse on a day we don't generally go there but ended up having a blast.

The 3am heads down look at my diner 'breakfast' only served to set up the long Sunday afternoon with 8 more hours of football, booze, passable Italian food, and hanging with friends. Even the mighty mighty BoyGenius made a trek down the PA Turnpike to watch his beloved Lions wrap up the Vick monster.

If you really want to enjoy a post about picking NFL games, check it out as BG and CJ go up against a coin flip and Lil Otis. Want to guess who came in 3rd and 4th in the battle?

Personally I found it very tough to concentrate on the games with the searing conclusion of a hangover and the witty banter between BG and bartenders. The micro-sized TV's and 30 yard distance between us didn't help either.

I've jumped back into some Omaha/8 ring games on FTP to test the waters. Party was my primary source for O8 fishies but I had been hearing stories of a mass spawning on Full Tilt. Sure enough, there's enough dead money floating around on the non-HE tables for everyone to enjoy a feast. Not that I'm playing any significant limits, I keep my money in the drinking fund, not the poker fund, but I'm sure it's fishy all the way to the top. Maybe it's time to check out the Stars games also, maybe the Party chumps split their sites.

I figured it was time to list the weekly poker tournaments that I pay attention to. I wish my schedule allowed me to play in most, if not all, of them but the life of an booze hound has taken precedence.


Hoyazo hosted his weekly blogger friendly tourney, MATH (Monday's at the Hoy) on PokerStars. Monday's starting at 10pm ET. $20+2

Slick Wil has his weekly WWdN on PokerStars Tuesdays at 8:30pmET (not 100% sure of the time) for $10+1.

The Mook is the tourney I'm most likely to play in weekly due to it's day and time. Wednesday's, 10pmET, $10+1

Finally, on alternating Sunday's, MiamiDon hosts the "Big Game" at 9:30ET on Full Tilt ($69+6 or token) and Byron hosts the WPBT Circuit events on Pokerstars, 9pmET, $20+2 (blogger only).

DADI X is coming up on November 16th, 9pmET. NLHE 6-max, $24+2 or token.

Jordan also set up his Head's Up Challenge 4 so hit the link if you're interested in signing up.

That's just about it for now. Those are the main private tourney's I follow these days even if I can't play. If you find yourself with nothing to do on those days or you feel the need to get some blogger poker smack talk, hit them up and support the effort.


Now get ready to go vote the bastards out tomorrow. Go read MeanGene and Otis. Vote or I'm sending Daddy to your house for your donkey.