Friday, October 27, 2006

Time to end the ban... 

I'm just about fed up with every time I pull up this damn site to start a post and have to begin with, "work did this..." again and again. So I'm not doing it anymore. I'm on strike and refuse to give any more excuses. Last night was the last straw because the damned job made me have to back out of the Riverchasers tourney that I set up. For which I stayed completely sober and that does not make a very happy Al.

Thanks to Hoy, GCox, newinnov, and Mookie (and the other bloggers I'm sure I missed) for showing up to the tourney and to Jordan for winning the whole damned thing. It was going to be interesting to see the matchup between bloggers and your standard bar freeroll player. From what I hear from local friends who played, the action seemed to be a little tighter than I would have expected. I was happy to see two people who attended the last Bash make the money, Jordan and KAK (morgan00). I'll be setting up bi-weekly tourneys for them starting soon which I'll post when they come up.

Thanks again to the bloggers who showed up.


If you get a moment this weekend and would like a little blogger challenge, check out the Dr. Pauly / AlCantHang blogger quiz. We had a lot of fun coming up with the questions. Per Pauly,

"First place gets a lifetime supply of dial-a-shots from AlCantHang and I will buy you into an online blogger tournament of your choice. Email me or blog your answers by Monday. Please include the letter and actual answer in your responses. We'll announce a winner on November 1st and if you're nice to us, we'll actually reveal the answers!"
Good luck and have fun with it.


I can't believe I only made number 7! Go rag on the WaffleMangle and get yourself on the list!


Are you ready for the Line Flyer challenge? I know you won't have anything to do this weekend in between tight/weak folding 4 tables of micro limit hold'em. Create your best line flyer, get a screen cap of it, zip it up, and email it to me here. A distinguished panel of judges will make the decision next week and the winner will get a buyin to the Mook.

Here are two examples of what we came up with in a drunken stupor. One from me, one from Landow.

And yes, it's true. I have no life.


Finally, I made a drunken command decision while playing the Mookie Wednesday night. Even though we didn't hit the magic Mookie number I set at 80, they did manage to pull in the one and only super blogger, Otis. He makes up the extra 20 players to get us where we've always wanted to go. Away from the fat ugly dirty sanchez mother effers, into...


Now don't get all weak on me, next week, 80 players!

Have a great weekend my friends.



Wednesday, October 25, 2006

80, here we come? 

While most of you are sitting around work, the office, or your illegal online gambling, I'm sitting here at the corner looking at that special beer cooler that Milwaukee Steve loves to drool over. I made the command decision that whatever I needed to write at work, I can do just as well here. So at 3pm I'm writing this instead of what I should.

I've spent equal amounts of time today doing work, doing nothing, and playing some god awful game that I will post for you on crappy game Friday. You'll hate me for it. I also spent some time gathering together 2 dozen of my best NSFW pics in anticipation for the Mook. Here's some teasers.

Click all you want, that's all you're getting. If I get itchy closer to the Mook tourney, I just may post more. or worse if we're not close to our number again. I prepared mentally for this weeks Mook by donking away at some micro-limit Razz with the WaffleMang last night. Beware!

I'm gonna head off and do some work for the next couple hours. Keep checking on the numbers and I'll post some more later.


For shits and giggles, I'm giving you the shitty game to waste some time for the rest of the week. UWannaBet sent me an email with a stupid game call "line flyer" and I found another one that's a little easier.

Rules are simple. Draw a line, click play, and watch a little motorcycle dude ride the line. Easy? Good freaking luck for the next two hours.

Line Flyer

I'll have a nice little contest later where the winner will get an entry into next week's Mookie tourney.


Also, if anyone is interested, I've been working to setup an online league for Riverchasers, a local company which runs the bar freerolls in the area. I have a tourney set up for this Thursday. Feel free to join us.


Update 8:00pm ET: The liver is evil and must be punished.

There are currently more people signed up for my Riverchasers tourney (16) then the Mookie (13). Shaking my head.

Side note to my Indian brothers. The nationality, not the oppressed native Americans. Learn the rules. When entering a bathroom and there are 3 stalls, take one end or the other. Take the middle one again and I'm going to know the underbidding-IT-not-knowing ass right out of you.

Carry on.

Update 9:00pm ET

Caucci at the bar

That is all.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rutgers and the Random Bar Tour 

"March, men of Rutgers,
Down the field today,
March to another score,
Forward to the fray,
Fight! men of Rutgers
As in days gone by,
Fight! for the Scarlet flag
Over the rest must fly."

For Landow and his Scarlet Knights. What got me rolling right off the bat with Rutgers, on a Tuesday, several days after they stomped a mudhole in the Pitt Panthers? After another horrendous week of working day and night, including Saturday morning, I really needed to get out of the house. I convinced Landow that watching his beloved Scarlet Knights play Pittsburgh would be much more entertaining if we were sitting in a bar, surrounded my random hot girlies, and drinking large adult beverages. Two out of three isn't bad, since the only hottie was my friend Lisa behind the bar and she was gone before halftime. The rest of the bar consisted of octogenarians and low lifes haggling for that last quarter from their change.

On a side not, Peter King has an interesting 'fantasy' scenario where we find the undefeated Scarlet Knights playing an undefeated West Virginia squad for the right to play for the national championship. Make it happ'n Cap'n.

So the quiet afternoon at the bar turned into a 3 hour bar tour. We watched the second half of the game sitting around the boathouse while playing a rousing game of 31 with Terry the Bartender. That's how busy the bar was at that point. Seemed like we were back on track for a quiet afternoon/evening of drinking and football. That was until Phil (aka The Blogfather savior and member of ACHE 3d) and Kevin (ACHE numero Uno) walked into the Boat with their lovely female companions.

In no time at all, we moved beyond quiet drinking into "TERRY, CAN YOU OPEN ANOTHER JAMESON BOTTLE, PLEASE" territory. Given the right circumstances, say a nice Sunday afternoon of watching the NFL or a random Saturday encounter with nothing else planned, Phil and I can rip through a couple bottles of hard stuff without blinking an eye. Hey, he's a rock star for real, I just play one on the internet.

I can't quite remember whether I helped close down the Boathouse or I just left Terry to her own devices, but we soon found ourselves in another bar, with another set of rules (they chill their friggin' Soco! Fucking savages). So I was stuck drinking this weird new stuff that must have just come out. It's call BEER. If I wanted to drink water, I would have asked for a water. And how the hell do you ever get drunk on this low octane beverage? I think my stomach would explode just trying to consume enough of it to get even the slightest buzz.

Oh well, as they say, when in Rome...

The night ended shortly after I noticed Landow sitting on a bar stool doing the head bob. He was none to pleased when he looked up and found me with a shot of Jager in one hand and a microphone in the other. We bolted soon after. Gotta take care of my designated driver.

As fate would have it, that old bitch I call "work" stood up and bitch slapped me again Sunday morning. Goodly sized hangover, shitty work documentation, severe lack of food, and some cock smuggling thunder cunt hits a 62 yard field goal.

But I'm not bitter. I'm an Eagles fan.


My friends, in anticipation of finally getting over the 80 player hump in the Mook this week, I have gathered together several dozen of the finest, not even CLOSE to safe for work, pictures to celebrate. They will be worth it if we hit the big number.

But as a backup, I think I found another picture of the gentleman below and the caption will say "...and then a dirty sanchez".