Friday, July 14, 2006

Now hear this... 

Overheard at the bar last night....

"I want to skull fuck your soul." - Said calmly and cooly by BigMike to Terry

"Here's my strategy to pick up girls. I wait until their lips stop moving, then I say something interesting about myself. Oddly enough, it works." - Caucci to whomever would listen. The girl standing next to him nodding in agreement.

"....well listen, you can't have throat babies." - Royce, to any girl that would listen.

"God says gambling is ok. It's right in the bible. Jesus was '6 - 5 against' to come off the cross. The over/under was 4 days. It had to the be the under. But do you realize how hard it was to shut that guy up? - BigMike to the 3 people left in the bar when the ugly lights came up.


Two things I forgot to mention about the Vegas gathering...

- The first night while I was running up, then crapping out April's stack, Byron hit a Hammer Quad on the blogger donkey table for a wheel spin and much respect. Although, that brought up the situation for prop betting on the color the wheel landed on. After pestering from StB for me to pick a color, I finally had to turn to him and say, "I'm color blind ya drunk bastard." No Marty there to help out this time.

- I can't believe in all the writeups of the blogger tourney, nobody mentioned the one very cool moment near the beginning. Everyone has their seats, cards are in the air, and the World Cup losers consolation match is on every TV in the room. Somebody happens to look up at the right time.

Points at the TV screens and yells, "SNAKES ON A PLANE!" as the trailer for the movie played out on every monitor.

The room went completely bonkers. Tournament directors and dealers were confused.

Ah, good times, good times.

"Snakes on my mother$%^^ing plane!"


Thursday, July 13, 2006

And now, a short recap... 

No energy or desire to even begin to writeup the Vegas trip. It was a last minute decision and wasn't easily made. But I was convinced to make the trip. Some highlights will have to do for now.

Thursday: Start 36 hour bender. Building, then destroying, Heather's stack at the blogger table (still owe her on that one). Excal card room managers, everyone, are complete douchebags. Meeting new bloggers. Finding out I don't have the longest hair amongst the poker blogger brethren. Enjoy my one and only Krispy Kreme donut of the entire trip. Roshambo amongst friends. F-Train wins the biggest title of the weekend. Iggy goes on major Roshambo tilt.

Friday: Finish 36 hour bender. "Hey. Bobby Bracelet. I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow!" "Al, it IS tomorrow." 36 hour bender with no food. Quiznos at noon does not a breakfast make. 9pm wake up call. Blogger HORSE crazy tables. Building Veneno's stack then watching it disappear in one orbit of Hold'em. "I don't like Stud games" "Well it's a good thing you're playing HORSE since there are only 3 stud games." The bartender remembered us from December. The bartender also asked about BigMike's presence. Memorable little fuckers, aren't we? Early "night", blogger tourney in the morning.

Saturday: Blogger tourney table from hell. Pauly, Nickerson, DoubleAs, Change100, and a Batface just off the top of my head. Hookers, mash potatoes, and a dealer laughing so hard he had to stop dealing. Hangover shakes suck. Respectable showing, outlasted The Mark. The Mark wins though because his wife spilled a beer on my wife. F-Train wins the tourney but it's still doesn't top the Iggy Roshambo tilt session. Helixx makes a great showing for the southeast PA bloggers by finishing 4th. Has anyone mentioned Amy's boobs yet? Wow.

Sunday: Italians cheat. France throws the World Cup. Zidane and Henry bought off. Buffon > Barthez. Previous statement the biggest under statement ever. Mainlining RedBull. 8am in the Mandalay Sportsbook is quiet. Too quiet. The bar isn't open. Only 10 people in the entire room are pulling for France. 9 of them are bloggers. All of them had money on the match. HumanHead almost blows a gasket. Italians still cheat and still win. Bloggers go to Rio, I go to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut > The Rio full of degenerates. Jen Leo rocks the Pokerdome (but still unable to mention the results). There is no possible way the Pokerdome directors can edit me out of the broadcast. Garth pulls the Aussie card on the hottie sitting next to him, sleeps alone anyway.

Monday: Hit the Rio early to sweat Gracie, DoubleAs, Wil, The Mark, and Brandon. Can't take more than an hour of the Rio even with the free BoDog booze. The Marks wife gets hit on by every mouth breather in the building. Except me. I swear. The Mark is a big boy. Bobby Braclet looks like death chilled over. We order the $20 combo (cab ride and McD's). Almost miss my redeye flight home due to lack of booze. Bet you'd never read that line.

Tuesday: Arrive home smelling like old peoples crusty feet. Feel like a hangover without the benefit of the booze.

Thursday: Write this shit. More to come when I feel like it.



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Your turn to help... 

I'm back from Vegas (yes, I went) and have plenty to write about. But we need to get on this auction from Bobby Bracelet. There are less then 48 to go in the auction. Good luck outbidding me for the Isabelle photo. Neither CJ nor Mean Gene have a chance. I still have her loveliness burned into my eyes.

I guess it's also safe to just go ahead and get this out of the way. It's official. Gavin Smith will be throwing a charity single table poker tourney during the Bash at the Boat this year. Email here if you have any questions about the tourney.

Please help as much as you can, a lot of people have but in hard work to get this auction going.


As many of you know, Bobby Bracelet has been on a mission to help a young girl named Peyton, whose mother passed away recently from small cell ovarian cancer. Many people have stepped up during this process to lend support. Gavin Smith, World Poker Tour Player of the Year, has worked very hard to generate a buzz within the poker community. Gavin has gone above and beyond the call of duty, even spending enough quality time with Phil Hellmuth to persuade him to donate. That is what I call dedication. Jason “Spaceman” Kirk has used his connections in the media to gather donations and turn Card Player Magazine on to our exploits. Shelly Hokanson designed, and continues to manage, ForPeyton.com. She has the worst job since Bobby Bracelet is a prima donna who can’t seem to ever make up his mind about things. I could continue on, but needless to say there have been many more who have helped along the way.


Poker Pro's Donate Items for Charity Auction ForPeyton.com


Currently there are a bunch of items up for bid. Items are available through Ebay. You can go to the sight and click from each item in the “Silent Auction” section to be taken right to its page on Ebay. We have some amazing things coming up in our second wave of items. Keep coming back to see us auction another lesson from a professional, tickets to an exclusive party held by the Lederers at the WSOP, and much more!

Phil Gordon autographed book and DVD

Card Player shirt, hat, and Phil Hellmuth DVD

Phil Hellmuth DVD's

Joe Hachem autographed photo

Isabelle Mercier autographed photo

Phil Ivey Full Tilt jersey

Gavin Smith Full Tilt jersey

Mark Seif Absolute Poker jersey

Mike "The Grinder" Mizrachi autographed hat

Daniel Negreanu autographed Full Contact Poker hat, shirt and picture

Scott Fischman "Fishtank" sweatshirt, two hats, and Nintendo Gamecube WSOP video game


The auctions are closed and nearly $1,700 was raised. That's a great job from everyone involved.

I forgot to link my email for the Gavin Smith tourney. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email here.