Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My words for the Vegas gathering... 

New Jersey casinos shut down

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CNN) -- Atlantic City's 12 casinos began shutting down for the first time ever at 8 a.m. ET Wednesday morning as the New Jersey budget crisis that began July 1 continued.
Who thought it would come to this? How the hell does a state which gets $1.2 mil in taxes PER day from the casino's, allow their moronic legislators to shutdown the state? Naturally this occurs during one of the best weeks for the casino's. Granted, AC is not even a blip on the radar compared to Vegas but it seems practically impossible this is happening.

I imagine the Borgata is especially cheesed off since they just opened their new monster poker room this weekend. If anyone has played in the Taj poker room, the Borgata is now bigger. 85 tables. Tourneys, SnG's, and spreading various forms of Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud. Still waiting to see if they have the stones to throw out the occasional Razz game.

I just can't believe they shut them all down. Friggin' Jersey politicians.


It seems like there's a little blogger gathering happening in Vegas this weekend. There are a ton of bloggers out there posting there advice to the first timers. Here's my version...

- Have fun and relax

That's about it. You'll meet some cool new friends, hang with old friends, and probably drink more than you should. Someone once posted the 3 major no-no's of a blogger gathering.

1. Don't go shot for shot with me.
2. Don't go beer for beer with StB.
3. Don't get your money in with the best hand against CJ.

All three of those things can cause major pain to wallet, liver, and self control.

While you're getting ready for your trip to Sin City, check out a video Pauly made from the December gathering. There's a cameo in there from Brandon during the retarded mix game at the MGM, a part where I'm ripping into the second half gallon of Soco, and saving Derek some cash in the mix game by telling him he was drawing dead. Enjoy.

I hope everyone has a blast.

Drink too much, gamble too much.
Make friends, make enemies with the lemurs.
Straddle at every oppurtunity, visit the hookers at the Rio (but DON'T straddle there).
Eat Krispy Kreme, don't eat the buffet at Excal poker room.
Find Raymer and shake his hand, find Boyd and kick him in his vagina.
Buy Iggy a Guinness, Pauly a Soco, Joe Speaker a Bass.

And if you see the spirit of a drunken hippy walking around, buy him a shot.



Monday, July 03, 2006

Sign of the Apocalypse, Boyd wins... 

I found an interesting little story over at Jen and Amy's Breakfast Club Poker. Apparently there was a little mix up on Gavin Smith's table to start Day 2 of the shorthanded event. Nice little cock up by the floor people there. Nothing like adding chips to the tournament.


The cock juggling thunder c**t Boyd lucked his way into a WSoP bracelet. I'm going to be really disappointed if someone ANYONE doesn't ask him personally about the Pokerspot.com fiasco. There are still some people out there that missed out on this big issue. Maybe Iggy will repost the RGP threads now that Russ "The Tool" Boyd has a title and spotlight.

I found a good post via Pokerati. Oliver Tse has a letter to ESPN asking them to address this issue when they broadcast the final table. Reading the letter will give you a quick overview of what this festering axe wound did to the online poker community.


Yes, I actually watched Blade: Trinity this weekend on the cable television. Hence, the "cock juggling thunder c**t" line. Not nearly as bad as I expected. Sort of Van Wilder meets Dracula.

Have you seen Superman Returns in IMAX 3D yet? What the hell are you waiting for?


Shit, that's about all I've got today. Heading off for some pokery boozy goodness tonight. Tomorrow I might continue grinding away to see if there's anyway I can sneak off to Vegas sometime during the series. Just never know.

In the meantime, Veneno asked me via chat this weekend why I post so many little chippies on this here blog. Why? Because I can. Also, I need to keep Jerry coming back.

Just for you, Jerry! (safe for work)

I'll work on Sean's NSFW top 5 list this afternoon.