Saturday, July 01, 2006


This picture is brought to you in honor of Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo (have fun at ManUre this year) who barely outdid Ashely Cole for (Diving)Man of the Match.

For Super Frankie Lampard, I present the broad-side of a barn.


The congratulation post 

1. Congrats go out to Brandon who cashed in his first WSoP event this year. A great start to the series for him. I got to chat with him for awhile after he busted out and on his way to the bar. Poker player and drinker. I should really try to get out to Vegas sometime during the series to hang out.

2. Congrats to DoubleAs as his poker book is ready for purchase. I have my order in. It contains contributions from Otis, Pauly, Iggy, HDouble, 2HoleCards, Grubby, and coverart by DuggleBogey. Click on the cover picture below to order via Scott's affiliate.

Pressure Poker : Poker Strategy and Tools to Improve Your Game
by Scott Gallant
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 1-4196-3446-1
Binding: Trade Paper
262 pages

No-Limit Texas Hold'em has never been more popular. There are more players picking up this game every day so there are more games and more money to win. This book will help you stay ahead of the competition by describing familiar topics from a new perspective, introduce you to pressure in big bet poker and how to use tools of the trade to optimize your strategy.

3. Finally, a huge congrats to Glenn (my separated-at-birth twin brother. He got the smarts and poker ability while I got the world class liver and the unique ability to write endlessly retarded parenthetical statements) who outlasted a ton of super duper uber fish to win a seat in the World Series Main Event. Hopefully they're able to get through the silly people at the Party Headquarters. I seem to remember somebody ragging on the quality of Glenn's play at the PokerStars blogger freeroll but I'm much too lazy to go find the actual post. Maybe I'll get to congratulate him in person sometime soon.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Aussies, English, and a Plate Full of Pork... 

It's fairly well known that I'm a big fan of futbol, soccah, whatever you want to call it. I enjoy watching the EPL and International matches. I love watching my beloved Chelsea buy up every top player just to keep them on the bench and off the other teams. I've even been known to hit the ol' Pay Per View for those hard to get matches. I spend quite a bit of time reading Football365 when the hand history posts start putting me to sleep and it's some good stuff. Browsing there today I came across the following in the MediaWatch section. Thought maybe I would post if for Heafy, Garth, and my other friends from down unda.

As spotted in The Sydney Morning Herald's letters section:

'Just wanted to drop you all a note of condolence on your World Cup exit. Although you were never really good enough to be there in the first place, as one of our foreign outposts we think you did quite well and, most importantly, represented your Queen admirably. So, well done, little colony.

'On the upside though, now at least your long-haired, scruffy, unclean teenage masses can all return to London to resume their minimum wage jobs, serving us thirsty English boys warm beer, just in time for the games on Friday and Saturday. Good timing, really, because as everyone agrees, the real tournament starts now that only the real footballing teams are left.

'Well, chin up, anyway, pickpockets, and I suppose it's back to stealing your mothers' ironing boards and heading to the sea to try to dodge those hungry sharks. How sweet. Best regards and God save the Queen.

'Paul Kaynes West Sussex (England)'


Had a great time hanging out with the Boy Genius this weekend. Spent some time shoveling mass quantities of sushi down our gullets while quoting lines from Big Daddy with the bartender. BG had his first taste of toro which he seemed to enjoy. Also not a bad thing when you buy a sushi bar completely out of their toro. Egads. We spent the evening pondering the joys of all-you-can-eat sushi and slowly emptying several large glasses full of southern. This was a nice relaxed sit at the bar.

Then the heaven's opened up.


Day of rain number 4 (of the biblical 40) found us waking up at an ungodly hour to make the hour drive west for some good old fashioned drunken golf. 4 player best ball with a bar full of free booze waiting for us when we got done. It never even crossed my mind that the course might actually be the setting for Noah building his new aged ark. God damned if it wasn't raining like a bitch when we pulled up the golf course. Jim Bob and Ray Ray must have gotten a kick out of us walking into the clubhouse actually thinking that we might play.

Off to the diner we headed. Looking to get out of the rain and fill our bellies with various forms of pork products. Representing our fine tasting friends were bacon, sausage (both links AND sausage gravy and biscuits), scapple, ham, and canadian bacon. Creamed chipped beef (shit on a shingle) was the lone offering from those who moo and it was below par. Stacks of pancakes and dippy eggs completed the monstrous unexpected feast.

And that wasn't even the best part of the day. Maybe it was, but there wasn't any booze involved so it's automatically bumped down.

We ducked around the huge rain drops to make our way back to casa CantHang safely and got comfy for the Italy/Aussie match. What an abortion. The Chinese judge gave Fabio Grosso a 9.5 on his dive, he apparently didn't tuck enough to merit a full 10. I felt bad for my Aussie friends so I vowed to drink heavily that night just for them. Better them than me. We made it to the boathouse early enough to relax some more and watch the sleeper match of the World Cup. Switzerland/Ukraine threatened to lull me to sleep but we had poker to play.

Due to Landow's continued absence, the normal home game was cancelled and we moved to a local freeroll. Early on I broke the golden rule of playing with lemurs. I bluffed at a pot. Two things I know and always read. Never bluff the morons, they don't know enough to lay down a hand. Or in this case, my spectacularly passive ring-tailed friend just happened to have AA.


BG made the final table but missed the money. While he was busy taking care of his business, I hopped into a two table second chance tourney where I managed to hose myself and become bubble boy.

Hopefully BG will be able to make it down for the replay of the golf outting if not sooner. I had a great time. Once we get MeanGene down here, maybe we'll start to rival G-Vegas (although we're missing a Ron Burgundy character).


I completely forgot to pimp the next DADI tourney. It's tonight, go sign up. Cheers.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random junk... 

World Cup fever upsets Muslim hardliners

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leader PS Thangal was among the first to raise the issue publicly. “The youths are spending a lot of time in front of TV and spending money putting up hoardings with names of countries taking part in the World Cup,” he said....

An incensed federation organised a protest march in Tirur, contending that “capitalist forces” were trying to make inroads into Malappuram “under the guise of football.”
More proof that we're trying to conqueor the world. Just imagine what would happen if our country was actually any good at the damned game.

That's all I have to say about that. If I was a brighter man, I'd probably come up with a clever editorial. But again, I'm not so I'm not.


Diving, cheating, Italians have replaced the cheese eating surrender monkeys on my World Cup hated list. Carry on.



Not to go all geek on you, because really, I'm an amateur geek. But....

My recommendation. Go see it.



It was crazy.


Otis at the World Series... 



Monday, June 26, 2006

No golf for you... 

Right about now we should be somewhere in the middle of the back 9. I should be well into my second page of material for ragging on the swing of BG and swearing up a storm because we can't find the beer cart girl. I should be through my second pack of smokes and getting so desperate that I finally bum a menthol from BigMike.

Instead I'm sitting in my house watching the first half of the Italy/Aussie match, maybe try to hit the bar for the second half. We arrived at the golf course and the only person waiting for us was Noah, and he looked worried.

4 straight days of biblical downpours and we shouldn't have expected to get your round of golf in for BG's birthday.

In the great blogger tradition, I'm up 3-0-1 in my prop bets with BG.

Over/under on the added time at the end of the Holland/Portugal match: BG set the number at 5. I took over. 6 minutes added.

Over/under number of entrance at the start of the WPBT Razz event: I set the number at 25. BG took over. I win.

Over/under time first person knocked out of said Razz event: I set the time as the first break. Pretty ballsy with a deep stack tourney. BG took the over. Thank god we have Sir WiffleBall to keep my record intact. I win when he goes out just before the break.

Over/under, 5am this morning watching the replay of the Chisox/Houston game, how many pitches for Iguchi to hit the homerun we both knew was coming: BG set the line at 3. I took the over. Actual number was 3. Push.

So thanks to SirWaffle and the decision to hold a deep stack tournament at 9pm on a Sunday, I'm up 3 large in our weekend prop bets.

3 whole american dollars. Ship it!


OK, I'm a little punch drunk. To bed too late, up WAY too early for a non-existent tee time, and the inability to fall asleep when we got back.

We're going to hit the bar this afternoon and crush some beer and soco until the wee hours of the morning with some online horsey betting and the bar, boob-filled freeroll tonight.


Cheers, now go congratulate Jen Leo on qualifying to play on PokerDome. Her appearance will nicely be taped during the Blogger gathering.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's just about that time... 

Currently residing in Vegas to bring you the 2006 WSOP