Friday, May 26, 2006

And we're off... 

It's just about that time for Eva and I to make the dreaded trip north into Pennsyl-tucky land to help our friend. Never a dull moment in that part of the world. I fully expect to see things again which will provide enough material for a month's worth of posting. BigMike certainly knows how to throw a proper wake though. Hopefully neither of us will be pissing in the holes on the practice green in the middle of the day. That would be unfortunate. Country clubs frown on that behavior I've been told.

I've received many emails asking about the funeral and such. If anyone is so inclined, BigMike has asked for no flowers, instead we're having donations sent here. Adam is competing in the New Jersey Triathalon in honor of BigMike's nephew who has Cystic Fibrosis (that's his picture on the top right of the donation page). If you go to the site, you'll see that we are about to (or maybe already have) blast right through his current goal with a large chunk of that coming since he made the request on Wednesday from friends and coworkers.


While I'm gone, there are a couple tourney's you need to check out.

First up. Dan, ruler of Pokerati, lapdog to Clonie Gowen, and runner of the best backroom poker tourney in the world (strippers dude! with poker and booze? heaven) has the Inaugural Pokerati Online Invitational on Saturday. It seems to be open to his readers and I assume everyone who comes here also reads Pokerati. If you aren't, I'm wagging my virtual finger in your face. tsk tsk.

Unfortutantely I have to miss this one. I'll be trying to avoid the previously mentioned redistributing of bodily fluids in unprovoked holes in the ground.

On Monday is the next tourney in the DADI series brought to you by the fine folks over at TripJax and High on Poker. This one I should be able to make. I'm putting my betting money on YOYOMa.


Cheers, have a good Memorial Day weekend. Don't be this guy...


Thursday, May 25, 2006

World Cup... 

I need to get that post off the top of the blog if you don't mind. Thanks.

So I tried to do what I do best. Stop writing and start posting pictures of half nekkid girls doing what they do best. Nothing. Since the World Cup is right around the corner, I figured to grab some hottie soccer fans.

Many have seen this picture before. God Bless those crazy Brazilian girls...

Not a bad one here of a US Supporter...

I don't know how this flies with the strict Turkish government...

Then I hit the motherlode of soccer cuties. I'll post a link to the site with the group picture below. Amazingly enough, the link is safe for work (be sure to check out Gallery2. God Bless latex).

Now go tell PokerWolf what a great job was done on his new banner.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm a selfish bastard because I'm struggling with what to write while one of my best friends is making arrangements to bury his mother. I've written posts that were too flip, too morose, too whatever and I settled on this one. I've read along with Sean in Austin, the Joe's in Vegas, and the G-Vegas heartbreaks. It found it's way to our circle. BigMike got a call last night that his mother passed away.

Arrangements are being made but I do not have the details yet. If you need them, you have my number or my email.

Cheers to my friends.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

All bloggers welcome (not just poker bloggers) 

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476


Game of the week 

"I'm going to continue with all my modeling and hopefully on with my.... actressing."
Ms. Gazzarri Dancer of 1987
Actressing. That quote comes from The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years by Penelope Spheeris which happened to be playing in the background this weekend while I was donking away my virtual chips. I heard the line come out of her mouth and it stopped me in my tracks because I was only half listening.

Rewind DVR. Yep, that's what she said. Her actressing. I'm stunned we haven't seen her walk the red carpet at the Oscars unless I missed her as the rent-a-hooker attached to some b-list actor.


Be ye warned. When google searching for images, say 'dog fart' for instance, there are some pretty raunchy stuff out there. I'm sure the guy checking out the internet usage report at work will get a shock out of that one. But there actually IS a reason I intentionally went out searching for an amusing image like that one on the right.

Last night was the weekly tourney at Landow's house and he had a nice round number of 10 players. As per usual, BigMike and I made a quick swing past the Boathouse for a few libations pre-tourney to make the night passable. Ask BG and Pauly, a snoot full of booze makes it much easier to put up with some of the play at these games. We fired up the game and I pulled a nice sized on the first hand by playing drunk and in the dark. Nobody wants to bust out on the first hand.

Right after that we noticed an odd smell. Now it very well may have come from me. I had a buzz and no reasonable food in the last 12 hours. But I know when I float an air biscuit and this certainly wasn't one of mine. Eventually we couldn't take it and someone looked under the table.

There was Landow's whacko dog, ass pointed right at me and letting them rip. Might be in the top 10 nastiest smells I've experienced. I had to chew it back. I did that successfully and ended up chopping first place money so we could move onto the juicy, Lewey-filled cash game upstairs.

I mentioned to Landow that I was writing about the nasty dog farts from last night and he's try his hardest to CENSOR me! If you still see the picture on the right and his smelly dog story above, he has been defeated! Viva la Résistance

So a pregnant lady, a fat guy, a hippy, and a super loose maniac sit down to play a cash game....

The start of a good joke? It sure was. Most people were sober but the play was spectacularly retarded. Regular poker players would be astounded and offended. My AA cracked in a three way pot buy a stellar 73h. Chases and runners and rebuys and all things you're taught to avoid. These are our local home game. Definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone looking to play real poker.


It was a real struggle to write today. Our friends in G-Vegas lost a very close friend and my heart goes out to them. I'll lift drinks tonight for Otis, CJ, and G-Rob, recount stories of friends we've lost, and honor their memory.

Cheers my friends.