Thursday, May 04, 2006

No more planning necessary... 

Ten good decent mediocre minutes of my time is all you're getting today. In honor of the good doctor I'm just going to write for you while I'm woofing down my morning breakfast of undercooked eggs and burnt pork fat. Good stuff. Really.

Tonight we head down to ball park to catch a Phillies game with Brandon than head into center city to put a hurting on their stock of booze. Maybe they've finally caught up after the BigMike Bar Crawl. We'll have a couple two three drinks at McFadden's before the game then show him around our new stadium. He's been tasting the local foods at each stop but I'm not sure whether to get him some Bull's BBQ or a Tony Luke's cheese steak. Probably the cheese steak. There are enough bars in the park where we could actually do our own mini-bar crawl right inside the stadium.

Afterwards we're going to drag him from South Philly to center city, probably The Plough and The Stars, and try our hardest not to drink ourselves to the grave. Much easier said then done. If any Philly friends are going to around South Philly, feel free to stop by McFadden's and knock back a shot.


How is it that Pauly puts in 10 minutes writing and pounds out 3,000 words and I can barely get out 3 paragraphs? God I suck.

As my penance...

NOT SAFE FOR WORK link below. You have been warned. NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK. Well maybe a little safe. Just make sure no one is standing behind you when you click. You know you wanna.

I've been thinking about changing over from Omaha8 to 5 card draw based solely on this picture.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More prayers needed... 

Since the fates have aligned and the only two seconds I have to write a damned word are right now because I cut my afternoon dump in half just for you. I'm saying my prayers and stretching my liver.

For tomorrow I show Brandon the town as he makes his way to Philly for his MLB stadium tour. The game should be fun. Hitting the bars in Philly afterwards should be even better. He doesn't seem to be getting to see alot beside the ball parks, that'll change tomorrow night.

Maybe I shouldn't post this since my co-workers will check it out. Hey! Everyone! I'm calling out sick on Friday! Got it?

Since I can't post properly, how 'bout another picture of the Aussie fans?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High 

I was going to put a picture up of John Terry kissing the silverware but I thought I would cheese off my Chelsea-hating readers by putting Jose up here instead. A big thanks to ManUre for mailing it in during their must-win match. And now I'm going to sit back and see if Arsenal needs the "Liverpool" rule to get into the Champions League next season.


Last night we chilled at the bar on a Monday with a small blogger contingent. BoyGenius and Donkey Puncher made a swing by the ol' home bar for some drinking, chatting, and a little internet horse picking. Several attempts for dial-a-shots were made and failed until I called The Blood's residence. I found myself calling in the middle of a classic mini-Blood chip challenge and I witnessed (via phone) mini-Blood putting the luckbox beat down on the senior Blood. His J3 took down the powerful 88 with a jack on the flop and a jack on the turn.

Watch out for those mini-Bloods. You're looking at the 2025 WSoP Main Event winner.


It must be that time of year again. There's nothing more serious in this volatile world then the blogger on blogger hate. Stop the madness! Let's not have everyone getting all self important about themselves. Here's all I have to say on the matter.

Now go read some of the stories below.


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