Friday, October 28, 2005

It was fine bender last night. A bunch of us tied it on like champs topped off with the king of all DJ's, ScubaSteve, hurting the ears of the left over patrons at the end of the night. More Slayer, Anthrax, and Pantera than should ever be played in what is considered a 'corporate' bar. I have a great pic of Steve but can't manage to get it off the camera in my current hungover state. A ton of people came out to help me drink up after our huge purchase. Everyone except Eva. She was out spending cashmoney on all things for a brand new house.

I found myself sitting in the "otis" seat at the end of the bar trying to figure out how I got here.


Thanks for all the comments, it's pretty exciting. We'll be spending the weekend moving so not much time for posting.

Catch you next week.

Here's some links to keep you interested....

Ouch ouch ouch

More ouch. Damn

Blantantly copied from Gigglechick..... Another google map application. Go sign up and show me where you're coming from. (for some reason it makes you leave a comment).

Cheers and have a good weekend.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

To do list for Thursday....

1. Wake up SOBER Check
2. Pray Check
3. Walk through at the new house Check
4. Pray Check
5. Close on the new house Check
6. Pray Check
7. Get god awful drunk - I'll let you know tomorrow.

We're in the house. The bank officially owns by ass.



Tuesday, October 25, 2005

...signifying nothing 

I'm not much of a numbers guy. I have statcounter loaded but I use it mostly for referrals to see what other blogs I'm missing and the search engine stats because that turns into some funny shit. Like a google search for Stripper wedgy. When all else fails, post search engine keywords. I'm not the kind of guy who gets any kind of ego boast from seeing the numbers go up or down. I get satisfaction from knowing a handful of people get an occasional chuckle or when I hear BigMike laughing at his desk next to mine and I know an IM is forthcoming with a comment on my post.

All that being said, good sweet lord did my hits go through the roof. I guess that's what happens when you get links on Iggy, Pauly, and Wil on his Cardsquad page all within a week. Mercy. I think I just shat myself.

And I'm sober. Not the sober after a bender sober. But the sober like I sat around watching CSI Miami all night and went to bed early sober. The sure fire recipe for a shitty ass post.

In Wil's recap of Sunday's tourney, he actually wrote about myself and GRob "These guys are good...". Oh if he only knew. I have one thing going for me. I'm easy to read. If I'm in a hand, I want you to think one of two things. One, he's got the nuts and I'm going to lose. Two, he's bluffing but if I call and beat him, he's gonna kick my ass.

It's taken a long time to cultivate this stocky, drunken, bitter, biker, headbanger, brawler, god-damn-that's-an-ugly-son-of-a-bitch look. I want you to think I'm coming across the table with a forearm shiver to your glass jaw if you try to take the pot from me.

You want to know how often that works? Absolutely fookin' zero.

Because it doesn't really matter online to start with. What? I'm going to track down an online personae with the screen name EatMyAce in West friggin' Guam because he cracked my aces with a 64o? Not going to happen. My Zakk Wylde-on-a-bender look doesn't mean squat online.

Playing live poker it seems to matter even less. It doesn't take long for the table to realize that I'm more interested in calculating the odds of getting the waitress to the table more often than I am figuring the chances of hitting my open ender, flush draw, one overcard river. No one actually thinks I'm actually going to kick their ass. Except for the guy at the Boathouse tourney a couple weeks ago. I think I made him whizz a little in his drawers.

All that being said. I'm a very ordinary poker player. I play lower limits where I'm forced to play ABC poker. Fancy moves don't matter and they'll only cost me money to the fishies. Remember that when you're sitting at a table with me. ABC poker. No moves.


I mean it.


Time to start making plans for the summer. I've gotta do it this year. Event #8.

Joanne posted the schedule for the 2006 World Series of Poker. July 3rd is Event #8 $2000 Omaha/8. I'm declaring my intentions to either win my way in or earn my way. I will be there. I want flipchip taking my picture with my fancy new bracelet. Or maybe taking a picture of Grubby and I talking to the girls at the hooker bar in the Rio.

But I need to be there.

Getting myself in trouble, I noticed the schedule lists two events with an 11am start time. The Seniors and the Ladies. Insert snicker. Please leave all flaming comments concerning that line here.


Let's see what kind of response I get to this. I'm asking 10 questions to different bloggers. Answer in comments or post it.

Since I just insulted the lovely ladies of poker, I'll start with 5 questions to the hot girls o' poker.

1. Maudie - Are you glad you decided to come to the first blogger gathering last December? 'cause we're glad you showed.

2. Heather - tell me your likes and dislikes of Pot Limit Omaha.

3. April - what do you really want for your birthday?

4. Joanne - who's going to be the first female blogger to win a major tourney, eh?

5. Gracie - can I bum a smoke? man, I'm an ass. When can we expect the next SheVerb video?


5 bloggers you absolutely should be reading instead of me....

1. Dr.Pauly - I saw in passing in group chat the other day that you're moving to Vegas in February. True? And details!

2. MeanGene - what are the plans for the next presidential election? Will we see a MeanGene for President 2008? and can I be your choice for Vice-President?

3. Otis - nearly a year into the new job, how do you like it? It must have it's ups and downs.

4. Hank (who by the way just put up a great post about the top poker reads on the Internet) - when are we getting the next great HDub goes to the movie post?

5. BoyGenius - this is a tricky one going out to the readers. It's about time for another BG/ACHE email rant. Let's have commentors pick the next topic. Last time we did one of these, this mess occurred where I whooped up picking the Fantasy Hottie Team of the year. (Don't go to that link unless you have plenty of time to read)

Make it happen cap'n.



Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday with the stars on Stars 

1,473 players kicked off the Poker Stars Blogger Championship yesterday. What are the odds that I would find Wil Wheaton (in exile) on my right and GRob (the original Anchorman) on my left? GRob was on board last year when I made a surprise visit to last years tournament in the Bahamas to visit Otis. Now we'd be battling each other to there again.

pfft. Some battle.

Anyone who knows me realizes there is only one place I spend my Sunday's. Sitting at the Boathouse with a full slate on NFL games sitting in front of me. It never occurred to me that I'd have to accommodate for the 4pm start of the blogger tourney. With the record setting number of flags in the Eagles game, I knew the game wouldn't be even close to over.

I settled in at the end of the bar, big screen TV above my head with Dan friggin' Dierdorf actually making me yearn for Phil Simms, smokes and ashtray on the right, shots and bartender to my left, and BigMike's laptop smack dab in front. CBS Sportlines and ESPN in the background and I fired up PokerStars. I started laughing when I saw that seating assignments. I couldn't tell you how many times someone popped in and said something like "the feature table" or "the TV table". God damn if Wil doesn't get a shitload of railbirds.

I was cruising along, even doubling up with a BB special. 62o in the BB and hitting a straight to bust someone. JDub and Kenna left the bar early in disgust. The Eagles were going to lose after holding down the best running back in the league. Suddenly the world goes nuts. The Eagles blocked the field goal and ran it back for a touchdown. Dierdorf was hyperventilating and people were shoving drinks into my hand. GRob made a comment on the Stars table, "Al, did you see what just happened in the Eagles game?".

No GRob, the 100 people in the bar going apeshit didn't clue me in. I was busy trying to figure out how to play a weak suited Ace in late position early in large tourney after it folded around to me.

Fold, drink drink drink. Cheers.

My trouble started when I raised in late position with KQ on a tight table. One caller. Q high rainbow flop. It got bad when the other player was holding KQ but with clubs. A split pot slid his way after runner runner clubs. I was shortstacked after the break and played like a drunken lemur I was. Even playing like an idiot I outlasted 400 other fishies and I was having a blast.


The funniest chat comment was a Dr.Pauly reader asking me why Pauly always writes that I'm drunk. Silly silly people. I'm not always drunk. I have to be hungover sometimes to write this drivel down for you. See?


With the close game going on with the Eagles, and the blogger tourney fast approaching, I wasn't able to concentrate on all the games going on. I was able to see some but not enough to have an opinion. Here are my general sports thoughts from the weekend....

- That was a rough way for the Chargers to lose. I'll take the win but it was rough. Credit the Eagle's defense for holding the best runner in the NFL to negative yardage into the fourth quarter and stopping his rushing TD streak. The Chargers had 21 yards on 20 carries including a Drew Brees 9 yard run. That 9 yard run was the longest rush by any Charger in the game.

- CBS showed a graphic in the third quarter. Lorenzo Neal had 1 carry for 0 yards. He was the leading rusher for the Chargers at that point.

- Some love him, some hate him. Me, I love Merrill Reese. Wish I could have heard his call on the block return.

- TO's end zone celebration rates a C. Keenan McCardell doing the same thing was an F. This coming from a guy (me) who laughed his ass off when Hines Ward imitated TO last year. Ward, funny. McCardell, weak.

- Bengals had an overturned TD, dropped easy TD pass, missed field goal all on the first drive. Would those have made a difference? Who knows. Chad Johnson is the poor man's T.O. And that ain't saying much.

- I didn't see any of the Redskins/49ers game. I thought the score tickers had to have a typos. Good lord.

- Until McNabb starts playing better, I'll lay off the Bledsoe turning into the old Bledsoe comments. Wait, I think I just said it anyway.

- How'd you like that run from Ronnie Brown on Friday? Yeah, I didn't see it live either. Great run. He's on my Fantasy team.

- I went o for 2 in my Fantasy teams again this week. I retire.

- I spanked the bejebus out of The Blonde and CJ in hockey this week. I'll give CJ a pass on the spanky and double up on The Blonde.

- Honey, I kid. dem's just jokes honey.



- Chelsea yacked one up against bottom dwelling Everton. I should have recognized this as a trap game. Everton did, after all, qualify for the Champions League ahead of Liverpool last year. Also, if you're a football soccer fan, how can you not pull for Wigan to finish in the top 4 of the EPL and qualify for Europe?

- Are the baseball playoffs still going on? Can they hurry up so I can get back to watching House?

- Finally, Tom Benson moving the Saints out of New Orleans might be the most despicable thing I've ever heard of in sports. Capitalizing on a natural catastrophe to cash in and screw the fans who need you? I can't remember who said it, but this makes Robert Irsay look like a saint. No pun intended.


Blogger link of the day. Nickerblog by Shane Nickerson. I'm far behind in synching up the blogs I read through bloglines and my blogroll on the right. I've been reading Shane for awhile and had the opportunity to sit at the same table during Friday's WWdN:InExile tourney. I was surprised he knew who the hell I was. First round is on me in Vegas. Now about getting Jessica Stover there.....


3 Days til Closing. Good lordy.