Saturday, September 24, 2005


What Pauly said.

If Friday was any indication of what tonight will be like, my liver is in serious trouble.

And for anyone who didn't answer the phone for a dial-a-shot....

Last night BadBlood was in G-Vegas. Right now he's in Philly. That's what happens when you answer the phone.



Friday, September 23, 2005

5 years ago.... 

After almost an entire week, the main site is back up and running. The original server was brought down when the filthy hackers were noticed. Migration to a new server was already in the works prior to this problem so it was done this week. DNS problems caused the extra downtime. I'll post the hackers details later so all my smart readers can go get'em.


Anyway, my last short post before the Bash. The princess is on her way to pick StB and Bobby "Huge Junk" Bracelet at the airport while I finish tying up loose ends for tomorrow.

In a couple hours, we'll be planted in front of the bar waiting for the arrival of Pauly and Derek, introducing the boys to my world, and trying really hard to not get bombed. I swear I'm gonna try.


Finally, 5 years ago today the entire world was stunned when a hot young thing actually said "I do" and married some fat drunk slob. Some write it off as charity, and I'm one of those.

Until the day my liver and/or heart give out, I'll always be grateful for the wonderful lady who came into my life. If there was ever a perfect mate for me, she is it.

Today I'm thankful and tomorrow we celebrate.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just remember this post..... 

I'm posting this here for official purposes. The wifey doesn't have access to this account so she can never take this post down. Remember this when.....

I'm fairly certain my wife is trying to kill me. I can't prove it just yet. She's sneaky like that. The clues, you ask?

First, she encourages my blatant booze benders. Oh, she may not overtly encourage them, but she does. She sits at the bar looking cute sipping on her beer-flavored water while she watches me dive head first into the first bottle of Soco I come across. It may seem like she's discouraging my drinking when she tells me, "Don't spend too much" but really, she's just trying to keep me from spending a couple of mortgage payments, not save my liver (and seriously, should your liver actually throb the way mine is right now?). If I'm drinking for free, she doesn't care if I grab a bottle of booze and do a water cooler imitation.

Second, she continues to push those filthy cowboy killers on me. We all know I wouldn't smoke anymore if it wasn't for her "pushing" tobacco. How many times have I been leaning over, hacking up a gallon of lung butter, and she'll ask if I need her to pick up a pack of smokes while she's out? Evil, I tell you!

Third, I think she's in cahoots (sp?) with the grill cook at work. The princess knows that I cannot turn down anything made from our friend the pig. (*except scrapple). Whenever the wifey picks up my breakfast sandwich from the grill, the bacon to egg ratio is a heart attack inducing 10 to 1. And she KNOWS I'm gonna eat every last damned piece. My arteries just clogged a little bit more writing that sentence. I know she must have promised the grill cook a piece of my life insurance.

It's all circumstantial evidence, but you just wait.....

I think God and the devil have a Job-like bet going on between BigMike and myself.

* For those outside this area, let me explain scrapple. Take all the foods made from the pig. Everything from your high grade to low grade pork products. After they're all made, what's left is ground up, spiced, and formed into a brick. Slice off a piece, fry it up, and eat. You can't spell scrapple without 'scrap'.


Set sarcasm detectors to ON


Everything is about complete for the Bash this weekend. We finalized the shuttle between the hotel and bar (thanks to Boathouse Bobby) and the production company is all set.

Now I don't have anything to do except prepare myself and get rid of some raffle tickets.


Belated Happy Birthday to Dr.Pauly. One of the few numbers not on BigMike's cell phone so I couldn't call for a Birthday Dial-a-shot last night.



God damned, look at all those comments from yesterday's post. I had no idea so many people read this crap via the blogspot site. I started using it as a backup for the main site just for this reason. If the server went down, I still had a place to write.

Thanks to everyone.


Here's a link sent to me via Joaquin. Just when I've had just about enough of 'main stream' sports writers, Dan Shanoff is a douchebag, someone pops up with a decent article.

Tired of hearing from and about talented jagoffs who just don't know when the fook to shutup? Here's an article from Jeffri Chadiha on Brian Dawkins.


Finally, I need some help here.

Can anyone tell me if this is the CNN Tower in Toronto?



Tuesday, September 20, 2005


"The strip clubs are open on Bourbon Street."
I've been reading The Interdictor blog since Hurrican Katrina. Even though strip clubs in New Orleans are fairly useless, it's good to seem some life return.


Not that anyone is reading. The main site is still down with no end in sight. Not many people come to the blogspot site which is really here just to mirror the main server for just such a problem. My entire picture database as well as the pics linked up on the site are still incommunicado and the RSS feed in non-existent. The charity site for BigMike's nephew is also hosed. This is really great timing with the Bash this weekend.

Bastard turkish hackers should all burn in hell.

If anyone is lurking, pop a comment so I know someone is reading and I'm not completely wasting my time.


The lights/production problem has been corrected. Another company stepped up and everything will be fine. I just have to get through two more work days and today. Friday I pick up StB and Bobby Bracelet at the airport and the party begins.



Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend thoughts 

You may have noticed that alcanthang.com is down. I'd like to thank the huge festering axe wound who hacked our web server. It's not over.

If anyone would like to help track this cock smoker down, let me know. I'll give you the details.

Hubukai is working to get all the sites on the server moved over to an upgraded server. This was already in the planning stages and there was no time like the present.


My thoughts from the bar watching the NFL. Having every game on is like crack to my NFL - ADD mind set.

- The Eagles had a good "get healthy" game. The bar went nuts when Simoneau made the extra point. I wanted him to try a field goal.

- I've watched all the highlights and I cannot believe I haven't seen the replay of Brandon Lloyd's catch in the first half. Crossing pattern, ball behind him, he reached back and pulled it out of the air one handed. Amazing catch, nothing on the sports shows. Correction, I just saw a half second clip on ESPN during their "Here's to football" montage. Pathetic.

- I don't care how good the Raven's defense is. Any time Anthony Wright has 40 pass attempts and Jamal Lewis has 10 rushes, you will lose every time.

- Peyton Manning looked more like Eli. Not sure how much the Jags D had to do with it, but it really blows when he's the number one guy on both your FFL teams.

- Roethlisberger / Parker. could be scary for a long time. No sophomore jinx yet for Big Ben. Seriously, my head would explode along with the entire state with a Pittsburgh / Philly Super Bowl.

- Tom Brady looked horrid. Has his "Kurt Warner" deal with the devil finally ended? It won't be any easier next week against the Steelers.

- Tampa Bay v Buffalo? Battle of the Ugly Ass Uniforms.

- "Cadillac" Williams will probably have a short but stellar career. He takes way too many hardcore hits.

- To all the pro-writers who picked Minnesota to win home field throughout the playoffs and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl..... wow. They were bad on both sides of the ball.

- Did anyone catch the spin move by T.J. Houza-whatsit?

- Marc Bulger earns the "Drew Bledsoe" Happy Feet award. I haven't seen anyone so scared since I tried to get BG to have a real drink.

- Michael Vick will never play a complete season. Good luck winning with Matt Schaub.

- No way my adopted Chargers make the playoffs. Upcoming games with the Patriots, Steelers, Eagles, and two games with KC. Rough. And Marty-ball blows donkey ass.

- The Green Bay defense let Trent Dilfer pass for 336 yards. Trent effing Dilfer.

- A solid bounce back game for Chad Pennington. Running the ever loving crap out of Curtis Martin didn't hurt either.

- Minnesota without Moss 0-2. Oakland with Moss 0-2. Am I the only one who saw Moss push off the DB on his TD catch?

- I liked Kerry Collins alot more when he was a dirty drunk.


Chelsea. 6 wins. 12 goals scored. 0 goals allowed.

Anyone know the record for starting the season without giving up a goal? Anyone? You're looking at the record.

Liverpool / ManUre - zzzzzzzzzzzz


Did I mention that all of a sudden I don't have a sound production company for the Bash? 5 days until I have 5 sets with 4 bands and no lights or production.

It's going to be a very long day trying to track down someone.


Cheers, have a good one.