Saturday, July 09, 2005

Intro to craziness 

Sitting around the gate at the airport waiting to fly out of Vegas is always an interesting study of people. The families, the losers, the winners. The stench of desperation, whiff of stale cigarette smoke, booze-sweats, downcast eyes....

Then I realize that smell is coming from me.

I ask myself the same question I have several times this year. Why do I do these whack job spur of the moment trips that consist of 11 hours roundtrip in the air to spend less than 48 hours in some crazy man's idea of paradise? Is it the look of surprise on Otis' face when I manage to get the drop on him again? Is it meeting some great members of the poker media and pro players?

Those are great reasons, but it's more for the stories. Such as meeting Leilani the hooker-by-night-mortgage-broker-by-day girl while slow playing quarter video poker for free booze with Grubby. "So do you think I could take the price of a hummer and roll it into my mortgage?" Unfortunately I was too drunk to come up with that line until 5 minutes after she walked away.


I'll spend the weekend writing up the 40+ hours I spent in crazy land. My intentions were to fly out there to give a little support to Pauly, Otis, Joe, and Dan who were going a little crazy.

Most of the material going through my is the incredible job these guys are doing. I had my own ideas of what to expect and I was completely blown away.

They are covering thousands of players across hundreds of tables. The big names everyone wants to know about are interspersed with the vast majority of nameless players making it impractical to keep track of their progress at all times. Otis is trying get updates on the 1,100+ players who qualified via PokerStars. He quickly found that to be a nearly impossible.

It turns out that I was there to cover the guys covering the World Series of Poker. Make sure you check them all out.

World Series of Poker Live Blog
World Series of Poker News
World Series of Poker Photo gallery
Official PokerStars Blog
Amy Calistri
Check back later. Stories and pics coming up.


On a more important side note, my thoughts are going out to my UK friends and readers. I hope every one is safe and sound.



Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bright light city..... 

No time to write much. I hit my one outter.

Heading to the airport as soon as I hit.....

Publish Post.

While I'm gone, please send many happy thoughts to Felicia today.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We have a winner 

I knew BadBlood and StB were gonna get the Name that Riff Challenge.

Fastway - Say What You Will

1983. Good time good times.

Click on the link for the full song.


"...along came that Steve Wynn cocksucker..." 

"What? You mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh? Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That's a fucking violation is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high-priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along came that Steve Wynn cocksucker and knocks her up and put her in a fucking family way. Now she's nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much fucking make-up. I look at her and see all her fucking stretch marks. It makes me want to cry because I remember the way she used to be."

Shelly Kaplow talking about the Vegas Strip- The Cooler
That title should look good in bloglines. I think someone put that quote up recently but I thought it was worthy of posting again. I watched The Cooler yesterday for my Independence Day Crap Movie Fest. But I'm sure everyone is stopping by just for the rousing tales of my fat ass sitting on the couch. I wasn't even playing poker.

Just wasting time. It's a very overlooked skill.

I do nothing really well.

So a couple of links and you are released for the duration of day to finally find someone decent to read.


My man Ruthless Jack must have come up with a beauty of a link. I'd love to tell you it's great but I'm going to take your word for it until I get home. Here's the rejection from my firewall / proxy server.

This site is blocked under the following categories: Tasteless/Gross, Jokes
Here's the link. Enjoy.


For MeanGene and any other Pennsylvania bloggers/readers....

We are now allowed to buy beer by the case on Sunday's. No more running out of beer during the football game and sending 4 of your friends to the local restaurant for a bunch of sixpacks.

Next stop? The removal of the LCB, elimination of the state stores, and finally my dream of opening a liquor store the size of the Mall of America.

Small dreams, that's what I have.


ScubaSteve is back from his vacation and sent me a little Heavy Metal Growl Karaoke.


The "Quiet" Other Hilton Sister

You should see the ones I didn't post.


How long until Gerrard is in Chelsea blue? Poor JoeSpeaker. Time for another wager.


Finally, a bit of a challenge. While I played in the 3+ hour marathon of an O8 tourney on Saturday, I turned on MusicChoice Arena Rock for some background music when I heard a gem I had completely forgotten about.

So here ya go, it's just the opening riff.

Name That Riff. It's a tough one.

(Landow and ScubaSteve are disqualified because I already told Landow and ScubaSteve is my downloading King o' the World)


Monday, July 04, 2005

It's the last day of a fine relaxing weekend. Saturday I said my plan was to watch a crappy movie and I did. Troy. 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. While this was going on, I entered a cheapy Omaha8 tourney on PokerStars. After playing for 3+ hours, catching quad 3's and quad A's, I finished up 12th out of 767 players. My best showing is these tourneys to date. I was never up very much and always hanging around par.

Sunday was another day of absolutely nothing. I cooked a monster steak on the grill for the wifey and myself. The highlight of the day was hitting the local IMAX theater (I'm lucky enough to have one 5 miles down the road) to catch Batman Begins in IMAX. From the front row.

My neck still hurts. I enjoyed the movie and suggest catching it in IMAX if you can. Katie Holmes' perky little naughty bits were the size of my head.

I finished off the night by finishing 16th out of 210 players in the silliest little Omaha8 freeroll on 24hPoker. Nothing from that tourney is even worth mentioning.

I'm spending today trying to talk the wifey into letting me head to Vegas for the Main Event. Wish me well in my efforts.

Don't forget to check out the hardest working reporter at the World Series of Poker. Pauly's going crazy now and the Main Event hasn't even rolled around. I really need to be out there providing support. Don't ya think?


Thanks to monkeyboy for providing my drunken readers with a link for early morning drinking in the UK. I will keep this handy for my next trip across the pond.


Cheers to my countymen on the 4th. Celebrate by enjoying some charred animal flesh (and god bless Scott), cold frosty beverages, and blowin' shit up with illegal fireworks.