Friday, April 22, 2005

....and I'm off 

One hour left.

Then I'm outta here to finish packing for my 6:30am flight. Damn that's early.

BigMike and I came up with a fine idea for a little interactive drinking fun while we're down there. I said that I wanted to pick a day and document all my drinks in pictures. I'll have a little notepad and just number them as I go. I've never been a fan of 'counting' drinks. That's amateur hour but this might be fun.

BigMike changed it a bit. Since this blog pretends to have something to do with poker, we'll have a little fun. A new challenge for us while we're down there. Instead of numbering the drinks, we're going to use a deck of cards with an Ace starting out at one.

We're going to Drink The Deck.

I think Wednesday will be the day. The interactive part (besides the numerous and probably annoying dial-a-shots to G-Vegas and Pauly) will be for my half dozen readers to guess how far through the deck we're going to get. Anywhere between 1 and 53. Come on, you didn't think we'd leave the Joker out of this one. I'll come up with a prize for whoever gets the closest.

We have at least 3 cameras going down as well as a digital video camera. Assuming the laptop doesn't go tits-up, I will be uploading pics daily and post some stories as we go along. Even the rare weekend post.

Cheers, have a good week and we'll see you in Key West.


One last funny link. Apparently the chick of says she found a small piece of a finger in her Wendy's chilli has been arrested. The article is amusing but I actually laughed out loud at the last paragraph...

"Wendy's also has hired private investigators, set up a hot line for tips......"

Wait for it.


The song of the day. At least Scott and Chris will like it.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

#50 reporting for duty 

Pet Peeve #4987

People who smile all the time. Not most of the time. ALL of the time. We have several of 'those' people and they creep me out. They will be the ones who show up with assault rifles after they miss one of their doses. Anybody who's that happy all the time must be on mood altering medication.


How about another bad beat story?

Yep, I laid down another one yesterday. O8 on Stars. I flopped the nut low and my opponent hit an Ace on the flop for a set of 'em.

Runner runner clubs makes my 23c,

yes, my 2(two) and 3(three) of clubs,

a flush and a scoop.

As before, my opponent took it well.

Carry on.


That little hand on the micro table allowed me to run my $25 up well over the necessary amount to enter the WPBT WSoP satellite. As fate would have it, I was #50 and we will officially be giving away at least one seat in the WSoP Event #2.

Special thanks to ScurvyDog for the $25. He passed along the prize for his blogger contest. I was intentionally avoiding collecting because I don't think I deserved it but he managed to track me down. If I somehow beat the 2,356,598 to 1 odds of winning the sat, Scurvy gets a piece of the action.

Now it might be a little tough playing since I'll be neck deep in booze but I'm gonna give it a shot.
Even better, if I can find a strip club with wifi, imagine those stories....

"God damn it, I folded THE nuts when a dancer taking someone to the backroom bumped into MY nuts."

Could be priceless. So why are you waiting? If I can play wasted out of my gourd from an island paradise...

Let's make it 100 players and give away two seats.

While you're floating around the inter-web, check out the WPBT WSoP Satellite FAQ from Otis.


Is it me, or are the Joe's just showing off now? PokerPlayer and LasVegasVegas on Foxsports.com's Poker section.


My brain is mush. I crushed it pretty well last night since it was probably my last night out boozing locally until I return from the Keys.

I leave you with following.

Someone sent this to my via email and I lost the email after copying. If you sent it, let me know so I can give you credit.


Subject: Hey any of you guys need a generator. This is a good deal.

3500 Watt Generator for sale

Not sure if this is of any interest, but I have a small 3500 Watt Generator for sale, its great for camping or other uses where power is required. Let me know if you're interested, details are enclosed in the attachment. Sorry for the picture quality, the photo didn't turn out so good.

(See attached file: 3500 Watt Generator for sale.jpg)


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy 420!

Today's post is brought you by

Dr. Pauly's Wake and Bake Brownies

Cheers to all my smokin' bros out there.


Not much going on last night or today. Prepping the new/old laptop for Key West. I can't possibly go an entire week without internet access. My readership will drop to 1 (and that would be the wifey making sure I'm alive).

Plus, I'll just upload the pics each day and let everyone enjoy them.




Tuesday, April 19, 2005

For some reason I'm just a little cheesed off today. You name it, it's gotten to me.

Mid 80's today here in the land of cheese steaks. Tomorrow, in the 90's. What da fook ever happened to spring time around here. Is it too much to ask for some nice weather between freezing my drunk ass off and sweating hippy ass off. Huh? Answer that one for me.

Oh, and bad beat stories. I just can't get enough of them. Bring 'em on! Most have been playing long enough to have enough to fill up a blog. err.

But how come we rarely see someone admit laying one down on someone. Short of the SirWiffle vs Pokergeek suckout-fest, it doesn't happen.

Me, last night I laid a BRUTAL suckout on FTP. Tiny baby limit Razz and my opponent obviously has a made 6 low. What do I do? I draw out runner-runner for the wheel when two of the cards I needed were in his hand and two others were dead.

How's that for a bad beat?

As the pot was coming my way, my opponent just said "wow, nice catch"

My gut was turning inside out. Because I just sucked out like Traci Lords in her 'illegal' days? Nope, my only worry was that this guy might have a blog and I'd have to read another bad beat story.

/end rant


I've seen it written other places but I'll reiterate.

I'm really happy and impressed with the variety and choices Full Tilt is offering for the WSoP besides the standard MTT Satellite.

They have the Pieces of the Pros tourneys. These are guarantee tourney's that had a decent overlay in the last one. FTP had to pony up $5,000 to cover the cost. But the Pieces of the Pros part is interesting. The last tourney featured John Juanda. On top of the tourney prize money, the winner gets %10 of JJ's action in the WSoP Main Event. Places 2 through 9 get %1 of his action. Congrats to Shirley at PokerBabe who finished second Sunday night for a nice payday.

Also, they are running satellites for the smaller buy-in events. I definitely plan on taking a shot at some of these. Maybe I can get into that $1,500 O8 WSoP event during the June gathering. Another eBay auction?

So remember. That's Full Tilt Poker. BONUS CODE IGGY errr. Bonus Code CANTHANG

And while I'm pimping like a dwarf (ewww), why haven't the bloggers taken over GamesGrid Poker yet? Again, I'm an idiot and have no idea how much of a pain in the ass it is.... But 1000% bonus seems nice. And remember kids, use AlCantHang as a referral or else the pictures just might stop showing up. You'll be stuck with something like this.


God that made me feel slimy. Let's never speak of that again.

How about some Jessica Alba as my apology.


That's all I've got for ya today. I'm busy counting the days down to Key West.

Go hit Iggy's site if you're a blogger, dammit. Only a few days until the blogger WSoP satellite.

Then go read some of my fellow bloggers in Dr. Pauly's latest version of Truckin'.

Catch ya later.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Public Service Announcement 

First off, a public service announcement.

WARNING: do NOT become an overweight, hairy, hippy. And do NOT drank vast amounts of Soco. If you do, THIS might happen to you too.

My entire weekend consisted Saturday.

Friday night I started feeling like a steaming pile of poo so I crashed early. EvaCanHang filled in for me at the ScurvyDog Omaha/8 tourney. I was already signed up and since I was the 10th player, I didn't want to take a chance on having the whole tourney cancelled. Apparently she did ok, finishing in 3rd.

Saturday we took off for a Birthday BBQ for our friend Crystal. The party consisted of lotsa booze, burnt chicken, even worse burnt ribs, and 4 handed poker.

And the website now has a spokesmodel. Don't the other blogs have a spokesmodel? Well they should.

By the way, for Vegas reference, that's what I look like after a bottle and a half of soco.

It wasn't until after I finished off the Soco that we finally sat down to play 4 handed NLHE. Eva, myself, Tony, and Phil. For awhile, I thought we were playing Omaha but then realized I was just seeing double. Once I figured that out, I had what's turned out to be my usual play.

I lost a buy-in, then turned around and finished up with 3x's my double buy-in. Complete with busting Tony out on the very last hand with AKo. Phil lost multiple buy-ins but it was understanble. A couple of band groupies made a booty call so they had him distracted most of the game.

Eva also finished up for the night. A nice little take home for the CantHang's.

The Mother-in-law showed up Sunday night bearing presents. For her favorite alcoholic son-in-law, she brought a nice warm dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Like crack for drunks.

She also presented me with the perfect shirt to wear during the June Vegas tourney. "Beware the power of stupid people in large groups!"



Drizz had a good suggestion for the Joe vs Al, Liverpool vs Chelsea wager. The loser has to proudly wear a Man Yoo jersey to the Vegas gathering. The only thing worse would be to make me wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

That reminded me of a bad prank / joke I played on BigMike several years ago.

He was heading off on vacation to Amsterdam for some fun and "relaxation". ManYoo happened to be in town that weekend playing Ajax, the powerful Dutch team. I asked Mikey if he could please try to pick me up a ManYoo jersey while was there.

He came back very pissed off when several times he was literally thrown out shops and pubs when he innocently asked for a ManYoo jersey.

Hey, at least he wasn't in Italy. He never would've made it back to the States.


This week I'll be grinding away at the tables trying to make a little extra dough for next week in Key West. You can probably catch me on the Razz or O8 tables on Full Tilt as I just try to finish off my bonus there.

Cheers, have a good day.