Friday, March 25, 2005

Just some random notes and then I'm going back to resting my head on the desk until this damned room stops spinning.

- Matt Dean at ShipItPoker wanted to know why he didn't have any pics of girlies.... Well, here ya go.

- Also, bar spring training is really heating up. I hit my first one out of the park.

- and Terry has poured so many of these for me, she doesn't even have to look.

- Just a note for those aspiring drunks out there. No matter how good it sounds, grabbing a big chunk of kielbasa after a serious night of drinking is NEVER a good idea. ever ever. Trust me on this one.

- While sitting in front of my monitor, eating the aforementioned kielbasa, nobody was online to chat with, so I did the ultimate hit and run. Omaha8. I post for my first hand. 8 people see the flop where my tens turn into the bottom set. The turn brings my fourth Ten. A nice big hand, and I left the table.

- The Pat O'Brien voicemail link has surpassed Lindsay Lohan for google hits. I found my link posted on several forums.

- Finally, since I always seem to get the pics for the guys, I got one for Gracie. Next up, Maudie, Shelly, and the April's.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

"Well, ol' Jack Burton always says...."
"Jack Burton.... Me!"

Overheard a ton during a recent home tourney.
Dedicated to the uber-posters out there. 100,000 friggin' word post that you KNOW I've got to read at work.


Yesterday I was sitting around, working, and running the HappyHour countdown with StB. Then sure as shit, a problem rolls in just minutes before my escape and I was trapped. Trapped like a rat.

Arriving later than expected, I rolled into the bar and ordered a couple of doubles. Everytime this happens, there's always a little twinge of wanting to be in a old western movie.

"and just leave the bottle"

Of course, if it was the wild west, I'd probably already be dead by now after my drunk smartass mouth started lipping off to a 7 foot 300 pound redneck with an itchy trigger finger who shot me when he thought I said I fooked his mother. When in fact I actually said "go fook your mother".

It's all symantics but if my make believe drunk cowboy self is going to die, it might as well be for the right thing.

Anyway, no idea where that came from.... BigMike and I were sitting around the bar when the U effing N showed up. I work for a large international company. You name a country and I'm pretty sure they're respresented. Last night we were happy enough to introduce Soco to a Swede, Bulgarian, German, and American (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn't it?)

The Bulgarian was a not-unattractive girl with a heavy accent. She got a bit odd when I used a russian toast (courtesy of a co-worker). That's when she told me she was from Bulgaria. I wasn't sure if she was going to curl up in the fetal position or goose-step my ass down Lewey Hill.

Mike and I were on a short schedule so we power drank a bottle, hit the local Wendy's, and headed to my place to hang with the wifey and the DVR.

Here's what I remember between then and 3am....

- We can record up to 5 trillion hours on our DVR, yet the wifey deleted the best SouthPark I've seen in years (Die Hippy Die) AND one of my favorites ever (beefcake BEEFCAKE!)

- I tracked down the number for the local Wendy's and harrassed the $6 an hour manager because his lackies screwed up my order. again.

- BigMike passed out on the couch and the wife went to bed. Poker Time!

- Tracked down Gracie in a PL game. She was crushing those poor saps and standing on their necks.

- Played one ONE (1) orbit of drunk O8. Finished up 4BB's and took off.

- Preparing to logoff and call it a short night when Pauly tells me he's on Full Tilt. I've never played drunk Razz before. Let's give it a shot (did someone say shot?) Doubled up quickly. Called it a night for real.

Wellll, I don't actually remember calling it a night officially. I found myself waking up at 3am on my couch, BigMike is now on the floor, and I've got 3 hours before the alarm clock goes off. Upstairs.

So that my friends is how I come to you this lovely morning. Frazzled by work, the slightest hint of a hangover which will be cured by a big nasty breakfast sandwich, sore from "sleeping" on the world's most uncomfortable couch, and doing another countdown to Happy Hour.

4pm today mother effers. No working late for me.


Thus endeth another booze riddle moronic rant.


Still no more pics to share from the bar, but that will be remedied this evening. Until then, here's one for the Super Boy Genius.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"I finished 5th officially when I suffered the worst outdraw ever when the Hammer was cracked by AK!"
Mike at Luckyblind's Poker Blog
Now that's the true spirit of The Hammer.

A coupla two three things I forgot to mention in yesterday crap post.

First, even though I sent every lucky vibe I have in my body, Grubby did not win the Grand Prize at the Sunset Station. That means I won't be riding a new Harley down the Vegas strip in June. Oh well, he did make some cash but I'll leave that for him to tell.

Also, I came ever so close to winning $3G in a raffle during the benefit party on Sunday. That would have been a nice addition to the bankroll. Err, sorry honey, I mean that would have been a nice addition to the The-Wife-is-making-me-be-responsible-and-buy-a-house Fund.


Scuba Steve was able to track down those mysterious Pat O'Brien voicemails. I think he might have a problem. Listen at your own risk. If the audio starts to lag, click on the download button.


Has anyone seen the new South Park episode called "Die Hippie Die"? It's what I imagine would happen if there was ever a 'battle' between Pauly and BadBlood. Eric 'BadBlood' Cartman breaks up the party using Slayer's Raining Blood.

Again, the Scuba Steve research wing has track down the episode for download. It can be found at http://www.mrtwig.net/. You will need Bit Torrent to view.


Since I'll be busy booking my upcoming trips, and I don't have any further pics to share with you....

Did you know that Katie Holmes is in the new Batman movie? At least I think that's her.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ouch, that's my liver 

"Let's grab some hookers, get crazy, and do some coke."
Pat O'Brien (paraphrased)
Some may have heard the Pat O'Brien, the host of some TV entertainment show rubbish, checked his ass into alcohol rehab.

Quitter. Give me that kind of cash/fame and you'd be seeing me stumble around like Slash on a good bender. I'd probably end up pulling a Bon Scott in the back if a stretch Excursion heading down the Vegas strip.

Anyway. Apparently the alcohol rehad is just a cunning ruse to distract from the new scandal. Apparently Mister O'Brien has been making some Marv Albert-esque voice mail messages for women who were not his wife of 30 odd years.

I have yet to track this audio files down online, but the copies they were playing on the radio this morning were pretty gawd damned funny.

If anyone can find them, feel free to leave the link in comment, or better yet, upload them to BadBlood's Super Dooper Upload Directory.


So how'd the weekend go you ask? Well thanks for asking. Here's a chat between Landow and myself.

Landow: what time did you get out of there last night
Al: aahhhh
Landow: you have no idea, do you?
Al: for some reason, 3:30am is sticking out in my head. but no, i'm not sure
Landow: did you go to the diner?
Al: I'm going with "no" on the diner but i'll have to double check

Thursday night to Monday morning was one constant blast off. I found myself sitting in a diner two 'nights' in a row after the benders eating food fit for bums but it tasted oh-so-good. More heart clogging greasy goodness than one fat man should enjoy once, nevermind twice.

I managed to get some pics from Sunday's cancer benefit shindig where some serious cash was raised. Not my greatest pics but it's still spring training.


With the monthy Party re-load bonus in place, you can expect to see me every night at the crappy micro-limit O8 tables with my fishing rod.