Friday, January 21, 2005

Throwin' the horns 

From Blabbermouth.net...

Norwegians Confused By PRESIDENT BUSH's 'Devil's Horns' Salute -

The first family of metal!



More random hangover thoughts 

An emailer took exception to my comment about nothing good coming out of Delaware. I was challenged to come up with 5 good things about the First State. It took longer than I expected, but I did it.

Here's to my new Delaware friends.....

5. Cheap cigarettes
4. Liquor World - Warehouse full of boozy goodness
3. Nachos at the Deerpark in Newark, DE - summer, on the porch, college girls.
2. Dewey Beach - just ask Carter
1. Grotto's Pizza - I know they started in PA, but best boardwalk pizza. Ever.


From the AlCantHang research department.....

(Felicia, you may want to bypass this link) Check out Angry Dragon on the list.


Since I have a link to ScubaSteve, I have to copy in one of the comments from his blog.

Happy New Year dj scuba steve dad philly guy. I arrived at your blog via alcanthang. My name is carlacantplaypokerforcrapbutthoseWPBTguysaresodarnamusingireadthemanyway. all the best in 2005.

Well hello there Carla. Feel free to drop a comment here and say hi. Steve mentioned that he had to 'edit' the comment somewhat since he tries to maintain a G-rating on his blog. I'd love to know what the original comment was.


I'm having a seriously hard time writing today. Last night was a special kind of drunk night. The wifey was going out with a friend so I was going to head out to a movie with BigMike and a co-worker. Since the movie was at 7:30, why not stop at the bar for some drinks?

We all piled in the same car which meant we'd have to come back to the bar after the movie.

Long story short. Closed the Boathouse and ran another bar out of Soco before they closed. Nothing to eat since semi-edible Chinese lunch yesterday. The only things making today bearable are Entenmann's chocolate chocolate donuts.

I feel like a combination between G-Rob and Otis on a Saturday morning in the Bahamas. Hurting and hurting. I'm not currently on speaking terms with my liver. We had a fight.

The bartender was joking around and introduced me to a girl at the bar as "a local legend". She replied, "oh, I know Al. We were doing shots of Soco during the summer. Didn't you have a stuffed monkey?"

d'oh. Stupid memory loss.


If you can get out to see Sideways before it leaves the theaters, do so. I loved it. It reminded me a lot of my younger days hanging out with Tony. Just replace the winery tour with weekends in OCMD.

There's my guick, hungover review.


Just to amuse those who hung out at Mandalay Sports Book during the meet and greet, I just found the bartab from that afternoon. The tab was closed out at 12:30. 2.5 hours into the booze fest.

15 Southern Comfort
1 Soft drink ($2.25, d'oh)
4 Coronas
5 JJ Irish
3 Jagermeister
2 BudLights
1 Vodka rail
1 Absolute Citron
1 Budweiser
1 Miller Lite

Not a bad start. NOW do you understand why were singing the SanDiego fight song?


Chelsea. 10 points clear. 23 matches, 8 goals allowed. If Pinky's Villa side can take care of ManYoo and Newcastle takes it to the Gooners, the trophy should be all but locked up.

From John Nicholson at football365.com (link on the right)

I have not been totally sober for about a month while on holiday. It's been great. I have enjoyed a fine range of adult beverages all across the states of California and Nevada and I wouldn't dream of blaming my distended, bloated belly, increased blood pressure and numb liver on anyone else but me and my passion for the falling down waters.

However, it would seem that in today's victim culture, I should really be writing to the brewing giants to complain that their finest beverages are making me fat, giving me headaches, damaging my internal organs and making me very thirsty in the morning.

This weekend's plans include nothing but PartyPoker, writing, and football on sunday. I have a bit of a decision to make.

I'm going to write another story for Pauly's Truckin' online magazine and I can't decide which story to write. Your choice, you pick.

The proper way to tell your wife you puked on a hooker's dog in Amsterdam.


How to survive a trip from Baltimore to Philly riding in the trunk of a '93 Firebird after a night at Hammerjacks.


oof. Another steaming pile of poo hoisted upon my dwindling readers.

Cheers. Fly Eagles Fly.


Thursday, January 20, 2005


The WPBT online tournaments continue

February 2nd, 9pm Eastern
$20 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em
The tournament is listed under the private tab. Password = thehammer
The tournament is open to bloggers AND readers.

Feel free to join us and knock off one of the bloggers.



The total numbers of miles I've flown in the last two months. It's Thursday and I haven't come up with a destination for this weekend. The AlCantHang Blogger Tour is temporarily on hold. I suppose I'll have to watch the Eagles from home.

G-Rob insists, scratch that, DEMANDS that I head to SC for some time, booze, and poker. I'm not sure Mrs. Otis and Mrs. G-Rob really want to meet me after the weekend in the Bahamas. I may have to wait until Bradoween so I can scare the wives and neighbors.

I'm seriously considering Los Angeles for the L.A. Poker Classic next weekend though. And it's much easier to sleep on a park bench in L.A. then it would have been in Minneapolis. Who wouldn't want to have the chance to see Ben Affleck make Phil Hellmuth cry at the poker table?

Texas is definitely on the list as soon as Scott gets a firm date for the Shiner / music fest. I wonder if there will be a Pokerati tournament around that time!?! If one occurs before that, I may have to make an early trip down.


Speaking of Pokerati.com and their crew, I've been very lax in my reading and linking. I still had the ScrollDown link until last week. If you're not reading them, you're missing out on some of the best and funniest poker content out there. Poker, strippers, and booze. What's not to like. (this post would have been much longer if I hadn't spent hours going through their archives)

I've also added a lot of the new bloggers to my list on the right. Since I started using bloglines, I realized that I was adding to my reading but not my link list. My apologies to the young'ns.


I've gotta get this guy to come play at a Lewey homegame. Jay Greenspan’s Hunting Fish: A Cross-country Search for America’s Worst Poker Players

Otis or CJ mentioned him previously but I completely forgot about it. Lewey's home game is built for that book.


Booze boosts brainpower. I knew it.


And goddamn it Grubby, Iggy may reduce workplace productivity, but if you keep posting those pictures, I'm not going to have a workplace to come to. At least you warned this time.


I have rooms to book in OCMD and travel plans to make.

Cheers and have a good day.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fun and fun 

Well that was fun.

Writing that up, I already knew that RedNumber40 and 40 Ounces had already made nice nice. But a little ball busting deserved a little in return.

Before I move along, one final plug.

Red Number 40 is playing at Fennarios in West Chester, PA on January 29th from 8 to 11. I think I have some local readers. Go out and support original music.

For the guys from the band, go here and get booked. The Grape Street Pub is a great place in Philly for local original bands. Plus, get out of Delaware. As far as I know, nothing good has come from Delaware (except Valerie Bertinelli in her prime years). Head to the city.


And dammit, Blogger.com ate the rest of my post.

Eff it. Cheers 'til tomorrow.


Ladies and Gentleman.... 

The band you've all been waiting for....


(chirp chirp)

(chirp chirp)



I rarely suffer fools but these guys crack me up. Nearly 5 months ago I flamed a douchebag band called Red Number 40 and they finally got around to reading it.

Hey boss,

I was just searching on Red Number 40 and found your website. Thanks for the publicity. I wasn't at the show... but I'm in the band. So now you got what you wanted, a band member to sign your page.

Congrats, hope your life is complete now.

I guess I should be happy that he didn't call me Chief. But absolutely, my life is complete now that some two bit hack musician commented.

How's this for publicity Boss?

Greg was even kind enough to post a forum entry on their page lifting both posts. Apparently he likes the wifey. Disturbing. Enjoy.

Al can't hang, but his wife does... (wink wink)

From his entry: If that's your wife in that pic, tell her she's hot for me... thanks

I'm sure the wife will be flattered until she finds out the compliment is from a guy who can only pick up the local bag lady sitting in front of the Guitar Center. Maybe I'll head down to their only scheduled show and see if they learned how to play their instruments yet.

That's it for today. I'm tired, hungover, and bored. Tomorrow, back to my regular idiotic rants.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Minnesota Nice 

I arrived safely back to the heatwave in Philly. After a weekend in the frozen tundra where the tempature finally made it about 0 degrees F on Sunday, 10 degree weather in Philly is wonderful.

I've been trying to figure out how to explain to people (and in writing) just how goddamnmothereffingballsuckingkneeknockingassnumbing cold it actually was. I'm thinking it was like cryogenetic freezing without the benefits of being dead at the time. Brutal.

The weekend over all was very relaxing. There was no historical drinking binge activity. 4 or 5 hours a night at the same bar. I made it my own and that made the weekend easy to cruise right through.

By the time Sunday rolled around for the meet and greet, the bartender at the Prairie Pub had reserved us the prime bar spot for watching the game, had the Soco ready to go, and shot specials for each time the Eagles or Vikings scored.

We met up with Halverson and Drizz in the parking lot where I presented my tribute to one of the original poker bloggers. Drizz showed up with the promised Krispy Kreme's (crack for alcoholics). We grabbed out seats at the bar and we jumped right into it. Shots and beers all around.

Halverson is going shot for shot, Drizz starts off with beer (but did move onto Rumpleminz) Chad shows up, and I enjoy some good natured smack talk about the upcoming game. We managed to slip some poker talk into the conversation but it was more like a couple old friends getting together to watch a game.

I won't bother you with the boring details of the football game. I would like to think that I didn't act like a complete ass (because I am a special kind of asshole), but as the game moved along and we got closer to the bottom of the soco bottle, I'm sure I was loud enough.

For what it's worth, it's pretty damned tough getting the Eagles chant going when you're by yourself. The sound of one hand clapping?

Even my boy Brad, born and raised Jersey boy, transplanted to Hell-Frozen-Over, Minnesota, refused to cheer for the Eagles. I even caught him shaking his head in disgust after a particularly dreadful Vikings drive. What is this world coming to?

I did manage to find the only other online poker player / reader in the bar. I dragged him over to our area and the poker talk resumed. (why bother watching the game when the 4th quarter didn't mean anything). It turns out that there are chips and cards behind the bar, would we be interested in playing after the game?

Damn skippy. I was already disappointed twice during the weekend poker-wise. Saturday morning we made the pilgrimage to Canterbury. Due to time constraints, I was unable to play. I did manage to lose a couple of horse bets and watch some idiots jump their snowmobiles 50 feet in the air.

Canterbury. Limit tables only. 15/30 is the highest game they can run. They do have some interesting PaiGow bonus play from midnight to 3am. Figured Otis might be interested in that if he's ever forced to head that way. Single shots only at the bar.

Second time, Saturday night, I was invited to play with the bar staff after closing. They were going to go out and play until their 7am meeting. Sounded like a blast but logistically it wasn't possible.

Third time was a charm though. We set up a $10 winner take all, 5 handed tourney. Shots and KrispyKreme donuts were the only memorable parts of the tourney for me. I resigned myself to dealing the rest of the tournament to avoid getting schooled at the dart board by the league champion.

But then Jason found 'something' else to do. Here's my (and MonkeyBoy Jr's) first introduction to a proper Minnesota, ahem, female type person of questionable moral character. I think all the guys in the bar were just happy to see a girl dressed in something other than three layers of parka material.

The night ended when Drizz made the always fatal mistake of calling the wife. That left myself, Brad, and Chad to finish up emptying the liquor bottles. And we did a pretty damned good job of it.


We didn't have a bloodletting knockdown boozefest. Halverson's liver is still intact, Drizz can still look his wife in the face, and Chad hung like the champ I expected. And for reference sake until I get the pics up, Drizz is CJ / G-Rob tall.

It was a nice relaxing weekend. A little booze, a little poker, lot's of good conversation, and one very effing frozen hippy.

Thanks to Brad for the room to crash and Halverson for the booze. Now we just have to get these guys out to the next live WPBT event!


That ends the Minnesota leg of the AlCantHang Blogger Tour. Who's next? Who has room at their poker table?

I'll leave you with a Randy Moss picture. Enjoy.