Thursday, January 06, 2005

It has begun 

It's 10:30pm and my mission has begun....

We closed the Boathouse and are moving on to bigger and better things.....

See you Monday!


A few other things.

I knew checking my statcounter stats today that Paul Phillips was probably doing a technorati.com search on himself. He found a little bit on my site but...

God bless Bill Rini, he got quoted on Paul's site.

Me? I'm lucky if I get quoted in Drunk Bastard Magazine.


To Pinky, I've been a long time (well, 15 years long anyway) supporter of Chelsea. I've been through some crap sides at Chelsea but I've always been a Blues fan. We are the Chelsea and we are the best, We are the Chelsea so fuck all the rest.

But there is a crap load to say about the current state of English football that we've gone through here with our crap professional sports. Here's hoping that Ambramovich doesn't get bored in next year and sell them off.

And to Ruud, the Gooners keepers have a one bad problem. They're really hard to hit with a ball.

Plus I'm a closet 'boro fan thanks to John Nicholson.

I could write about this forever, but I'm drunk, I'm fat, and I'm stupid. Horrible way to go through life.


Here's to Monday!



Chatting with Felicia the other day and she mentions that I've been awful quiet.

And it's true.

The grind of work has out muscled the grind of poker. Sobriety has temporarily won the battle for my liver. I've been battling the flu on and off for the last couple of weeks. I'm somewhat worn out by two major benders in the last two months. A week long in St. Martin and the booze-arama that was LasVegas.

Or I may just be tooooo sober.

It's been over a week since I've seen the inside of a bar! Soco stock must be down, the Boathouse is probably laying people off, Phillip Morris surely must have noticed.

New Year's Eve consisted of ordering a stromboli, watching the 1,368 copies of Law & Order the wifey has recorded on DVR, and chatting with a drunk Otis at G-Rob's party.

But this week long hibernation MUST end. And now. I don't even know who I am anymore.

So starting tomorrow, I am back. Not just kinda back. All the way.

I will have stories, pictures, maybe a surprise guest blogger or two.

I will return with the half nekkid stripper-wannabe's hanging out with the always popular MonkeyBoy.

And damn it, I might even play some poker.


While I've been in my odd state of mind, I've spent quite a good deal of time reading some of the new blogs. I have gathered quite a list of new ones to add to my blogroll.

Here's just a few that I'm adding.

Pokeramarama - I've been able to play some blogger Party tables with Chad. Add another Minnesota player I need to meet when I make my next trip out to the flyover state.

PokErrata puts up some great posts. I love the WPBT Party Poker table he designed. Pretty cool.

Fish-n-chips - Pinky is a fellow poker player and blogger from across the pond. Wish him good luck as he tries to qualify for the Party Poker cruise this weekend. Sure wish I knew what football team he supports.

Speaking of English football, Chelsea is now 7 points clear at the top of the table. 22 matches, 8 goals allowed. And ManYoo are still cheats.


That's all for now. I'm going to spend some time this weekend remembering my roots, working on my hall-of-fame liver, and maybe a little gambooling.

I'm also finalizing the Key West Poker Tournament for anyone intested. It looks like the start date will be April 22nd. Senor MonkeyBoy in KeyWest for the 2004 trip.

Be prepared for some interesting stories come Monday.

Oh, I can't wait for the summer.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Otis in Paradise 

Otis has landed in the Bahamas and already posted on Caribbean Poker Adventure. He must be very lonely there....

I checked my stat counter numbers and found this little tidbit.

At least he's not hanging out at the bar having a good time!


My favorite posts of the year 

As the year was rolling to a close, I was going through my memory banks thinking back to some of my favorite blogs and posts. I feel priviledged to be counted among this odd group of poker loving degenerates who put up with my (mostly) alcohol related posts on all things booze, poker, and, uh, booze.

Just off the top of my head, I came up with some of my favorite posts from the last year. No disrespect intended to the rest of the bloggers, these were the first ones to pop into my head.

I could just have easily included every single Blogfather Uber post (or the Fast Eddie post I wasn't able to track down), the writeups from Felicia's horrible experiences with the WPPA, Halverson's trip to Cali, every single post from HDub, Decker's Dr. Pauly post.....

You get the picture.

So many great stories, so little space. Here are some of my favorites....


BoyGenuis' great post titled "Anna and the King Queen Suited" (page down)

“And are we going to win?” She was talking in a hushed voice again, making sure no one could hear our secret “let’s try to win” strategy.

“We have to take your dad’s chips to do that. Should we beat your dad and win the game?” Joe smiled and asked Anna, “Don’t you really want to play on Daddy’s team?”

“No Daddy. I want to win.”

Dr. Pauly plays in a Boathouse game before my bash.

In my notes, I scribbled: Lewey = Belligerent. He announced to the table that he was in fact Sun Tzu. BG quickly quipped, "Sun Tzu? You're barely Sonny Bono!"

Scott's writeup from the Pokerati Invitational.

....She was about a foot taller than him, and her clear platform shoes made her about a foot and a half taller than him. She spent the entire tournament perched on the arm of his chair, cooing in his ear, rubbing his shoulders (and probably other things), and (dig this one, babies), taking her boobs out of her underwear everytime he went all-in. He'd say, "All-In!" (always with a great flourish), and then turn to her and say, "...and All-Out!" She'd giggle, and flop 'em out.

MeanGene's post titled "The Unbearable Lightness of Being Phil Hellmuth"

Perhaps “brat” is more appropriate than “asshole” after all, because Phil, for all his talent, achievement and fame, is just too much the crybaby for a grown-up to really hate. Dislike, sure. Disapprove, certainly. Pity, perhaps. But hate?

Grubby meets the bloggers.

Al is playing video poker and is doing well. He's then dealt a flush.

He says, "What should I do? I'm one away from a straight flush."

I say, "You gotta go for the straight flush."

Pauly concurs, "Always."

Al holds all the cards except the inside straight flush card, hits deal, and we chant for the one card he needs. It doesn't come, nor does another flush appear.

"Sucker!" I say. "Loser!" Pauly says.

Wil Wheaton's 4 part story "Lying in Odessa"

Visions of doubling up and making a strong run at second, or even first, begin to dance in my head.

I stand up, and turn over my cards. Mrs. Beautiful bites her lip, and turns over Siegfried and Roy.

Two. Fucking. Queens.

With a gentle smile, she says, "I'm sorry."

Last but not the least, The greatest blog post ever.

Poker is a game of skill, no doubt. But life can be a game of good fortune. And I am, perhaps, the most fortunate person I know.


Monday, January 03, 2005

The Taj 

Please excuse the following jumbled mess concerning my trip to AC last Wednesday. I started writing on Thursday, wrote some more on Saturday, and finished it up today. Crazy time but I just can't get my mind wrapped around it.


BigMike mentioned early last week that he was heading down to AC on Wednesday. Since my mother-in-law (the action junkie) was in town, the wifey decided to head down with her. I was still on the fence all the way up until the time we left. Between St.Martin and the Vegas trip plus being 6 months from my first house, I'm having to seriously curtail my 'fun time'.

Mrs. CANHang eventually talked me into it. We decided to go down and play in the Wednesday night NLHE tourney at the Taj.

We bailed from work early and made good time. The tourney was scheduled for 6:30pm and we arrived 3 hours ahead of time. BigMike's cousin Steve has played in this tourney before and they generally average around 130 players. We walked in to find a huge line (inexplicably wrapping around a very angry 30/60 game). With 3 hours to go, I was player number 160. This was going to be a monster.

It turns out that the Trop and Borgata had both cancelled their tournaments because their rooms were full. The final player total at the Taj.... 486. Damn.


We wouldn't know the official player account until later in the evening. While someone was waiting to cash out from the tournament. How's that for a foreshadow.

After signing up for the tournament, the girls headed off for a bite to eat. BigMike and I couldn't wait to hit the craps table. We'd been bitten by the bug a couple of weeks earlier when, in an obvious drunken stupor, we played for the first time with BG, HDub, Bob, etc.

BigMike spots me a little loot after we find an opening at a $10 table. The guy between BigMike and myself starts bitching about the other rollers and leaves. I slid over next to the big guy and a miracle was about to occur.

I just was hoping to win enough to make my tournament buy-in and get Mike his money back.


Let's talk about the tourney first.


By some weird freak of nature I get seated with BigMike AND EvaCanHang. I was in the 6s, Mike in 7s, and Eva in 11s. Yes. the 11 seat. With so many players they started each table eleven handed. BigMike is not a small person and he was not enjoying his hobbit's chair. Neither was the enormous man in the 5seat.

I was already to follow Felicia's rules on tournament play and request a table change since I was sitting with the wifey. Unfortunately, we had drawn table 26 which just happened to be the previously mobbed 30/60 game right next to the desk. Which was surrounded by a couple hundred players waiting for their 'alternate' seat assignment. When play finally started, there were a hundred people standing around watching our table.

In the first two hours, I played two hands outside of the blinds. Flops missed both hands and they were folded to early betting.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the players at our table.

1s - whacked out married guy who would cold call ANYTHING.
3s - young gun who thought he knew it all. Wasn't too hard for him to collect chips when he got AA, QQ, and AA within 5 hands.
4s - loudmouth knuckle head who was the easiest to read. If the flop missed him, he would slam his hand down on the table. It wasn't an act. He did it everytime.
8s - old lady next to BigMike who commented before the tourney that she'd never played the game before. Played like it. Called every hand down. I barely outlasted her.
9s - solid player.
10s - oofa. Grumpy old foreign guy who was not a happy camper. Surprised the wifey didn't elbow him in the skull.

During the first level, BigMike orders our very first drink of the day.

That's the longest I've been sober at a casino. Ever.

As play was rolling along, I was determine to play the tourney fast and loose. The structure was going to make it a crapshoot and I wasn't about to waste 5 hours of my life for very little or no payout.

But I did not get a decent hand for hours. No paint. None. 94o, 62o, T2.... Dueces all over the place. The only pocket pair I saw the entire tourney was pocket 2's in level 4 in late position. I folded them to an early monster raise and an all-in after it. I never drug a pot until....

Finally, in level 7, I had to push. I still had about half of my starting stack. This was amazing considering the blinds and antes were flying (antes started in level 3). In late position, after a couple of limpers, I pushed with A5s figuring maybe I'd pick up the limpers and antes.

Loudmouth knucklehead in 4s groaned and moaned and eventually called me.

He was a real loudmouth when I turned a flush and doubled up.

Still extremely shortstacked, I pushed again with the next hand. KTd against two early limpers. One problem. Early limpers #1 had TT. Early limper #2 at AQd. Killing my tens and diamonds. No King hit the board.

I outlasted half the field after only dragging one pot. But I was working on a belly full of booze. BigMike was very shortstacked. Eva was about average. Steve had a monster stack.

After busting out, I sat back and sweated Mike for awhile. I watched him push in with a dominated hand against Mr. Loudmouth with Mike catching his miracle straight on the river. As I chuckled, Mr. Loudmouth turned around to me and said, "of course YOU think that's funny".

After BigMike busted out, we toasted to each others good fortunes and threw a bunch of black and green chips at the mother-in-law. Craps baby!

Finishing up the tourney story.....

Shortstacked from a bad call earlier, the wifey was forced to push all-in early in the tournament. She survived and doubled up. Not long after Mike busted out, they moved everyone into the new tournament area.

Steve busted out after two horrible beats and didn't make the money.

From the rail, I was cheering on the missus as she knocked out some shortstacks. When they got down to 4 tables, she was within 4 of the money and only one other girl left. I don't know if I was more proud of her making the money, or being the last girl standing at the end.

The players and railbirds gave her a nice rousing round of applause when she was eliminated.

Mrs. CANHang finished 34th out of 486 players. I was happy that she played to win and not just make the money. When it was bubble time, she made some moves on players worried about getting knocked out. Once everyone was in the money, the tables loosened up and she got caught up by a loose caller who ended up knocking her out.

"That's my girl!" - my drunken cry from the railbird section.

I wish I had more specifics about our play but everything became fuzzy once I got knocked out. Mike and I were still toasting to our good fortunes because.....


2 hours before the tourney.

It's my turn to roll. I'm down to a few chips when I start.

According to BigMike's watch, the time from my first roll to when I finally crapped out was 1 hour and 10 minutes. Apparently that's quite a feat. I wouldn't know since this is only the second time (and first time sober) I've played.

11 points made. Is that good? The chips in front of me said it was good.

We started off betting pretty conservatively because we didn't want to look like goofs but we got the idea quick enough.

We ran our $200 up to $1400 in an hour.

Starting next week, the WCBT

World Craps Blogger Tour!


Overall, the tournament at the Taj was a complete clusterfook. It's understandable considering how many more players they had than normal but they knew what to expect. A dealer told us during the tournament that they had been warned that the other casino's had cancelled their tourney's. If any players called about the tournament at the Taj, the people on the phone were instructed to tell the caller that no one would be turned away.

On the other hand, all the dealers we had were excellent. They knew what they were doing, were friendly, and kept the game moving. This was important since the blinds and antes doubled every 20 minutes.

The players for the most part were idiots. I just never caught the slightest hand to work with.


Congrats to the wifey for making a great run in only her second live casino tournament (first one being the WPBT in Vegas).

With my score at the craps table, Friday morning meant that I made a trip to Tiffany's & Co.......