Friday, December 24, 2004

The End 

Well here we go. It's Christmas Eve and we're preparing for the long drive to in-laws. Upstate NY hell(o).

Furtunately we're staying at the Turning Stone Casino while we're up there so I'll be able to get in plenty of time at the tables. And I'll be able to play properly without the usual belly fulla booze. Did I mention that the Turning Stone is a dry casino? Oh the humanity. Hopefully I'll get to play in some of their tournament, awful structure no matter.

I hope everyone has a happy Holiday and I'll catch up when I get back.


My final thoughts from the Vegas Trip....

- A big huge thanks to Pauly, PokerProf, and Dick for setting up a great blogger event. There can never be another "first" gathering and this one definitely set the bar high for future gathering. I had a great time and you guys did the hard work. Thanks again.

- We have a pretty cool little 'community' going on. Every blogger I met felt like a long lost friend. I wish I had more time to spend with everyone.

- Raw fish in the middle of the desert? Sure thing. Thanks to Felicia and Glenn for taking us off strip for a great dinner. Too bad we couldn't sing some karaoke with the old ladies.

- Krispy Kreme!

- Phil, Guardian Angel of the Blogfather.

Thanks to everyone who was there and made sure my first trip to SinCity was a blast. I can't wait to get back together.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Santa Soco 

Alright kids. I had a tough choice to make today.

I could post in the morning and work an entire day, or....

get my crap done early then hit the bar.

So what choice did I make? I'll be half crocked before anyone leaves work.

But I'll leave you with a South Park Christmas song (ya might not want to play it at work)


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The extras 

Not much time for writing last night and today. I have more to speak on but here are some regrets, other hightlights, and one very VERY important picture for those who did not make the trip.



- Not spending enough time in sober land to carry on a meaningful conversation. It HAS been known to happen on occasion. But like HDub mentioned to me in an IM, when I'm in full tilt party mode, it's generally whip, bang, zip, shot shot shot. Proper conversation is replaced by drunken party rants. Not generally pretty, and I'm sure some eyebrows were raised, but it is what it is.

- Not playing nearly enough poker. I didn't play any other than the first night and the tourney. Bankroll-wise, this was probably very good. Drunk is no way to play poker and at least I've learned that much.

- Lewey never making it out to Vegas after getting hit with the flu right before the trip.

Highlights (not already mentioned)

- Getting to shake Otis' hand. Author of the Greatest Post Ever.

- Iggy. I was informed even before the trip that no pics shall ever be published of the infamous center of the poker blogesphere. Well screw that. Here you go. The only published pic of The Blogfather.

- Getting to introduce my best girlie to a bunch of degenerate gamboolrs. If I had a dollar for every time someone reminded me that I married way over my head, well, I would have finished ahead for the entire trip.

- Krispy Kreme. 'nuff said.

- Hanging out of the window of a stretch Excursion.

- Tony, Phil, and JDub riding the New York New York roller coaster in 3 piece suits.


I'm still working on the rest of the picture gallery. I'll have a zip file to send to those who do not wish to have their pictures published. Please let me know if you are one of those shy types.

More to come tomorrow morning.


Monday, December 20, 2004

The Football 

I waited until today to finish up my report from Vegas. I needed to relive a little touch of it yesterday to improve my memories of the last day. Sunday.

Here's a small glimpse into my normal Sunday's during football season.

- Hit the Boathouse by noon. DirecTv NFL Sunday Ticket.
- Watch 9 hours of football.
- Drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

The regular crew includes myself, EvaCanHang, Phil, BigMike, Landow, Tony, etc. But Phil and I are usually there.

We've been doing this for a couple of years. Phil (the San Diego transplant) and myself cheering for our teams and trying to run the place out of Southern and Jameson.

It's just what we do.


Sometime around 7am on Sunday morning, I wake up....

Who the hell am I kidding. Sometime around 7am on Sunday morning, I come to. The last thing I remember is coming back to the room after the tourney like a pack mule. I managed to lug back a bunch of books and shirts (I believe I have stuff for BG and Hank), grab a Krispy Kreme donut, and head back down to the casino.

No memories after that.

7am on Sunday I find myself lying on top of the covers, fully clothed, and the TV blasting. I roll over find a big bottle of water sitting on the bed-side table. My savior. Top it off with a couple Zantac and another donut and life is a little less fuzzy.

I realize two things. There is no way in hell I'm making it to Mandalay Bay by 8am to catch the Chelsea / Arsenal match. And where the heck is my wife.

I laid back, grabbed the phone and gave her a quick call.

No worries though. She's hanging out with Iggy, Hank, and Grubby. I would say that she was in safe hands but I think it was the other way around. Nobody was going to mess with those guys as long as Buttercup was around.

Speaking of Grubby and Hank, I can't believe no one has written about some degenerate gambl00rs who were in the arcade betting on kids playing the DanceUSA (or whatever the damn name is) game....

Another swig of water and I realize something odd. The water bottle says Luxor on it. I've never been to the Luxor so I assume the wifey bought it.

Then I start to empty my pockets. When I find two $5 Luxor chips, I start to think maybe I have been to the Luxor. The ATM receipt confirms it. Apparently around 1am I was in the Luxor playing....


To do this day, I have no idea. I kind of remember thinking midnight was noon and I was late for football. But that could all just be a drunken dream.


When you're an idiot drunk like me, that kind of stuff just rolls off your back. I once woke up snuggling the ice machine in the snack area of the Hotel Monteleone during MardiGras. I must have had the munchies.


I shook off some to the cob webs and eventually made my way to the Mandalay Sportsbook for a Sunday of football and booze. Some ol' same ol'.

Walking from the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay, I got lost in the Luxor trying to find the walkway to Mandalay Bay when I had a very bad case of deja veux. hhhmm

I walked in to find BG, Bob, and Daddy already had a table that was perfectly situated. In front of the big screen but right next to the bar. We chatted for awhile and BG began my instructions in the fine art of Vegas betting. Shortly the gang began arriving. Pauly and Derek first. The UpForPoker gang. Phil, Tony, and JDub. It quickly built up into a nice who's who of degenerate gamblers and drinkers.

I was still feeling a little fuzzy when the good Dr.Pauly made his diagnosis. I was Soco deficient. He quickly made his way to the bar for my prescription and the day is officially under way.


To this point, the weekend has been a complete success.

Dinner with Felicia and Glenn, early morning boozing and the limo ride, the tournament, drunk craps with the guys (Press it KenNETH!)....

Sunday was the icing on the cake. I guess it helped that everyone started out relatively sober and the conversations amongst the various blogger elite was entertaining and flowed easily.


During the early games, the newly crowded princess of the bloggers, Mrs CANHang makes an appearance. She's been going for 30 straight hours and still rolling along, continuing to drink like you would expect.

But the crash had to come. She eventually slides off to neverneverland in the big comfy chairs (but not before finishing her last beer).

The good doctor comes through again and nicely places a "Do Not Disturb" sign on her so the waitstaff doesn't bother her.


The early games end with a very happy bunch of bloggers watching the Bengals cover and making them much money.

We are now 4 hours into the drinking and games. Things started to get fun.

The CantHang crew adopted the SanDiego Chargers when Phil started hanging out and he quickly taught us the fight song. As per usual Sunday practice, the game kicks off, Phil and I bust out the song.

Some very odd looks from the bloggers but I assume they've come to expect strange things from me by now. Phil leans over and whispers, "We'll have this entire table singing that song by the end of the game".

As the game goes along, every time something good happens for the Chargers, off we go....

CHARGE charge charge....

Now it's starting to become expected of us. Something good happens, everyone turns around and waits. Soon, other bloggers join in. More drinking occurs.

Brian Griese fumbles with 4 minutes to go and something amazing happens. This older gentleman stands up in front of us and starts directing us like a choir. By now the entire group is singing, cheering for a team they probably never really had an interest in, and the entire sportsbook is looking at those crazy, rowdy, Chargers fans.

When the Chargers recovered Tampa's onside kick and the game was wrapped, the last singing of the fight song rose on the voices of what seemed like hundreds of people. High fives, shots, etc.


These are your people in the poker blogging community. A fun loving, intelligent group of people who can take a minor event such as the Chargers/Buccaneers game and turn it into one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

It's not really possible by someone with my limited writing skills to explain how cool this was.

Kudo's to you all.


Oh, but the day wasn't even close to complete.

During this time I placed (and won) my first ever horseracing bet thanks to BG. I placed (and lost) my first AND second Vegas football bets. I closed my obnoxiously ridiculous tab at the bar and convinced the cocktail waitress that 'free drink' tickets were no longer required for our table.

We never paid for another shot in Vegas. And by then, everyone had left me and Crew to ourselves to enjoy the Eagles game.

Commence blurry vision.

We were talking smack back and forth with some Redskin's fans. Julie from the NYC crew showed up (fellow Delco native) to watch the game. Bob made a surprise visit back at Mandalay when he realized he won a big bet. Grubby shows up and joins into another Sunday tradition, "The Movie Game". We got to our third waitress shift since sitting down at 9am. I am once again an incoherent blabbering alcohol monkey.

Speaking of monkey's, does anyone remember this lil' fella? “Whiplash” The Cowboy Monkey, astride his Border Collie mount, decked out in his finest cowboy duds and custom-made saddle.

After the game we hit the Excal poker room to visit but I'm too blinded to play. The wifey and I decide to grab a bite to eat and.....


The alarm goes off at 7am and it's time to come home....


Coming tomorrow I will begin posting some pictures from the Vegas weekend as well as my final, miscellaneous thoughts.

Once again, forgive my writing style as I attempt to write about an event which I'm just finally piecing back together.

This was truly a memorable, remarkable occasion. OK, most of it was memorable.

....will you buy 'some of it' was memorable.

ah, crap. Maybe I should just stop drinking.