Friday, November 12, 2004


"Some people abhor silence the way nature abhors a vacuum"

I'll start with this article from BBC.com for no apparent reason...

WTO rules against US gambling ban

US laws prohibiting cross-border gambling break trade rules, the World Trade Organisation says.

The WTO case was brought by the Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda, host to many of the online casinos whose use is illegal in the US.
Smarter bloggers than myself out there will be dissecting this.


Michael Jackson Age Progression. Just go check it out.

Thanks to Scuba Steve for the link.


My hangover is so bad that I can feel my pulse in my eyeballs. Myself and BigMike had the bar to ourselves last night, watched Saving Private Ryan, and tied a good one on.

If you forgot yesterday, go thank a veteran.

An article in Philly Magazine about Wild Bill and Babe Heffron during the making of "Band of Brothers"


You may (or maybe not) have noticed, but I was persuaded to take down the picture of Lewey passed out in St. Martin. I've also been reminded that in my drunken state, I promised to not write about it.

So for anyone in Vegas, I have another "Running of the Lewey" story and it will just have to wait to be told there. Where, hopefully, Lewey will be able to tell everyone how little he actually remembers.

Feel free to comment.


It seems while I was gone, the tiny trip to Vegas is turning into quite an event. What started out with BG and Pauly asking me to go, has turned into a regular blogger convention. Plenty of great bloggers are going to be playing in the Saturday tourney hosted by Sam's Town.

Two notable exceptions seem to be missing.

I'm going to offer up a small wager to Scott since the Eagles are heading to Dallas. Here's the wager. If the Cowboy's lose, Scott has to come to Vegas for the meet up. If the Eagles lose, I have to go to Vegas for the meet up.


Many thanks to Pauly, Dick, and PokerProf for their work setting up the WPBT Holiday Classic. Can't wait for the fun.


Here's some micro-pimping.

A new blogger, Amandalishus at PokerSlut, has made a tactical error.

I've learned most of what I know about poker from reading poker blogs (not naming any names ;-) the last few months....
oh no. I'm assuming she's actually talking about Pauly and asphnxma, not me.



Congrats to my manager who competed in the Ironman Florida Triathalon last weekend in Panama City. She finished 3rd in her division and qualified to compete in the BIG Ironman in Hawaii next year.

2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 mile run


My fund raising machine is now in motion. Next year, when you watch the Triathalon, look for the girl wearing the AlCantHang advert. That'll be her.


Next week, back to regular posts and stories from the island. Work has been a royal pain in the ass and I'm still recovering.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pics are loaded 

Another post coming up shortly. I just wanted to get a quick post up with the St. Martin pics.


The island in the middle of the pool which would shortly become our version of a swim-up bar.

From BG: what is the mrs planning to do with 800 pictures of the same purple flowers

Yep, she certainly took a ton of flower pictures.

What's happens when you've been drinking and checking out the pool? Sometimes you fall in. When you fall in, might as well keep drinking.

This was the end of the second day of hardcore boozing. 4 bottles in under 30 hours (which included some sleepy time Saturday night). Shortly after, BigMike passed out in the pool.

After passing out, BigMike found a good way to make sure his head stayed above water if it happened again.

MonkeyBoy certainly enjoyed his vacation.

And this is how most every night ended. Sitting on the little island during sunset with a bottle of booze and a pack of cowboy killers. (notice the sunset is behind me but I can't be bothered to turn around.)

Here's a link to the main page of pictures. Enjoy all the flowers and sunsets with the wifey's new toy.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Brief overview 

Thanks for the patience. I'm getting whooped hardcore since I walked back into work. Which means as soon as I get done, I either come home and crash or I hit the bar. I'm working on getting the pics up. The official count was 482 pictures taken by the wifey. 460 of them were of flowers.


Sorry BadBlood, there won't be any pix with wasted, half-dressed groupies. This wasn't that kind of vacation. Relax, relax, relax. That was the goal.

So here's a brief overview with some of the things we did and learned during our 7 day drink fest. More stories to come as I write them up and get the pictures ready to go.

1. It is a rule with airports in the caribbean. They must all suck and be horribly inefficient. 4 large airliners arrive at the same time. 1 tiny area for baggage pickup. 94 degrees plus humidity. Great way to start the vacation.

2. With BigMike, I quickly discovered the wonderful affects of drinking in near zero gravity. The first bottle of Soco was gone in the first hour we were there. We sent the girls out shopping, hopped in the pool, and started boozing. Man, the shit goes down easy when you're just floating.

3. Passing out in near zero gravity is apparently interesting also. BigMike will be writing about his experiences with passing out (face up, thank god) in the pool after the 4th bottle.

4. 2001 Antinori Chianti Classico 'Peppoli'. Yummy. 4 bottles.
Off the boat Italian > French nouveau cuisine. Not even close.

5. We had another "Running of the Lewey". That will take an entire post of it's own. Short version, Lewey jumped out of a moving SUV.

6. We actually found a poker room in one of the casino's. Two tables, no players. Later I found out they have the goofiest structure. Alternating orbits of Omaha and Texas.

SB - $5
BB - $10
Flop - $20
Turn - $40
River - $60

The min buy-in was $300 but everyone I saw sit down had at least $2500. I KNOW I didn't have the bankroll for that game.

7. I actually got about 90 minutes of honest-to-god exercise on the tennis court one day. Worst day of the trip.

8. DirecTv's NFL Sunday Ticket is not allowed to show the games outside the U.S. Very big suprise for us sitting around Sunday afternoon, after watching all the pregame shows, game-time the picture goes blank. BigMike and I sat there for 5 minutes staring at a blank screen before we realized that we weren't going to see any football. Bastards.

9. 4 Kilos of sliced ham is a shitload. But great fried up for breakfast.

10. Finally, a message for all the breeders out there reading this.....

If your child is under the age of 10 or.....
If your child's screams constantly at decibles high enough to make ears bleed or......
If your child has any form of ADD.....


4 hours of complete hell on the flight back with 3 knee-biter, germ-factory, screeching, monkeys and two very drunk parents. Almost enough to make me lose all the relaxing happy thoughts gained over 7 days.


I will start filling in the gaps with the particular stories as the days go one. The pics are just about ready for posting to.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A little taste 

Still catching up. Here's a little taste....


Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm back...... 

I'm alive. and I'm relaxed.

Until I get back to work that is.

I've begun writing up about the trip and will post it all soon with the 5,236 pictures the wifey took while we were there. You can blame Maudie and BadBlood for stopping my writing last night with a little late-night, drunken, blogger poker party.

I have a ton of reading to catch up on also.