Friday, October 08, 2004

Viva Las Vegas 

How can you tell if your office is suffering from a collective hangover? One giant sicillian pizza gone in 10 minutes and complete silence from the room.

Last night turned into a monstrous impromtu party with the bar crawling with co-workers. I even made sure Landow showed up with his camera and completely forgot about it. A bottle of Soco and a full pack of Cowboy Killers later, I found myself on the couch again at 3am. Yikes.


21 days (15 work days) until I'm Caribbean bound. I have a few questions for my fellow bloggers and readers.

Does anyone know the deal with the casino's in St. Martin? Do any of them have poker rooms? I found the casino website and the only 'poker games' they list on the websites are Caribbean and Let It Ride. I know they must have poker somewhere. I thought I saw a commercial for a big poker tourney there at the end of November.


We've decided to open the St. Martin chapter of the "Al Can't Hang Home for Wayward Women".

As I sat around with BigMike on Tuesday (playing the Debate Drinking Game), we discovered one problem with our plan to spend 7 straight days poolside. We'd actually have to get up and go get our own drinks.


It turns out that we still have one spot open in the 5 bedroom compound that I'm renaming Robin's Nest. We are now recruiting anyone interested in a free trip to St.Martin. Applicant should not be shy and know the difference between Southern Comfort and Jack Daniels (you're my boy, Brad!).

Not that I think anyone who reads this crap-tacular blog would ever consider this, shoot me an email if you know anyone interested.

aaaahhhh, 21 days away.


And if that's not enough, we just booked a trip to Vegas in December with the Pauly and BG posse.

My first ever trip to Sin City.

Has anyone else been there? Nice place? I hear the do this "gambling" thing in that city. Me? I just wanna see Siegfried and Roy. D'oh

(sarcasm, get over it)

Maybe if somebody needed or wanted to make the trek while we're there, it wouldn't bother us in the least.


Blatantly stealing one of Pauly's ideas......

5 Things I Did This Week

1. Work
2. Work
3. Bitch about work
4. Drink myself into oblivion after work
5. Work

I did manage to fit two smaller session of poker this week in between my work and booze. Both moderate wins.

nunc est bibendum

Now we must drink! Heading down to Joclyn's in Media, Pa this fine evening to catch an earful of Forty Ounces with Petey and the Bandcampers. Also, I'll do a bit of drinking with Helixx since Media is his hunting ground.

Anyone else in the area want to make the trip?


mmmmmm, meatball Sicilian pie


Iggy already linked it, but if you haven't seen the jibjab.com followup to "This Land is Your Land", you must go now.

My favorite part, Hillary smacking Bill. "What I do?"


Last week in Blogger Fantasy Sports was pretty decent. I remain undefeated in the blogger fantasy football league. Who's going to knock me off?

I finally FINALLY had a decent week in Pauly's NFL Pick'em contest. 10 of 14 is pretty good. I was doing really well before the sunday and monday night games. I was 10 of 12 before those.

In the College Pick'em, I had the second highest score and I'm only 3 tiny points behind Derek, the leader.


Back to something I haven't done in awhile. 5 bloggers, 5 questions.

1. Scott - Can you get Shiner anywhere outside the great state of Texas? If not, I guess we're just going to have to come down there to try some.

2. Pauly - how drunk should I expect to get when we're in Vegas?

3. BoyGenius - how drunk should I expect YOU to get when we're in Vegas watching the ponies that Saturday?

4. Felicia - are you going to let us degenerate drinkers buy you a frosty non-alcoholic beverage?

5. Carter - you have GOT to tell me the story about hiding under the car.


All day. That's how long it took me to put this junk together. You better appreiciate it or I'm going to show up at your next family function and be that drunk obnoxious guy.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Vegas baby! 

"Yo Wang this is a private club, so don't tell them that you're Jewish" - Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack

Rest in Peace


I'm in a vicious cycle. I fell behind in my posts, then I fell behind in my reading. Now I'm way behind in both.

Two recent posts that I really liked. HDub had a great post using Groundhog Day. Great stuff. Though there is one quote I can't believe he didn't use. I use it all the time at the tables. "Don't drive angry". I love saying that to the tiltboys at the table. "Don't bet angry!".

Otis my man also has a great story called "Otis and the Tricky Trail" Excellent post and great read. I saw this morning the UpForPoker crew (Otis and CJ) both have articles in the upcoming All In Magazine. You can read Otis writing about Ben Affleck and mentioning the blog-sphere.

You should definitely go check out Felicia's writeups from the first WPPA events at The Orleans. Especially the last one where she made it into the money!

hhhmmmm, seems like I did pretty good with my 'dream team' picks. When I win the Powerball tonight, we'll make that come true.


See, now this is how it happens. I started writing the post this morning, instead of finishing it, I sat here reading everyone else.

Damn you bloggers and your confounded musings.


October 21st, Thursday, at 9pm EST.
Poker Stars
$20 buy in.
Open to anyone.

Come on out and kick my ass. Piece of cake.

Also, I'll be adding some bounties again.

That reminds my rambling rumbling head. I owe someone a bottle of wine from the last tourney for knocking out BoyGenius and I completely forgot about it. Halverson got the Gourd's CD for knocking out Scott, but someone is missing a bottle of vino.


Damn you blogfather! (shaking fist in the air) This would have been done long ago but my ADD kicked in when I saw his new post.



Vegas baby! Looks like I'm taking my first ever trip to sin city in December. Meeting up with The Boy Genius, his brother Bob, Pauly, and Derek.

What are the odds that I ever come back home?


My other favorite Dangerfield-Caddyshack quotes:

"This your grandson huh? Oh, wonderful boy. Nice boy. Yeah, this is a good boy. I'll tell ya, now I know why tigers eat their young!"

"Oh, is this your wife. Oh, a lovely lady. Hey baby, your all right. You must of been something before electricity, huh?"

"You know, they say for Italians this is skilled labor. You know that."

"My uncle says you've got a screw loose. Your uncle molests Collies."

"Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it."


Thanks for stopping by my waste of internet space. Go read a real blog.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Random numbers and thoughts 

1 - nice bottle of wine presented to Mrs. CantHang from BG.

2 - the total number of confirmed 'sober' people at the party. Forced sobriety sucks.

6 - the total number of bottles of SoCo consumed at the party. We found out on Tuesday that they almost ALMOST ran out. Only two partial bottles left at the end of the night. BigMike made the comment that had we known that, we might have tried a little harder.

4 - the total number of bloggers who showed up to get wasted with me. Pauly, BoyGenius, Derek, and Carter. Obviously not including myself in that distinguished list. Next year, Maudie! What do you guys think?

16 - the approximate number of hours BG was in town. In Saturday afternoon for the party, out first thing in the morning. Now THAT my friends is a true partier. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

29 - the number of Jager Bombs on BigMike's tab. Incorrectly reported earlier as 22. Wanna make sure I get it right.

Thanks to the guys from Petey and the Bandcampers, I have more pics to share.

Gentleman (and Jerry), allow me to introduce Bridget. Just a note, she's not the guy on the left. Also, feel sorry for me. Bridget bartends there while I sit around watching NFL Sunday Ticket. Poor girl.

Hi, BoyGenius!

BigMike got a handful, then got stalked. Ever see a bear get chased by a zebra? That's what it looked like when BigMike was getting stalked. By the zebra! Rumor has it, and I can not yet confirm it, apparently there's a picture of the zebra kissing Carter when he was passed out. Again, unconfirmed and I saw nothing.

But some bad news from the party. I was told authorities to keep it quiet but I can no longer keep silent. MonkeyBoy Jr. went missing at the party. After several attempts to track him down, I received the following email and picture.

I am holding your monkey hostage, behind bars. He will not be released without ransom paid by midnight, tonight at the Boathouse. Look for more clues as to where to deliver the ransom of a pitcher to the best looking monkey snatcher. Hope you have good taste.. or it may cost you your monkey. Oooooooh!


What is this world coming to? I didn't get the email until it was too late to deliver!


Again, wonders never cease in the land of The Boy Genius.

Musician Drops Pants, Sets Thong On Fire During Concert
FLINT, Mich. -- A burning thong was a little too hot for a Flint club.

Lead guitarist Joe Klein, of the punk band Treephort, dropped his pants during their set and set his thong on fire. He then stripped off the burning thong and ran around the stage in the raw.

Police and firefighters responded, after someone called 911.

The band's singer Lee Satterfield doesn't know what all the fuss is about. He said they're professionals and know how to do the burning thong thing.

No one was busted. But the club's owner gave the band the hook, cutting short their set.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Precious sleep 

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I needed some serious decompression after the bash and fully intended to get reaquainted with my couch and TV. Unfortunately, my friends and wifey would not allow that. 3 straight nights of boozing and good eats plus a horrendous work week, left me feeling out of it.

So let's get to some leftover's from the party.

From Carter's writeup:

Did I pass out on a bench at some point? Yes. Did I start eating hour-old Nachos off a stranger's plate? Yes. Did I almost cause some kid to wriggle out of a bus window to kick my ass? Yes. Did I evade this imminent threat by hiding under a car? Yes. Did I somehow make it home in one piece? Yes.

The manager and owner of the bar asked if we could let a party of 30 people join us (without paying the cover charge, of course). I said yes, and regretted it later on. Most of the guys were a bunch of tools and made Lewey look like a saint. But I've got to find out from Carter about hiding under a car to get away from one of them.

Just another one of those stories you find out about later.

From Pauly:

The second band was an 80s cover band with a cute lead singer with the largest real watermelons I've seen in some time. She was short and solid. BG made the comment that, "She was chunky enough to have some self esteem issues."

Well, the pics are up. And here she is.

He may look ok, the wifey might be a sobering influence on him, but this pic is definitely after Lewey went 'around the bend'.

The rest of the pics are here. Enjoy. I hope to have more later this week.


I enjoyed reading the trip reports of the other bloggers who made an appearance. It was nice to see Grubby actually reporting what a crappy player I am. Truth in all.

I was sorry to read his problems on the final day. Sounds like a crazy time. I don't know if I'd like to spend that many hours sitting in the bus terminal in AC. He probably saw some interesting things.

Thanks again to everyone who came out.


We hit the final game for the Phillies today and saw a good one. Finally. Lot's of giveaways (of course, 90% of the seats they pulled for winners were in the 'special' seats), good offense early and late, plus some pretty solid BBQ. Maybe not FatGuy solid, but not bad for us yanks.

The best part of Gary Varsho, interim manager, came out to argue a goofy call. He was nice and calm and under control. That's when the entire, and I mean the ENTIRE, stadium started chanting for Bowa.

It was pretty cool.


4 weeks from today, I'll be sitting poolside in St. Martin. The same time last year we (myself, the wifey, Lewey, and Hiedi) we sitting poolside in St. Lucia for a solid week of rest and relaxation. I didn't see the inside of a bar for a solid week. Thank god for the duty free shop in the Philly airport before we left. I was able to stock up on the sweet sweet nectar to keep myself comfortable in the style with which I have become accustomed.

I have a bunch of great stories from that trip that I'm going to share over the next couple of days. This here little bloggie type thing wasn't yet in place. So bear with me.