Thursday, September 23, 2004

4 years....... 

4 years ago, right around this time, my beloved gave it and said "I do". 18 months of constant drinking culiminated in our huge, no holds barred, humungo wedding.

How do you describe a woman that puts up with my boozing, lousy poker playing, and general disregard for all things related to responsibility?

A fellow drunk. errr, I mean a Saint.

I don't know how she puts up with me, but meeting her is the greatest thing that's happened to this poor schlub.

Happy Anniversary, Princess!

/end mushy


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dead Money = Senor Al No Puede Colgar 

Man, I have lost so much money on Anaconda at the Blue Parrot that I could probably buy an entire bar in Southern Mexico somewhere, a place that Al Can't Hang and Mrs. Hang could vacation, and where the locals would shout out, "Senor No Puede Colgar!" everytime our favorite Socologist entered the premises.


In honor of our favorite NYC writer/poker player/blogger's birthday (which I completely missed and the wifey had to tell me), I have renamed the blog.

Dead Money = Senor Al No Puede Colgar

Happy Birthday Dr. Pauly! We'll have to do some birthday shots this weekend.

Just a mere 36 hours until I start the liver-bursting, brain-melting, gut-punch binge weekend. That's when I pick up the blogfather and we left a few bottles of booze and the occasionaly beer.

At this point in the planning, if it ain't done now, it never will. Party stress is starting to be replaced by anticipation. The added bonus of the Borgata the day before with the bloggers is going to be blast.

And since we're all degenerate gamboolers, I'll post a proposition bet for all the readers. I'll come up with a nice prize for the winner.

How many drinks (beer+booze) will be consumed by Iggy and myself during our poker session at the Borgata on Friday? I tried to come up with an over/under line, but it just isn't happening.

We have a great group of bloggers heading down, stop on by on Friday. Look for the fat hippy wearing a McNabb jersey, two-fisting Southerns, and bitching about bad beats.


And everyone finally gets to officially meet MonkeyBoy and Junior. Not much activity with those two. The party should help them along.


Here's to all you guys in Minnesota. One hell of a record you guys got there.

WABASHA, Minn. - With a State Patrol airplane overhead, a motorcyclist hit the throttle and possibly set the informal record for the fastest speeding ticket in Minnesota history: 205 mph.
God damn. Are your women that fast?


A moment of silence please. Scott will not being making the party. Much to my disappointment.

So I'm throwing this out there now, many many many months in advance. I'm going to Scott's big shindig next summer and taking as many of you along as I can. Who's wit me?

My reasoning. I link booze, I like camping, I like music. Let's go!


I was able to watch the ESPN WSoP Tournament of Champions last night and enjoyed it. Brunson turning to Hellmuth and asking him if he has to pose everytime it's his turn to act. Then Lederer and Hellmuth going at it. Then Annie Duke and Hellmuth going at it. Get the theme?

For a great writeup of the final couple of hands, check out Hellmuth expert/unauthorized 'biographer', MeanGene's post. Great stuff.


Rumor has it (and I can't confirm because I can't load PokerPages.com from work) that Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, and David Williams made the final table at the Borgata Poker Open. I wish I was down there to watch.


I haven't read this in a very long time. How could I forget the satire from A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift? It all came back to me when I told (kiddingly!) BoyGenius that we should "Eat the Poor".

I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee or a ragout.

aahhhhh, just 37 more days until St. Martin.


Have a good day and go read a good blog.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Counting Down 

"Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."

Dave Barry

Stress stress stress.

That's what life has been for the last two weeks. Work, planning, bitching, moaning, juggling. Thank god I fell off the wagon.

I'm ready for a solid weekend of booze, poker, and booze. And if there's any time leftover. More booze and maybe some poker.

I really have no idea where this post is going so bare with me.


MSNBC.com has an interesting article on PokerBot's.

Pull up a chair at a friendly poker game in a buddy’s den and you probably know the other players and have some idea of their card-playing weaknesses – like Big Al's habit of fingering his chips when he's itching to raise. But take a seat at a table in one of the rapidly multiplying online card rooms and there's no telling who’s sitting to your right – or if the player is even human.
Hehehe, Big Al's habit of fingering his chips.....

Maybe that explains while I'm losing so much money. 'Bots are playing the low limit games on Party!


Damn work just keeps kicking me in the junk.


I let the wifey use my Pacific account so she could get her feet wet in the world on online poker. Good news, after an hour she was up 20BB. Bad new, she was playing the .05/.10 game.

Ha. Great stats.


Man, I really wish I had some time to post. There's a lot going on that I'd like to write about but time is very limited.

A little over 48 hours from now I'll be picking up the blogfather at the airport! Then Pauly and BG heading in. Oh lordy lordy.


How have I not mentioned the best post by a poker blogger in the history of poker blogging?

OK, that might be a little of the top. But the title of Grubby's post was "Al lucky can you get".

I happened to catch Grubby playing in a couple of $50 SnG while searching around for my friend Caucci.

With every action there's a reaction, and in one little hour I felt a burst of positive, good luck playing 50+5 SnGs. Not of my doing, but in the form of America's wingman AlCantHang.

The best thing that can happen to your game is for Al to pop in and unwittingly sweat you. Both times he appeared in two of my SnGs without my knowing until he revealed himself at the end, bringing me much-needed luck for me to win.

Very cool post (and the wifey says thank for birthday wishes at the end)

Now if that 'luck' I brought to him could only extend to me for the Borgata on Friday!


3 for 3 in my Fantasy Football leagues this week. Culminated with the Eagles dismantling the Vikings. Next week in the blogger league, I take on The BoyGenius' weak excuse for a team.

Much smack talk this weekend should occur.


Freerolls having final begun popping up in my area. A local bar called TJ's Everyday has started running freerolls every Wednesday. I may have to check it out. Not that I'm terribly interested in playing there (it doesn't seem that spectacular), but I need to get my big tourney's back up and running at the Boathouse where I can fit 80+ people for a proper tournament.

If anyone has heard of other freerolls in the Philly area, please shoot me an email.


Now I'm not very politically vocal. I keep my opinions to myself and concentrate my powers for evil instead of good. Poker and booze. Two things I know (or think I do).

But I've got to speak out and I hope you'll forgive me. There is no way I could ever possibly vote for John Kerry now because of his running mate. John Edwards doesn't care about my needs or issues. He's a greedy selfish bastard.

PHOENIXVILLE -- Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards told an estimated crowd of 4,000 during a noon rally in Reeves Park Sunday that he shares one sentiment with President Bush.
Without going into too much personal detail about myself (ie. address).... Reeves Park is one, that number again is 1, block from my house.

No one bothered to tell me that Mr. Edwards was going to be next door but apparently everyone else, including the wifey, knew about it.

I was pretty clear in my Sunday post. I was leaving to hit the bar for a good 10 hour binge + football. Now, the entire neighborhood was covered with Lefty Loons and Righty Retards. All with one goal.

No. Not to see or protest John Edwards. They were determined to keep my from my liquor. And that my friends is something that I cannot abide by.

Anti-war/pro-war. ProLife/ProChoice. Pro Bush / Anti Bush (errr I mean Pro Kerry, right?)

None of those positions matter if you get between me and my sweet sweet nector.

So damn you John Edwards. Damn you to eternal hell (or 4 years with that party animal John Kerry, which ever comes first)

How could I ever vote for someone who denies me my basic rights of booze, football, and the pursuit of both?

Of course, anyone who can stop me from drinking for any amount of time will always get the wifey's vote.


I will preempt any silly comments for the above story.

It's a joke. Get over it.


I'm not even going to spell check or edit this crappy post. After the whole party weekend is done, I will get back to proper posting (and pics!). Promise.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Friday Poker Fun 

How about a nice weekend post. I haven't spent much hardcore time writing this week due to work crushing me and making plans for next weekend. I happen to have a free hour before heading off to the bar for the NFL games so why don't we catch up.

It's been a crazy poker weekend. Friday night found me coming home from the bar very intoxicated. The GM of the bar started pouring shots while we finished up the plans and they didn't stop all night. When I rolled into the house and started checking emails and such, I find a bunch of poker bloggers sitting at a .50/1 table on Party. The blogfather seems to be in the same condition as myself.

By the end of the night, we had 7 bloggers and 3 poor fishies coming and going. They had no idea what they were walking into.

Iggy, Pauly, Helixx, Otis, Ugarte, HDub, and myself. What a great way to release some 'poker' pressure. Sitting the low limit (as opposed to the low NL game where I would have gone broke in 2.5 seconds) with this bunch of personalities was phenomonal. For the longest time, I'm pretty sure I had the fishies thinking I was 12 years old playing with my dad's account. Of course, the other bloggers went right along with it. (and I didn't know it was HDub until Saturday morning! I am a bad drunk blogger.)

I don't know if I played loose/aggressive or tight/aggressive. But I was playing aggressive, raise or fold poker. The worst was raising A9c in early position and flopping the nut flush at the same time Pauly flopped a set. We capped post flop. And he called the rest of the way down. A fourth club hit the river.....

DrPauly: i betcha u have one club
AlCantHang: my daddy calls that a nut flush on the flop

This table was a ton of fun and a great opportunity to let of some steam with losing too much money or busting a fellow blogger too bad when you hit something.

I wish I had the time to post all the chat. Maybe tomorrow while I'm blowing off work.

Check out Tao of Poker and Helixx for a better writeup of the table.

Yesterday a bunch of bloggers gathered to witness Pauly playing for the trip to Australia. Unfortunately, he didn't catch many hands and his Hilton Sisters in the Hole brought him down and out.

He only played a handful of hands outside of the blinds, he still finished 34th out of 76. Great job, Pauly! Great patience, horrible cards.

I then watched Pauly play in a SnG sat for a European tourney. Again, lot's of patience paid off for Pauly. He patiently waited for the cards and watched 4 maniacs drop pretty quickly. Then Pauly started catching some and making moves and got down to the final 2. Then a suckout and he walked away. Once it was down to 3, I thought he was a lock. Well, that's poker. Again, great job Pauly!


Chatting with Iggy last night, he made a very troublesome request of me for this weekend of poker and booze. He asked that I go and pull out all of my 401K money for poker.


I will definitely be an underdog at the Borgata tables with Iggy, Pauly, Sean, Helixx, and (god help) the wifey in the room.


I haven't seen anyone mention this yet (and I am waaay behind in my blogger reading), but the hand histories stored on your machine from Party Poker will not import into PokerTracker. According to the website, they're working on a fix.


Time to head off to the bar. No Eagles game today so the bar will be pretty empty. Easier for me to get drinks!

Maybe a side bet with Halverson on the Monday night game? Philly wins, Halverson gets on a plane for next weekend. Minny wins, I spend my frequent flyer miles and PUT him on a plane for next weekend. That dog won't hunt, but I gotta try.