Friday, September 17, 2004

Bash at the Boat 

Here are the details as I have them for the 25th.

The party is at Flanigan's Boathouse in Malvern (directions). If you're coming from way out of town, shoot me an email and I'll give you more detailed directions.

The doors for the party open at 6pm and shutdown at 2am(?). Puny $5 cover charge goes to Michael's Miracle Network to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

There are 4 bands playing. Saved by Zero, Petey and the Bandcampers, Forty Ounces, and last but not least, the Al Can't Hang Experiment (A.C.H.E). The Experiment has grown beyond my control to the point where they are keeping the set a secret from me.

I'm still working out the drink specials but most likely we'll be having $2 drafts which is good if you like beer. They have somewhere in the neighbor of 26 different draft beers not including your domestics (girlsCoors Light, Bud, etc.) . Here's the full beer menu.

Come on out if you're in the area.

Poker bloggers, booze, and poker.


With Iggy, and Pauly in town the day before the party, how could we not make a trip to AC and the Borgata?

Myself, Mrs. CantHang, Iggy, and Pauly (and whoever else can join us) will be making our way to the Borgata on Friday. We plan to get there in the early afternoon and spend the day/night taking all the fishies money. OK, those three will be fishing, I'll be out early and sitting in the B-Bar.

Look for me, the hippy-looking guy, in the poker room.

The agenda for the weekend.

Friday, Borgata starting around noon until we are too drunk / broke to play anymore.
Saturday, blogger poker game in the afternoon, party at night.
Sunday, whoever is left over, NFL Sunday Ticket at the bar (and poker downstairs)


My two favorite blog lines I read today....

From Tao of Pauly,

To be or not to be? I was on 143rd Street near a bodega, when I muttered,
"Hamlet, thank God, I'm not you, you Danish waffler."

and from the BoyGenius,

So I’m officially unofficially on strike right now. If I can manage 40 more minutes of peace, I’ll feel whole again.

I just picked up the phone when it rang just now. Thankfully, it was my brother, so I didn’t have to chase myself back across the desk screaming “SCAB! SCAB!”

That's just good stuff.


Check out Felicia's post about the most amazingly brutal, obvious cheating in the Razz tourney earlier this week.

Crazy stuff.


WOOHOO, Iggy chose uber posts over mini-posts.



Again, not much time for posting or writing. Work and making plans to make my fellow bloggers comfy and treated in the way they have become accustomed.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Bloggers are coming! 

The weekend of the 25th just took a big jump in respectability yesterday. OK, maybe not respectability so much as the party got serious.

The bloggers are coming. Not just your run of the mill non-sense typing bloggers like myself with lude stories of booze and debauchery. Real bloggers with real content.

I already knew that Pauly was coming down and we were going to gamble, get rip roaring drunk, and have a blast.

Then I got an email from Carter at cubanlinks.org saying he was coming up. Very cool. We've both tipped back the booze at the same joints in Dewey, just never together.

Last minute arrangements have also allowed two other bloggers to join the fun. You might have heard of them.

The Blogfather and BoyGenius are coming to town.

Good lord. Now the pressure is really on to show a good weekend.

I've already checked with the bar and they'll have more than enough Guinness and SoCo for the weekend.

Oh boy, what a crew we're going to be.

If any of my fellow bloggers are interested, shoot me an email.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A very good day so far 

Not much time for writing or posting today.

A lot of activity around the party planning for the 25th.

If you are in the Philly area on the 25th, you need to get to Flanigan's Boathouse in Malvern. Email me for specifics.

More info on some suprises later.


Yesterday was the wifey's birthday. We decided that today we would all go out for sushi to celebrate. Last night me and BigMike decided to get her rip roaring drunk.

And boy did she ever.

Just ask Iggy and Sean who had the 'pleasure' of chatting with my delicate little flower last night afterwards. Oy.

I also decided to play some NL (in a boozey state of mind) after the airing of the WSoP looking for the fishes. Three hands later, I was the fish and someone else had my buy-in. D'oh

But I hopped on an O8 table and quickly got my money back plus doubled up.


Greatest tattoo ever. Thanks to Scuba Steve for the link.


New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, is hunkering down for Hurrican Ivan. Here's a quote which explains why I love that city.

In the New Orleans area, Lynn Harrington filled her grocery cart with plenty of water, bleach, duct tape, canned tuna and beans.

"My boyfriend says that if you have cigarettes, toilet paper and lots of booze, you can trade for everything you need," she said.

China gets tough on bank fraud. Now if we can just get Martha Stewart case moved to China.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China executed four people, including employees of two of its Big Four state-owned banks, for fraud totaling $15 million, the state Xinhua news agency said Tuesday.

Random thoughts about last night's WSoP broadcast.

In my opinion, considering the number of complete jackasses shown on the ESPN WSoP broadcasts, Greg Raymer's class came across like a breath of fresh air.

It was odd last night watching SportsCenter after the show. They had an interview with Raymer then a full screen table listing the number of entrants for the Main Event showing the escalatation.

At the beginning of the final table episode, I was happy to hear them mention how big an accomplishment it was for Harrington to make the last two final tables.


It's very sexist, but I have to share these pics.

Have a good day.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Birth of a Princess 

How about another video? This is one of the most impressive driving demonstrations. I can't believe it hasn't shown up on a Fox broadcast yet. The added soundtrack really makes the video though.


31 years ago today, the future Mrs. CantHang was born in Bumblefook, NY. I still can't believe this lovely young lady puts up with all my degenerate behavior. You would think she could at least teach my how to play poker.

A couple people have asked how a troll like myself landed such a fine young lass. Easy, we met at a company 'function' and she was a little tipsy. I kept her drunk for the next 18 months and she didn't sober up until the honeymoon. By then it was too late to get out!

Happy Birthday Princess.

Feel free to leave my beloved a birthday wish. She still reads this since I have yet to completely embarrass her with anything I've written. Yet.


Every time Paul Phillips puts up a new post, I like his blog more and more. In his latest post, he talks about betting relative to chip stack and blinds. But it's his last paragraph that made me chuckle.

I've channeled the spirit of dostoyevsky's monotonous younger brother for some reason. Dagnabit, I'm not even going to edit this. I fear someday I will be bested in a climactic heads-up battle by someone who came to fully grok me by dissecting this inscrutable, meandering blogghorea, but even that tragic result sounds more appealing than undertaking a proper rewrite.

I won Week 1 in two of my three Fantasy Football leagues. And the one I lost gave me the distinction of having the losing score that would have beaten every other team in the league. Goddamned Carolina.

If anyone is wondering, yes, that is my team at the top of the Poker Blogger League.


The real Bad Boys of Poker Show should be....

Mike Matusow
Mattias Anderson
Phill Hellmuth
Josh Arieh
Jay Lovinger

Sure, every one of these players is better than me but here's how I would win it.

Now that everyone knows how easy it is to make "The Mouth" cry, just make sure to take a pot off him with the Hammer. Anyway possible. He'll just curl up in the fetal position with his thumb in his mouth under the table. We'll just blind him off while he waits for the his therapist. You can almost hear him whispering over and over, "I play to win. I have heart."

Besides, no offense to Mike, if it came down just talk... I'm the World F#$!ing Champion of foul language.

Mattias Anderson. Another easy one. You let him take a pot off you. Then while he's running around like the little mad man he is, you hit him with a steel chair WWF-style. He's a little punk and will spend the rest of the tournament slumped against the rail. Still trying to raise a 'pumped' fist. Again, we'll just take his blinds and antes until he's out.

Hellmuth gets knocked out by Arieh who immediately begins berating him for going all in 'with THAT hand'. Hellmuth throws his "Buy my poker chips" hat down on the table (in plain view for the camera, of course) and tracks down his mommy for comfort.

Jay "Watchdog of the game's purity" Lovinger is offended by how much disrespect Arieh shows to the OldSchool professionals. Neither will let the other have a word in and the argument escalates. I leave the room as the two continue a non-stop verbal assault on the senses.

When I return, they have managed to suck every bit of oxygen out of the air and have both passed out.

Everyone gets blinded off and I win the table by winning a pot, losing a pot, proper cursing, skillful use of an steel chair, and walking away while two overblown, yapping players mix it up.

Sounds simple enough to me.


I was able to get some time on the tables last night before the Monday Night Football game. Horrible horrible horrible. I didn't play badly but in two 2-table tourney's on Pacific, I caught zero cards. In the first tourney, I basically folded my way to the final table but couldn't get lucky trying to double up. Looking at my hand history, I played 3 hands outside the BB and only one of those was a pair. The monster starting hand of 22.


That's about all the time I have for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, September 13, 2004


Don't blame the messenger. I have no idea where I get this stuff. Check out the video.


This is post number 200. I started this here little blog back in February having no idea what to expect. I found all these poker blogs from an article on PokerSavy written by the blogfather himself. And the community keeps on building and growing.

I feel honored to have played, chatted, and drank with some coolest people that I never would have 'met' if it wasn't for this crappy little blog. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll get to meet some more bloggers.

And I started it all for one reason. I wanted to play in a poker blogger tourney. Completely selfish reasons. My first tourney was my best one. 8th place and then I watched Pauly implode. Aggressive Pauly is fun to watch.

Some kind blogger even sent MonkeyBoy his long lost son. Anyone want to own up to that one?

I've written about a lot of stuff that I go through on a daily basis, mostly poker and booze (hey, read the tag line at the top if you were confused). Thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to drop in on my little page.

Hopefully you find get some enjoyment out of it, even if it's just to see what this poor schmuck put himself through this time.


If Hank was wondering (and you know he was).

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Having sex with corpses is now officially illegal in
California after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill barring necrophilia, a
spokeswoman said on Friday.
The BoyGenius said it best when I sent him the link, "there just shouldn't have to be a law for that"


My goodness was yesterday fun. The first sunday of football season. The first sunday of the football season and I spent 10 hours at the bar. Is it bad that I spend more time at the bar than I do at my job? I might have a problem.

Good booze, good wings, and the NFL Sunday Ticket. Every game right in front of you. A football junkies dream.

My 10 observations from the weekend's games:

1. The McNabb / T.O. era began successfully. Although it was only against the lowely Giants. We'll have to see how they hold up against a real team.

2. Watching Houston lose to San Diego was fun. My friend Phil comes out to the bar every week and hails from San Diego. At least his team was able to get a win this season.

3. As an Eagles fan, Washington and Clinton Portis scare the crap out of me.

4. Dallas is going to be in trouble if Vinny has to throw 50 passes a game. His arm is going to fall off or he's going to need a dribble cup from getting steam rolled.

5. I feel bad for our favorite Lions fan. Charles Rogers goes down with a broken collar bone. Again.

6. Larry Fitzgerald is going to be one hell of a receiver. I'm not sure if ESPN showed some of hightlights but he made some amazing grabs.

7. The only thing between Marc Bulger and the Arena league is Faulk, Holt, and Bruce. Sidenote: With Marshal Faulk and a very impressive Steven Jackson on the team, the 'brilliant' Martz runs his patented tightend running play. This team will win despite Bulger/Martz.

8. Old man Curtis Martin looked like Young man Curtis Martin. We'll see how long he can hold it together but it was fun to watch. Even Emmitt Smith's touchdown looked like the original.

9. San Diego TE Antonio Gates > Jeremy Shockey

10. Jeff Feagles ears are still ringing and he better start keeping track of where he is.


After the wife poured me into the house 10 hours later, I logged on to find the blogfather apparently in a similiar condition.

So what are two drunks to do on a late sunday night with a snoot full o' booze. How about a nice head's up match between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san? Early on I was up about 30BB then got cocky and we ended up dead even.

That was a ton of fun. Next time, No Limit!


How about a short pimp list.

Iggy has his Aruba writeup. Drunk poker players riding out a hurricane. What could be better? Scott declares it to be the best poker writeup ever.

Pauly is shooting for a seat in an Australian poker tournament. Stop by and sweat him on Wednesday if you're around.

Felicia has another nice writeup from her September of Stud. Hangin' with the Hendon Mob.

HDub has another classic poker post. You'll improve your play just by reading his posts. Always great.

MeanGene has a monster post. It's about hair so it kind of scared me. Scissors bad.

PokerSnowboardPenguin is back in Auckland and has an update.

And finally, Grubbette has a post on PokerGrub.

Now go check out everyone else on the right.