Friday, August 13, 2004

Hanging with Pauly and the Phisheads 

Where to start?

First, I had a blast hanging out with Pauly and Bruce on the back lawn. This was my first and last Phish show and I was on the lawn with them instead of the box to make sure I caught the whole scene.

I was able to reach Pauly in the afternoon and we made plans to contact each other when we got to the parking lot. Hopefully, we could get down there before he moved into the Tweeter Center to grab a good spot on the lawn. Unfortunately, work and new home stuff prevented us from leaving as early as we wished.

Preparing for the night on the way down, I managed to finish off half a fifth of Soco and the wifey knocked back two huge vodka laced drinks in the parking lot before heading into the show.

Did I mention that it was a VIP package that was dropped in my lap? It helped out right off the bat because it cut our wait time for parking in half.

We met some cool people in the parking lot but did manage to see an odd site. (go figure, an odd site at a Phish show). A hippy fight. How cool. If they started pulling dreadlocks, it was going to get ugly(er).

We quickly found the VIP entrance, which lead to the VIP bar and buffet, and most importantly, the VIP bathroom. No whizzing with the great unwashed masses. (I tried that once and it was like halftime at the Vet during an Eagle's game. whew).

In no time, we found Pauly and his cohort Bruce hanging on the lawn, not very far back, dead center stage. Good view and we started taking in the scene. I've got to say that I was very disappointed in the lack of long-hairs. I know my long hair is out of style with the rock crowd, but the hippies? Oh the humanity.

The band finally hits the stage. We're off and running. The setlist is up on Tao of Pauly if anyone is interested. Pauly tells me it was a pretty rockin' set. I'll have to take his word for it.

They started off with some blues-based then funk-based songs which I really enjoyed. Nothing everly trippy (is that a real word).

During the first set, the wifey took off for the little girls room and never came back. Apparently she couldn't find us when she got back and just headed for the VIP box seats. Pauly tracked her down via cell phone and I managed to mosh my way through 20,000 people to the inside area. (hehehe, elbows and hippies).

I eventually found her there during the set break.

When the ugly lights came on, we went back to the lawn to hang with Pauly during the break and decide that Pauly would appreciate the good VIP tix more than we would. We didn't plan on staying for the entire second set and handed over the ticket stubs.

The coolest part of the show occurred during the first song of the second set. Piper. As the band cranked it up, the air above the lawn seating exploded into hundreds, maybe thousands, of light sticks. People would pick them up and keep tossing them. It was really wild looking. Trippy.

We left Pauly and Bruce near the end of Piper but stuck around near the side stage for the next two songs then called it a night.

We had a great time and it was a fun experience.


Disclaimer: this is based on my one and only Phish show. Also, I tend to migrate towards the more 'aggressive' music.

Now for the music review. My first thought was, "I get the point, now finish the song".

Page wailed on the keyboards. I really like what he was doing.

Mike was very impressive on the bass. Even though he breaks the bass rule. No Picks!

Fishman is the MVP of the band. Imagine that poor mofo has to keep everything in order while Mo, Larry, and Curly go off and do their thing.

Trey was the most disappointing. Nothing spectacular and I'm always bothered by guitarists who have that many effects on hand. I've seen local Philly musicians with chops as good, if not better. To be fair, since I didn't know any of the songs, it was impossible to tell what was improvised and what was originally part of the song.

The music itself was well constructed but the long jams had me reminiscing about old dive bars where a couple of old musicians jam in the corner and you don't notice when they move from song to song because you're concentrating too much on the drinking at hand.

But 20,000 Phish fans can't be wrong. Everyone was completely into the music.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and the music. After the first couple of songs, it wasn't too hard to pick up the musical pattern and it sort of made the later songs seem contrived. Well built for their audience, they still seemed intent to build it up, then drop it back down, to build it back up, then drop it back down, .....

It is the world's largest group hypnosis.

Many, many, many thanks for Pauly for putting up with my questions and getting me through my first and only Phish show.

I had a blast.


Weird side note, I was googling "No picks" to find a .jpg image about bass players using picks. The first site to come up in Google was an entry from Scott's archive.




Since we're talking about concerts, here are the top 5 concerts I've attended in no particular order.

1. Pearl Jam and the Ramones in New Orleans
2. Metallica in Philly (I was onstage, in the snake pit, with Sebastain Bach for the entire show)
3. Nuclear Assault and Testament at the Allentown Fairgrounds
4. Anthrax, Exodus, Helloween with the Headbanger's Ball Tour
5. Little Feat - Tower Theater


How's that for a bad read? I'm still tired from last night and my brain is mushy.

And I'm oncall for the next week so you won't be finding any top of line posts coming up. Maybe it's time for a hiatus?

Is everyone signed up for Iggy's poker tourney? Don't wait until the last second. A lot of players missed out last time because they took to long to sign up. Here's the link for Pacific Poker.


Thanks for stopping by. More to come later.


Thursday, August 12, 2004


Checking StatCounter again, nothing interesting for the last couple of weeks. Until today.

1. Fountains of Wayne - A post from the Maxim party. Nothing really great to say about them other thinking it was weird that a cover band was playing a Fountains of Wayne song. And the cover band turned out to be Fountains of Wayne. D'oh

2. Wager humiliation strip skirt - don't ask me.

3. Sluts to your room in Las Vegas - did I post my dreams again?


A Headbanger in King Hippy's Court 

What a horrible work week I'm having. DSL is still down and I've had no time to post anything.

Not that I have any poker to report. I refuse to use dialup to play on Party and I've been too exhausted anyway.


The big news of the day. I walked in to find an email asking if I wanted two free VIP tix to the Phish show tonight in Camden.

Tonight there will be a Headbanger in King Hippy's Court.

I sent an email to Pauly letting him know I'll be there so hopefully we can hook up tonight and I can witness firsthand the 'scene' I've been hearing all about.

Pray for me.

Think there is any chance that Anthrax is opening for them?


Speaking of Anthrax. I'll answer the two questions posed by BadBlood and Jerry.

From BadBlood:

We've Come For You All or Among The Living, Pick one.

For the non-thrash / metal readers, which would be just about all of you, both are albums from Anthrax. Among the Living is one of their early albums and We've Come for You All is the latest.

Although the new album is respectable, there is no way I can possibly choose against Among the Living. ATL is a classic, thrash metal ablum. 9 power ripping songs, 3 of which are among my favorite all-time. Among the Living (based on Stephen King's novel The Stand), Caught in a Mosh, and Indians (I'm tapping the beginning drum part as I type). The entire album, played at proper levels, will make your ears bleed, neck hurt, back spasm, and heart pump.

From Jerry:

Chelsea v. ManU to decide the Premiership League title or Eagles in NFC Conference Championship or Phillies Game 7 of NL Championship

The first one is easy to eliminate. I would have to see the Chelsea / ManYoo match at Stamford Bridge. And that match is this Sunday and I don't think it will decide the Premiership. Nice, easy sidestep.

I notice that you intentionally chose the conference/leauge championship, not the World Series / Super Bowl.

I'd probably have to go with the Phillies because if they ever make it to a game 7 in the NLCS, it will probably be the last one in my lifetime. Plus, I hate the Philly winter. Give me a warm bar, big shot of Soco, and a football game.

But a Chelsea / ManYoo match would be great.


The Crew.

I've never mentioned The Crew, although I busted Dutch 'Tool' Boyd fur fun.

I'm behind in my WSoP viewing. You cannot imagine the uncontrollable fits of laughter from me when they showed them strutting down the street like a bunch of thugs.

True comedy at it's greatest.


That's all I have for now.

Go check out HDub's new post, Moving on Up: Playing Defense

and hurry, signup on Pacific and play in the blogger tourney.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Pinky the ApeShit Cat 

A must view. Pinky goes apeshit.


Playing blind at the Borgata 

"If you're here, and I'm here, doesn't it make it our time?"


or better yet, for those poker players having some bad sessions...

"The attitude dictates that you don't care whether she comes, stays, lays, or prays. Whatever happens, your toes are still tapping."


Not much time for writing today and the DSL at home is still hosed.

I can't believe that I didn't mention my favorite hand from the 11 hours at the Borgata.

After pulling two huge pots (yes, STILL getting grief from Landow), I was the big stack at the table and getting waaay too much respect for my raises. After the second or third time I collected the puny blinds and limpers with normal raises, I announced to the table that I was playing the next hand blind.

I said that I was raising to $15 UTG blind. My two cards landed in front of me and I immediately threw my 3 red chips out. A funny, interesting, older man was eyeing me and keeping track. He called my raise, as did Bob in the big blind.

Bob checked and I immediately bet the pot. $50. Funny old guy (FOG) just shook his head and mucked his cards. Bob looked at me and asked if I really was playing blind. FOG chirped right up telling him my cards never moved.

After a century of waiting for him to make a decision, I finally made a deal with him. If he folded, I would show the table my cards. He mucked and I flipped over Jx. I don't remember my low card but it was matched on the flop for second pair.

He just shook his head and told me I was best.

Needless to say, the table loosened up quite nicely.


I went to the Phillies game last night.

Mentioned for no particular reason. It was Gay Community Night. It was also dollar hotdog night.


Seems like Pauly had an interesting time on his trip to Virginia for the final leg of the final Phish tour.

1. My ride bailed.
2. My credit card got declined at a car rental place.
3. I got a speeding ticket in Virginia.
4. The cop searched my car.
5. I couldn't find Alea at Will Call.
6. I was 25 minutes late to the show.
7. My cellphone antenea broke.
8. I miised Zobo and Beano.
9. On my way home, I got stuck in NYC rush hour traffic.
10. I dislocated my pinky.
Check out Tao of Pauly for the full writeup.

He's also having another Hilton Sister Challenge. There's a bounty on my head for this one.

Maudie has part II of her first live poker report.

Iggy is still looking for signup's for the next poker blogger / reader tournament. I think we'll put some bounty on my head for that one. Just need a good suggestion. Click here for Iggy's Pacific Poker link. August 22nd at 9pm Eastern. You need to contact Iggy with your Pacific username and email address. Come try and knock out one of your favorite bloggers. Or me.

Where oh where has Jeremy gone?

Looking back through my archives and bloglist, I can't believe I haven't pimped DoubleAs. Great writeups. God Bless NLHE players.

I don't know how I missed this post last week. Sloejacks writeup of our session with BG. NO LIMPING!

While I'm at it, why not pimp the brother of BG? Maybe they'll both drag themselves down for Sept 25th. Have I mentioned the date yet?

Party Poker Code IGGY.


5 movies my wife has never seen, hence, proving I'm a bad husband for not forcing her to watch them.

5. Animal House
4. This is Spinal Tap
3. Jaws
2. The Blues Brothers (but she has seen Blues Brothers 2000)
1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (although that has since been corrected)

And I'm fairly certain that I had to force her to watch Caddyshack.


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Borgata Trip 

.....or how the Hilton sisters screwed. Well, not really.

I thought I played the hand right. But apparently I played it all wrong. I was trying to double up early in the 10:30 NL Party tourney. We were only 7 minutes into the tournament.

1. My raise was too small and I was UTG. 2. I slowplayed my set with 2 diamonds on the flop.

As a rule, I don't generally post hand histories, but for this, it's much easier than typing it out.

***** Hand History for Game 825099807 *****
15/30 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 5128722) - Sun Aug 08 10:37:58 EDT 2004
Table Multi-Table(47298) Table 22 (Real Money) -- Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 2: rocket_ron2 (2030)
Seat 3: CU17876 (2000)
Seat 4: AlCantHang (1045)
Seat 5: Hotdiggity11 (885)
Seat 6: Vam16 (1045)
Seat 7: VeniceLover (955)
Seat 8: gherkins (960)
Seat 9: Marble_Man (1210)
Seat 10: Lay_Z1 (855)
rocket_ron2 posts small blind (10)
CU17876 posts big blind (15)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to AlCantHang [ Qc, Qs ]
AlCantHang raises (30) to 30
Hotdiggity11 folds.
Vam16 folds.
VeniceLover calls (30)
gherkins calls (30)
Marble_Man calls (30)
Lay_Z1 folds.
rocket_ron2 calls (20)
CU17876 calls (15)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Jd, 2d, Qh ]
rocket_ron2 checks.
CU17876 checks.
AlCantHang checks.
VeniceLover checks.
gherkins checks.
Marble_Man checks.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Js ]
rocket_ron2 checks.
CU17876 checks.
AlCantHang bets (15)
VeniceLover raises (925) to 925
VeniceLover is all-In.
gherkins folds.
Marble_Man folds.
rocket_ron2 folds.
CU17876 folds.
AlCantHang calls (910)
** Dealing River ** : [ Jc ]
Creating Main Pot with $2030 with VeniceLover
** Summary **
Main Pot: 2030
Board: [ Jd 2d Qh Js Jc ]
AlCantHang balance 90, lost 955 [ Qc Qs ] [ a full house, Queens full of jacks -- Qc,Qs,Qh,Jd,Js,Jc ]
VeniceLover balance 2030, bet 955, collected 2030, net +1075 [ 8h Jh ] [ four of a kind, jacks -- Qh,Jh,Jd,Js,Jc ]

So all my wonderful readers who play this game better than myself, chastise me now for slowplaying my 3 queens on the flop and busting out of a very fishy tourney in the first GDMF level.

Not only that, but I did it with a least 4 other bloggers watching me. Pauly, Derek, BadBlood, and LordG. My humiliation is now complete.

A big congrats to BadBlood who made the final table and finished in 10th. The best finish by a blogger in this monster tourney that I know of.

I promised him an honorary spot on the Dream Team. Anyone who likes Anthrax and finishes 1300 place above me is in.


At least I had Landow's money to keep me company.

For 11 straight hours (other than the occasional smoke break), we sat at the same NL table at the Borgata. 2s for me, 3s for Landow. If I were to list the rest of the table that rotated throughout the day, you'd be asleep.

There were some worthy of mention. Bob to my right in 1s and Boston Guy in 4s were a blast and spent a large chunk of the day at the table. 5s and 6s were a Yiddish speaking uncle and nephew. Uncle was bleeding money like crazy and just kept pulling out hundred dollar bills every time he busted. And down at the end of the table was a rather attractive young Asian girl who must have just finished reading Super System and was channeling Brunson. Good lord was she aggressive.

Just a couple of the interesting hands and I'll let you get back to reading something else.

The first major hand was the biggest and the one I'll never live down as long as Landow is around.

On the button, I limp in with K2c looking to see a flop. Landow to my left, raises it up. Cute Asian Girl (CAG) calls and I call. Here's my first defense. To my recollection, it was only an $8 raise, which will never get any respect at this table. It later turns out that it was a $13 raise and that's what I called.

Anyway, I called a 7.5xBB bet with K2c. I'm not sure was CAG called with because she wasn't around at the end.

Anyone want to take a stab at what Landow had? Anyone? Bueller?

Two beautiful 2's hit the rainbow flop. Landow, assuming the any moron with a 2 would have folded with the raise, bets out $40. Amazingly for me, CAG calls, and I just call.

Landow is now staring me down trying to figure how that flop warranted me calling his near pot sized bet. Junk hit the turn and Landow bet out another $40 which was pretty small for the size of the pot. CAG again calls and I decide to see where everyone was. When I raised up to $80, the first wisps of steam start coming out of Landow's ears. He called the raise and was down to around $40 of his initial $300 buy-in. CAG finally gets out of the way. Junk on the river and he grits his teeth and checks.

I just checked. I know, I know, don't yell at me. Softplaying your friend is unethical.

You have to understand, he was my ride. If I busted him off his last few red chips, I was going to have to leave after only a couple hours.

When I rolled over the third 2, Mt. Vesuvius in 3s erupted. He flipped over his AA and took a long walk where I couldn't hear the exact curse words. As I'm still stacking up my chips, he sits back down and I can feel his eyes burning into me. "King 2? Really?", he growled.

I couldn't really hear him over the mountain of chips between us.

About 3 orbits later, I was able to sort of hold a conversation with him where there wasn't murder in his eyes.

Which brings up my second notable hand. Where Landow goes from suckee to sucker. Kind of.

Real quick one. Landow goes all-in after a J-J-x flop and he his holding AA. When Bob shows QJ for trip J's, Landow gets up and walks back away from the table, getting ready to leave (CAG actually says "I think he's going to cry". Bitch). His miracle A hits the river and the table exploded. Again, why do I always get the tables that seem to attract the floorman, is it me?

At least now I can hold a conversation with Landow that doesn't include talk of my death, even though he still mentions the K2 every 30 seconds or so.

My biggest hand of the day involved beating KK with TT after a J-T-x 3club flop. The turn paired Jacks to give me a boat and old Yiddish Uncle lost his stack when he pushed all-in. Funny moment when a club hit the river and he thought his King high flush was good. Well, funny for me. He just reached in his wallet and pulled out three more hundred dollar bills.

Bob in 1s and Boston Guy in 4s had an interesting hand. Head's up, the flop comes out a crazy A-A-A. Checks all around. Bob (originally from Pottstown, I know, because I asked 500 times) was holding KK and thought he had to be the best. Right? Wrong, Boston Guy busted him with the killer Ace in the hole. I asked him if he crapped his drawers but he was unable to answer at the time.

For 8 hours, I was either up or waaay up. Then I made some horrendous calls and gathered the requisite suckouts and ended up shortstacked.

Super aggressive Al showed up, moving all-in to gather in the limpers, or double up. I doubled up twice with 66 and 33 against over cards to build my stack.

Eventually we called it a night and I finished up for the day. Landow made a nice recovery (he had to rebuy) and finished just below even.

We had a blast. 11 hours at the table is a long time for us since we don't play live nearly as often as we'd like. Plus, the only thing we had to eat before sitting down was a Atlantic City Expressway rest stop Burger King breakfast at 10am. We didn't eat again until 11pm at N.O.W. in the Borgata. I made friends with a nice waitress who made me promise to come back the next day. Of course, I promised, she was holding out a double SoCo for me.

Again, if you're not playing online at Party Poker (bonus code IGGY), and live anywhere near AC, you need to go play the NL game at the Borgata. Young WPT wannabe's bleeding money. I've only had two losing sessions. One with the horrible runner-runner suckout, and the other I was blind drunk and don't remember Lewey dragging me down to the table.

Next trip this weekend?


Now go read HDouble's guide to beating low-limit no-limit tables.