Friday, July 23, 2004

Chillin' like Gilligan 

My friend Steve who DJ's at the Boathouse is currently awaiting the arrival of twin boys.  I made a very valid argument that one of them should be named Al.  He decided to put it to a vote.  Go here and vote for Al!  Right now, I'm waaay behind.


I really really wish I could tell you all the sordid details of last night.  But I cannot. You can't write what you can't remember.

It started off quickly and didn't end until I was sitting at a diner with the largest serving of chipped beef ever.  There is nothing like good ole 'Shit on a Shingle' in the wee hours of the A.M. 

The night included bare skin, goldschlager, odd 1800's Phillies trivia questions, Calvin Broadus, drunk mother-in-law, very large....

differences in opinion, The Cactus by 3rd Bass, ear-bleeding metal, late night at the diner, lost house keys, 6am call for a ride to work.

Little blurbs popping up in my memory like those so many little idea balloons in the cartoons.

And it's only going to get worse.

Tonight we head to Media, Pa to catch my friends, Forty Ounces, tear up a local bar that has a lot of history for me pre-Mrs. CantHang.  Good lord they had some nice knock around brawls.  But that was my younger, wilder days.  Now I'm going to take the missus down for some rowdiness.

Then it gets really bad.  My friend Brad is due in from Minneapolis.  Best friends since way back when, we started this drinking crusade together and put a hurting on at least 4 eastern States.  Once he moved to MN a couple of years ago, I had to go solo.  When I do get to see him a couple times a year, we (unfortunately) try to cram 6 months of drinking into 7 days.  Has anyone seen my extra liver?

Pray for my soul and physical being as I walk this godforsaken path I have chosen.  Hopefully I will come out the other side next Sunday of sound mind and body.


I've had a weird, recurring dream twice this week.  Not a nightmare and not a 'happy' dream.  It was just a dream.

I'm sitting at a Hold'em table, seat 4.  I look down the table at another player, then count out chips for a huge bet.

It repeats itself again.  Over and over and over.  I never see my hole cards, never see my opponent, never know if I win or lose. Just me, counting out a big bet non-stop.

How's that for weird?


Either someone from Reuters doesn't get that PokerInAthens.org is a funny shill for FullTiltPoker.com, or they're working for them.

ATHENS (Reuters) - Poker aficionados claim their sport is getting a raw deal from the Olympics and are campaigning for a place at the table at the Athens Games.
A group calling itself "Poker in Athens" have said they will not take the exclusion sitting down and have upped the stakes with an online petition calling the bluff of the sporting world.

You can read the rest of the article hereMaudie pointed out to me that you can get a free USA Poker Team shirt and hat.  Just answer some questions, get 1000 "chips" and you're golden.  I got mine!


You know why it's takes so friggin' long for me to post?  500 poker bloggers.  I write a little, then read a ton.  No blogging progress from me and a very disjointed post.  Today's late post is brought to you by Grubby and his tourney post.

I love the picture of HellmOuth next to the line....
But I don't want to turn this into a whinefest.


That should be enough for now.  I need to go track down some hangover food.  Large pizza with extra cheese, garlic, and onion.  That should keep everyone away from me.  


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Alcohol my friend.... 

I can't really explain what happened Tuesday night.  The planets were aligned, the booze was flowing, schedules re-scheduled, and.....  I don't know.

Happy Hour started of well when I met up with JDub to go over band details for the September party.  He couldn't stay long so we squeezed 3 or 4 shots in for the hour he was there.  That set the foundation properly.

Our friend Stacy then showed up and the party really kicked in gear.  Since she works at another bar, we rarely get to hang out.  Well, 'hang out' we did.  Trust me when I say that I edited out some of the pics for the sake of Tina and Stacy.  No sense burning any bridges.

And that was only a Tuesday.  Good lord what's going to happen tonight.


Lance Armstrong wins Stage 17 and vitually locked up #6.  As long as some nutcase doesn't screw with him between now and Sunday.  Gotta love those Texans!


I'm officially accepting Mr. Flopboot's invitation to join a Poker Blogger Fantasy Football League.  Lot's Of Capital Letter In That Last Sentence.

Send me the details and I'll play.  Who's wit me?

Also, from comments by Johnny Flopboot...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the nod toward my stable. The ladies appreciate the attention.



Here's an example of some of the emails I get....  just at work.

Dave and I are declaring Friday, 8/6 "National Take-the-Day-Off-To-Gamble" day so we can go lose money at the Borgata. I mean, WIN money.
Anyone interested in coming with us?
Feel free to pass the word...

My good-for-nothing, drunk, degenerate, gambling friends.  They just won't let me wallow in my stupidity as I wander in my poker wilderness.


Everybody talks about how cool it is when someone mentions you in a blog post.  Well, how about this one.  The great and powerful Grubby did one better.  He posted about, and linked to, the new darling of the bar.  MonkeyBoyJr.

There's something about Party that makes playing four tables as smooth as MonkeyBoyJr. and uh, um, er, well, just go here to see.

His little monkey ego is going to get to big if we don't watch out.  Maybe I'll just leave him in the truck during tonight's binge-fest.

Speaking of MonkeyBoy and his offspring, I think maybe this guy is a distant cousin.


Have I managed to completely offend Maudie and Felicia, probably my only two readers of the fairer sex?  Considering I'm a pig and rarely speak of poker anymore other than to complain about how completely horrible I play.

Quick question for Felicia.  Have they played your WSoP event yet?  My schedule has not allowed me to see any of the shows yet.  Also, keep up your battle with the horrible establishment.  We're behind you.


Ok, here's my latest 5 questions for other bloggers....

1.  PokerProf - How did you come about getting the press pass for the WSoP and what were your favorite experiences while covering it?
2.  Maudie - How do you stay sane without being driving distance to the ocean?
3.  Johnny Flopboot - Who's the pre-season favorite going into the Poker Blogger FFL?
4.  BadBlood - Did you hang that Dr. Pauly original yet?
5.  Wil Wheaton - Are you the coolest geek to blog about poker?  Would you accept the award? 


Just for BoyGenius and his Easton aluminum bat.  An excerpt of the DJ Gallo article about poker on ESPN Page2.
Thanks to the success of televised poker, the networks are branching out into other card games now. The Game Show Network has the "World Series of Blackjack" and "Celebrity Blackjack." My hope? That Ben Affleck shows up on "Celebrity Blackjack" and says "hit me," and then someone emerges from off-camera and bludgeons him with an aluminum bat. That would be good television.


FYI, two player per team best ball (myself and my co-manager Jen), 3 over par 73 to take the win.


Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Thirsty Thursday!



Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Quick pics 

Not much time to post this morning.  A last minute round of golf was offered up to me.  Of course, it's supposed to be the hottest day of the year.  d'oh.
Last night was fun.  You'll just have to deal with pics now since I don't have time to write it up.
Couple of quick hits.
Reason number 27458 why I'm going to hell.  Breathe Jr!
Everyone can thank Landow for c#ck blocking the whole world by not letting this pic happen.
Tina is happy because she'll finally make the bartender hall of fame.  For the last time Tina, NO you cannot make out with me.
The rest you'll just have to go surf yourself.  Believe it or not, but I actually cleaned up / removed the really bad ones. 
My apologies to any who are offended.  I'm just an innocent reporter scraping the gutter.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

More random thoughts 

Anyone know where I can find this shirt?  Anyone?

Anyone know where our favorite NYC blogger was recently?  Maybe a trip to Delaware then Connecticut? 

CANAAN, Conn. -- A Delaware college student ate a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and drove around in a pair of stolen cars before arriving, confused, on a mountain in northwest Connecticut police said.

Big Pimpin'
Better never than late, HDouble posted some advice about playing with No Fold'em players.

Any two suited, any face card, definitely any ace-- these are playable hands for 2 bets, and if the pot is capped, the gamb00lers can't resist. 

Wish I had the advice before I played this last weekend.

Felicia has a great, honest post about the current state of poker scum.  God bless Felicia for telling it like it is.
The blogfather is back with another rant.  Good to have ya back.
If you've been hitting BoyGenius' blog in the evening, you'll find 3 or 4 great posts all at once.  Last nights post included 5 steps for writing an interesting blog.  I've got steps 1 and 5 down.  I post alot and I'm all over the map.

Non-stop blogger extraordinaire, Pauly is posting to at least 4 different blogs (but who can keep count these days).  Tao of Poker has his story about Quad J's on Party last night.  I was sweating him, blinked, and missed the whole damned thing.
I don't pimp LasVegasVegas nearly enough.  Always great posts from the PokerProf about Poker and all things Vegas.  The latest post is about the newly completed mono-rail system including a great parody of the Simpson's song during the Monorail episode.
Grubby has some great posts recently.  Everything from Poker bonus whoring, his latest hand of the week, a group night at the theater, and a Wendy's confrontation  (mmmm, Wendy's).  By the way, we haven't seen any Grubette posts in quite a while.
Scott has so many posts that it's impossible to pimp.  His last one (that I know of) is a link to a great article about American's being called Cowboys.  'cause I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride....  He's even gone so far as to let a lib'ral (gasp) post on the blog.
Three blogs that I keep forgetting to pimp, they read and comment all the time, and I finally added them to the links on the right.  They have solid, regular posts that shouldn't be missed.
Bad Blood
Sloe Times
Johnny Flopbot!
Idiot that I am, didn't realize it was Pauly's brother playing in the Sunday Party tourney.  Go to Poker in the Weeds to check out his writeup.  (Still on of my favorite blog names)
Hey, it just occurred to me.  While I was playing really crappy this weekend, I was stone cold sober.  Maybe a couple of drinks late Saturday but nothing major.
There's my problem.  Sobriety + Al + Poker = Bad Results
Did anyone catch my blogspot ad banners at the top last week?  If not, here it is.  Seems kind of appropriate.  DUI Defense and Kegerators.
I am mentally preparing for the aural onslaught of tone deaf karaoke singers tonight.  I don't expect to be operating at peak efficiency tomorrow at work.  At least, I'll have MonkeyBoy Jr. to keep me company.  This promotion will never end and I don't even have the lovely Tanya to make it all bearable.
At least I'll have the mother-in-law to hang with and get her all sorts of drunk.  Wait 'til I have Jr. taking pics with her!
Anyone notice that I get a lot of comments when I talk about booze or parties, but when I post about poker, nada?  hhmmm.

I'm talking to BoyGenius about taking up Johnny Flopbot's idea of a blogger Fantasy Football League.  I'm already in 5 leagues but it could be interesting.  More details to come.
Thanks for stopping by and viewing my random thoughts.  Today's post was brought to you by the letter B.
booze, broads, beer, bourbon, Bacchus, Borgata, BoyGenius, bad poker, Bad Blood on Poker, Boathouse, did I say booze?....
(Sobriety really makes me a little loopy)


Monday, July 19, 2004

Bush / Kerry Duet 

Absolutely hilarious no matter which side you're on.


No Mas 

I was excited for the weekend.  It's been awhile since I had the opportunity for an entire weekend of nothing but poker.  Home games Friday and Saturday nights, Party tourney's Saturday and Sunday, the Borgata on Sunday.  I was destined for a solid 3 days and I could return to my life of poker blogging so they don't take my membership card.
But by Sunday morning I was ready to commit poker hari kari and I didn't even take the ride to AC.
I'm convinced that I am a lost poker soul, wandering in the wilderness, completely blind.  Apparently I've completely forgotten how to play this godforsaken game.  Compounding my loss of skill is my loss of faith in my play.
Pauly pointed out that my problem probably is related to bad habits started in the home games and Party tables.  I've been stuck in a rut and can't adjust my play to the 'unorthodox' styles.  How can you play against someone with unlimited resources and will gamble with any hand?  How can you put someone on a hand when they'll call a 4xBB raise with 62o?  (That's call, not raise, bluff, or open.  CALL).  Do they don't write books about beating these players.
I didn't adjust, and I lost.
Everyone suffers bad beats.  Embrace the bad beats, they'll pay you off in the end.  Yeah yeah yeah.  I'm still waiting for the payoff.  I'm at the point where I'm happy when I get beat by a 4outer.  "At least it wasn't a 2outer", is what I tell myself.
Now when I sit down, I have no confidence which instantly puts me in tight/passive mode and I'm a sitting duck/fish.  Win small pots, lose big pots.
Top it off with the coldest decks on the planet.  I swear I haven't seen pocket aces in weeks.
So what's a guy to do?  Give up!  Ok, I'm not giving up but I'm going back to the basic and straighten out my game.
A quick summary of the weekend, not for the faint of heart.
Friday at Lewey's.  My stack was up and down for a good part of the night.  Lost a good chunk when I made a bad call on a shortstack's all-in when I had a feeling my K kicker was outkicked.  My night ended with Lewey calling my 20xBB reraise and catching a 3outer to send me packing.
Saturday morning 10:30 multi on Party.  I should have known how the day was going to be when I hit quad Aces holding AKs in a ring game before the tourney and got very little action out of it.  Playing with BoyGenius and Pauly, I was looking forward to playing solid and shake off the effects of the night before.  Instead, I fell in love with sooted slick and went out early.  I think I made it into triple digits though.
Saturday night at JDub's domain.  Lost two big pots to players calling raises with 63o and 62o.  I couldn't move anyone out of the pot and when I did catch something, couldn't get anyone to go along with me.  Best session of the weekend.  I only lost half of my buy-in.  Mrs. CantHang had a fabulous session when see lost two buy-ins to JDub when he held pocked A's and hit the set on the flop both times.  Terrific.  House settlement is getting closer and the bank accounts are gettin lower.
Sunday morning.  I decided that I was in no mood to go to AC.  I know, I know.  I'm an moron, idiot, knucklehead.  I just didn't have the confidence.  So I sent the wifey.  +$700 for the day.  I decided to play again in the 10:30 multi on Party (before pulling all my money out and shipping it to my bank account!).
It was a fun multi with Pauly, Derek, Maudie, and Pauly's friend Senor.  I felt pretty good about this tourney but I still managed to be the first of us out in ~800th out of ~1300.  Early on I raised in LP with AQh.  Flopped top pair with top kicker and a nut flush draw.  Flush never hit and Q2o caught his second pair on the river.  This left me fairly crippled early and I hung 'til level 4.  Shortstacked in LP with 99, I pushed in and was called by AQo.  The A on the flop put me out.  The Ace and Queen on the turn and river were just the pokergods way of kicking me in the junk when I was already down.
Maudie won bragging rights for the tourney when she outlasted the rest of the bloggers but none of us have managed to win this big tourney yet.
Have no fear, I will continue to work on my game, starting from the beginning.  I will improve.  I will feed on the fishes instead of being the fishes.  I will not compound my problems by giving Lewey the opportunity to take my money and force me back into my bad habits.  I will not blame my bad play of the mouth-breathing, any-two-card-playing, slack-jawed-yokels (I promise).
This I swear to you, my faithful readers.  Both of you.
Other than poker, good things were occurring.  I received an email from Marc of Forty Ounces.  We have the beginning of the setlist for the AlCantHang Experiment.  Some very good selections from the comment section.  Also, some choices for myself.
Cold Hard Bitch, Jet
Slither, Velvet Revolver
Another Drinking Song, Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Nickel Bag of Funk, Digable Planets
Bliss, The Dudes
Baba O'Riley, The Who
Alcohol, Bare Naked Ladies
Remember, September 25th, big party in the Philly 'burbs.  4 bands, lotsa booze, free beer for the poker bloggers.
Thanks for putting up with my whining.