Thursday, July 08, 2004

The clock is ticking down 

Bad news BG, apparently Tanya from WYSP is royally pissed off at me. again.

Somewhere along the line she managed to find an old link where I wrote about the first night of the contest. I was less than flattering because she wasn't that much fun to work with that night.

Then it all changed and we had a blast for the next 6 weeks. But she hates me now and I'm screwed. Tanya, we (I) love you, please come back!

It was a joke. I give up. This blog isn't worth the hassle.


I have a really bad case of the 'last day before vacation' blues and work is doing it's best to keep me glued to all thing IT.

Last night I attempted to get some playing in before the trip. And promptly passed out at 8:30. I'm such a wuss.


BoyGenius has started calling me America's Wingman. Now that just cracks me up. I spent a large part of my single life being the wingman to various friends and it never really paid off. Until one day this tall, long-haired (obviously blind and drunk) beauty walked in and passed everyone else by. Mrs. CantHang, I call her. My next entry from "Stories from the Bar" for Pauly's Truckin' is the story of our first date.

Thursday night = booze night. Any more requests? For Maudie, I'm going to add a male bartender to the Hall of Fame, gasp!

And damn you BG for getting me all riled up for Fantasy Football already. Blame him for the slow post today.


My favorite football soccer writer, John Nicholson, is back with another article. He's on a trek across the U. S. of A.

So I'm pretty messed up. This may be due to the vast quantity of Bud Lite I've consumed which, if you've never had the dubious pleasure, is not dissimilar to drinking one part water, one part lager and one part dog p***.


I've had browsers from some interesting places. If you are one, stop in and say hi. Everyone is welcome.

And a very big thanks.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division
Spangdahlem Air Force Base
Army Belvoir Reasearch And Development Center


From Mr. PokerChronicles, when his JJ was cracked by AJ.

This is one of the worst calls I have seen in quite some time....

Really really. The worst call? This was on Party, right? I'd say you ran into a top Party player. No fold'em hold'em. My math is a little fuzzy but I think the medium pocket pair was only a 67% favorite. That's golden odds for the Party fishes. So you're saying I have a chance? 18 players left and he looked like he was at or near the bottom of the chip count.


The answers to my "Ask the Bloggers" section:

1. Felicia - you seem to play the largest variety of games amongst the bloggers. Which three are your favorite and why?

Stud, Stud 8, Razz.

Stud games seem to occupy my mind longer and more fully than any other poker game.

I feel very in control during a Stud game. I seem to know where I'm at in the hand most of the time. I am much more confident and aggressive. I rarely have that "just close your eyes, gulp and push in" feeling in Stud which happens to me quite a bit in flop games. Even if I have superb control over my opponent, it just doesn't feel as natural in a flop game.

As if those reasons weren't enough, the bottom line is, I just prefer Stud games. I like them.

I haven't really made any moves to get better at Stud games. Obviously, everyone has played them in home games with the outrageous wild cards and crazy stuff. But I never sat down and worked on that game in general. Time to expand my horizons.

2. Sean - How are the Phillies going to end up come the fall?

Sean posted his reply in his blog. I happen to agree but of course I asked the question before they started tanking to the Mets.

3. Grubby - More stress, watching the opening of one of your plays or the final table of a big-money multi?

Ah, that's an easy one. The opening of a play (as well as every performance I see) is much more stressful. I've never crapped my pants in a tournament before. Yes, literally (with the help of spicy Chinese).

Man, I don't even want to know about that. I think it's time for some bloggers to get together and see the next Grubby production. Who's wit me?

4. Iggy - Very hypothetically speaking, you have to give up poker or Guinness, which wins?

holy shit, that's a tough one. is a life without guinness even worth living?

but if i *had* to choose, poker wins out every time. easy call.

I drink more than I play poker, I've met more people through drinking than poker, I met my wife while I was drinking. hhhmmm, still would be a tough choice for me to make. Let's ask my liver.

5. Penguin - If you could live anywhere besides New Zealand, where and why?

chirp, chirp, chirp


A fun new development in my party planning for September. My good friend Mark from 40 Ounces had decided to put together an All-star band in my name. I get to pick the songs they learn and play for the party.

I need you, both of my dedicated readers, to put your song choices in the comment section. Anything you want.


After proof-reading, this is one of the worst posts of my short 'career'. Forgive me.

Well, I'm off to the wilderness in the morning. Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Juniors first night out 

I despise karaoke. Hate it, loathe it, want it to die a horrible death. But I'm stuck promoting it for a couple more weeks and it's done. A bunch of no-talent-ass-clowns screeching through songs which were ungodly before they decided to butcher it. Plop karaoke night down on the Tuesday after a holiday and it makes for an empty bar. An empty bar doesn't mean we won't have any singers, just the same bad ones over and over and over.....

We dealt with it the only way we know. Liquor with a booze chaser. After a couple big ones, it was time to bring MonkeyBoy Jr. out and show him the ropes.

Apparently Jr. parties as well as Sr.

It was good to see Bud rep Lindsay was alive and well after her.... ahem, incident on Thursday. She swore off all liquor. For about 3 minutes. Then Landow poured her into another SoCo. He's a good boy.

The rest of the night went a little something like this. Booze, screech owl, booze, MonkeyBoy, liquor, nails meet chalkboard, etc.....

Here's the rest of the MonkeyBoy / Boathouse pics.

I'll post more later once I recover from the self-induced coma.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Beer Monkey 

In the last couple of months, I've been struggling with my limited vocabulary and skills trying to describe certain aspects of my life. Finally, someone has stepped up and explained how I feel each morning. Introducing, the Beer-Monkey.

For those of you who think you have never met the beer monkey, or know what an utter bastard he really is, then just cast your mind back to the last time you went drinking. When you awoke from a fitful night's sleep after the night before, did you get the feeling that your room had been rearranged? A feeling of slight disorientation may have ensued as you struggled to remember quite why your mountain bike was now parked unceremoniously halfway inside your wardrobe.

You would struggle in vain my friend, because it wasn't you who put it there. As you slowly sit upright in your bed, nursing that brain-melter of a headache, you may recall becoming aware of a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. Almost like... no! It couldn't be that?! Oh yes it is, oh yes siree!!


The whole world hates Jay 

This is very funny. Apparently the poker bloggers aren't the only people who think Jay Lovinger at Page2 is a complete tool.

I checked but didn't recognize any bloggers among his posted hate mailers.


Harvey Danger and the fish that ate Al..... 

God damn blogger ate my post! So you get this crappy little remake.


What a nice, long, poker filled weekend. I was able to play in 4 of the monster-sized Party multi's. Best finish was 80th out of 1,082. The other tourney's included one incredible early suckout, one bubble, and one where the wifey harassed me into losing early so we could make the movies on time.

I played in 4 SnG's yesterday and won three. Including one against a player who was down under T200 for a good part of the tournament and we ended going head's up with the same amount of chips.

Ring games killed me with a nice suckout in NL. I caught the nut flush on the turn, all-in, caller caught their 4 outer on the river.

It was fun playing in the big tourney's with a bunch of other bloggers. I wish I had more time to play but this week is going to be tight.


How could I forget to link to the BoyGenius birthday salute from Tanya? Bad blogger Al.

Speaking of BG, something else we have in common. Fantasy Football. I generally run in 4 to 5 leagues a year. Let the preparations begin! (Now if I can figure out those damned horses and he starts boozing.... that could be a party).

BTW, I put a cool grand down on that friggin' horse Roman Jake to win.


What's better than a 4 day work week? How about a 3 day work week? Me and the wifey are heading out to the wilderness for some camping this weekend with the 'rents. No internet connection, no poker, no blogging. Of course, that means I don't have any access to read other blogs. Oh my, what am I going to do.

I may just have to occupy myself with the Golden Bear course at Rocky Gap Golf Resort. Let everyone else rough it while I play 18 or 36 and work on my handicap (i.e.: drinking).


Has anyone else been reading ThePokerChronicles? This guy cracks my ass up. Effin' hilarious.

I'll take the risk of his venom and respond to his latest post on his side trip to Philly.

We also got a cheese steak at Gino’s which frankly sucked. The ones at Tony Luke’s were much much better, so now I know where to stop on the way back from Atlantic City in the future.

You're best to avoid Pat's and/or Geno's Steaks in Philly. Only hicks and tourist go there.

You want a real cheese steak, go to Jim's on South Street.

When we were in Philly we spent hours trying to figure out what to do, in Vegas you have to figure out how to cram all of the things you want to do into one weekend.

I wish all cities could be like Vegas where you didn't have to put any thought or planning into a night out. Occasionally, in cities outside of Vegas, you may actually have to go out further than the one block radius from your hotel to find a top restaurant, bar, or club.

In the immortal words of Harvey Danger:

"But if you're bored than you're boring."


Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 25th. I will be making a bigger announcement later.

My 5th annual bash with 4 bands, 400 people, and lotsa booze. More importantly, there will be a big poker tournament friday night before the show.

I will have a block of suites set aside with special rates for any bloggers or readers who make the trek to the Philly 'burbs. If any bloggers show up, I'm sure they won't be spending a lot of their own money on booze that night either.

So keep it in mind. Everyone is welcome.


One bad thing about a 3 day work week, fitting 5 days of work into 3 days.

That makes for a nice, short, dumpy post.

Oh yeah, I didn't really put a grand on that horse.



Sunday, July 04, 2004

Blogger Party at Party 

BoyGenius and Pauly decided to play the $5 Multi on Party as part of their weekly wager. Since it sounded like fun, 3 other bloggers joined in. Myself, BG, Pauly, Chris Halverson, and Derek signed up and were ready to rock.

Long story short, after being down early, I managed to outlast the other bloggers AND make the money in this monster tourney. I outlasted over 1,000 players to finish 80th out of 1,082.

I was knocked out when I found 77 in the blinds, shortstacked, and only one EP limper. Of course, he limped with TT and I was out. I feel pretty good about my play. I didn't make the usual one monster mistake that I seem to be doing recently. Getting AA and AK a couple of times didn't hurt either.

AKh after the second break brought my biggest chip jump. I raised in LP against 3 limpers and caught a flop of Qh - Ad - Jh. Top pair + straight draw + flush draw + straight flush draw + Royal Flush draw = Al's never ever letting this hand go for anything. I tripled up when I caught the nut flush on the river.

Then a lot of folding when the cards went absolutely fridged. Patience paid off when I caught a couple more good hands before the second break. Pauly finished as bubble boy. 110 paid and he dropped at 115.

It was fun to play in one of these large tourney's with 4 other bloggers. I had a blast.


I'm not even going to mention how I did at the Friday night Lewey game. It's R-rated and I'm not ready to start doing age verifications.


Have a good 4th!