Friday, June 25, 2004

Fun and debauchery 

Another fine night at the drinking establishment. Landow got some lovin' last night and we added another two more to the 'performer' hall of fame. Here's a link to the rest of the pics.

To top the night off, I received a call from the Phishy Pauly in Indianapolis (I think that's what he said). I was in a crowded bar and he was at the show. Made for an interesting conversation.

He's heading towards BoyGenius this weekend. Pauly has my number, I fully expect a dial-a-shot call sometime Saturday!

4 hours until we hit the road for AC and the Borgata. I can't wait to get back on the NL table.


For our English soccer football fans. Nice penalty Becks!

Thanks to lazylaces.com


Below are my responses to the questions posted in my comment section. Enjoy.

From BoyGenius:

Describe, in your opinion, what is the perfect state of inebriation (the peak of the mountain, right before one more SoCo shot sends you tumbling down the other side)...

For me, the perfect state of inebriation is hard to obtain. It requires the proper amount of booze and the time to enjoy it. After-work drinks are more of a mad dash of booze. Quick buzz then home after last call.

My perfect state generally occurs in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and usually doesn't involve a ton of SoCo. Hurricane's starting in the morning until you hit the plateau (happy drunk but not sloppy). Maintain it until your feet can't hold you anymore. Back to the room for a quick nap to rest the limps. When you get up, the first hurricane will wake up your dormant 'alcohol' cells and you just roll with it right along. (That's why a little 'hair of dog' works wonders for hangovers).

.... how many drinks does it take you to get there, and what percentage of bar trips result in seeing that point in your rearview mirror?

As a rule, I don't count my shots when I'm at the bar. I leave that to the amateur 21 year old kids who run around saying they had this many beers and that many shots. The only real way to judge the amount is when I'm at a party (or private poker tourney). Half of a fifth of SoCo to get a happy little buzz. The whole bottle for a nice bender. For example, at the last tournament I threw, myself and BigMike knocked out a half gallon of the nectar and were still functioning human beings. Drunk. But functional.

Also, if you see me playing in a live home game, I will always be drinking. It's practice for the casino where I can't say no to free booze. If you're going to play drunk, you've got to practice drunk. I'm just a big fishy waiting for the sharks......

As for how many times this happens.... if I could remember, I'd tell ya.

From Scott:

what exactly is your situation? You work all day at some kind of job, then you seem to work all night at a bar with radio personalities. Do you own it, or are you a beloved fixture that has just plain taken it over through years of patronage? Are you a deejee, too?

I work for a large international company and deal with hospital clinical and financial systems. 14 years and running. The bar I frequent just happens to be practically across the street. In the old hangin' with the band days, the Boathouse was my starting point. Now it's my starting and ending point. I started informally running promotions for them and that's how I come to be in contact with radio personalities and beer reps.

This is also the place where I held many un-noticed poker tournaments. First one started with 25 players and the last tournament had 80. The owner put the squash on them when he showed up the one day. But it made the bar a crapload of money.

We even had our wedding's 2nd reception at the bar. And it was sponsored by a Penn Distributors. Free booze = Happy Al.

From Landow:

what is your prediction for the NFC East final standings this season?

Honest without personal preference? So I have to analytical when I slag off the Giants?

Giants will finish last in the NFC East. The players are already balking at Coughlin's coaching "style". Manning won't be ready for awhile. Shockey, their biggest offensive (no pun) target at 6'5" ~250 pounds, is a big question mark going into the season. That will put a lot of pressure on Toomer, Hilliard, and Barber (coming out of the back field). Tiki is going to get beat up this winter.

But just for fun, imagine a hungover, smelly, foul-mouthed Shockey in the huddle with bible-thumper Kurt Warner. Classic.

Washington will finish in third. Having to play against Portis twice a year with a sieve for a defense is not a pleasant thought. But the 4 QB's on the roster aren't going to scare anyone. I think it will take Gibbs a year to straighten everything out. Look out for them next year.

Dallas will finish second. Monster OL and the best defense in the East won't help until the Tuna finds himself a real running back. With cry-babies Antonio Bryant and Keyshawn Johnson, odds are the 'boys wide receivers are going to blow up before Owens in Philly. Give Parcell's one more year. Next year they'll be first in the NFC East, this year a very close second.

Philadephia will win the NFC East. For the last time in 10 years. They went out and got the two biggest targets on the market. Owens addresses the problems at receiver. He should make McNabb a better QB since he'll be able to catch those balls thrown at his toes or 5 feet over his head. He should also make the running game better since defenses will no longer be able to stack 9 in the box. Kearse was a good pickup but he doesn't address the one huge flaw in the Eagles defense. My old granny in her wheel chair could get up and run threw the DL. Hopefully the offense will get on the board early and often so teams have to throw more than run.

This year and next, I believe the NFC East is going to be a slugfest and my predictions could be completely reversed. Nah, the Giants will still finish dead last.

From Jerry:

How is it, that based on you and the wifey's lifestyle, you guys haven't started swinging?

Swinging golf clubs? softball bats?

Defintely not my lifestyle. There's only one woman in the world for me and no one else matters.

Real answer? It took me this long to find a girl who didn't vomit uncontrollably at the sight of my body.

From Felicia:

Why am I never included in on these discussions???

My next list of questions are going out to Felicia, Grubby, Iggy, Penguin, and Sean. I'll post them when I get back from the Borgata this weekend.


I think that covers all the questions. Feel free to fire more off. It keeps everything interesting.

I'm off to the Borgata for the Maxim Fantasy Island Party. If anyone else is going to be there, you'll be able to find this hippy in the poker room or at the B-Bar.

A day-early Happy 30th Birthday to BoyGenius. Party well!


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Drunk School Teachers 

That's what I had to deal with last night. Severely drunk, messed up elementary school teachers. Yesterday was their last day and they were partying like they had 3 months of vacation. Of course, not everyone liked the little educators. The wifey thought they were rude, the karaoke guy thought they were annoying, and the bartenders thought they were cheap.

Pet peeve #578 - Tipping. Don't be a cheap bastard. I saw someone order two pitchers with 6 shots and only live 50c. You treat the bartenders right, and they'll treat you right. It's just good business. You get the bigger pours, quicker service, and (most importantly) free booze. And if you're cheap at my local bar, I have to hear the bartenders bitch about it all night.


For the lazy, I'll post the responses to my questions from yesterday.

1. HDouble - what was your hardest hit while playing football?

"Hardest hit, receiving (game): in high school I was covering a punt, and I slowed up to provide outside support for the return. The next thing I knew I was getting up, and my left eye was stuck "crosseyed", and would not come unstuck. I never left the game, and 5 minutes later I was seeing straight again, although I never figured out who blindsided me.

Hardest hit, giving (game): Junior year in college I caught some safety off guard and put my helmet right in his facemask. He flew about 10 yards back, and our RB broke off a long run down the sidelines. I escorted him to the house, and right before he crossed the goal line, I managed to lay another hit on a trailer. Laying on top of him, I realized it was the SAME SAFETY, and his facemask was broken and he had blood all over his face. I laughed.

Of course, none of these hits is even close to the hit drills in practice, but I was concussed most of the time, and don't really remember them."

Great stories! I realized after I posted the question that I didn't specify "given" or "taken". You should tell those stories at the poker table. That might keep the little tiny fishes from staying in long enough to beat you on the river.

2. Pauly - have you ever, EVER found yourself in a situation where you thought you were too effed up?

"Las Vegas, Halloween 1998... Phish and four hits of you know what. I was outta my tits."

Me? Mine is an easy one. Cinco de Mayo '94.

3. BoyGenius - In your 30 years on the planet, what was your best bottle of wine?

Easy. The Carmenet Moon Mountain Cabernet is the one I always think back to as the best bottle ever. This was circa 1999, it was (then and now actually) about a $60 bottle, and it was the first exceptional bottle of wine I ever had.

I'm hoping I trump that when I open my namesake's vineyards Brunello this weekend. It's a 1997, was very highly rated, and pretty pricey."

My taste buds are so fried from too many Southern's and Marlboro's that I couldn't tell the difference between Carmenet Moon Mountain Cabernet and Mad Dog. mmmmm, raspberry.

4. Halverson - If you had to chose just one, watching F1 racing or playing poker?

"Short Version: Poker.

Long version, see: F1 vs Poker"

Go read his great reply.

Someone sent me an email asking me what would happen if I had to chose between booze and poker. That's funny. What's poker?

5. Scott (aka TheFatGuy) - How 'bout dem Cowboys!?

"Well, the Pokes look crazy right now. The QB situation is wacky: Quincy, Drew Henson, now Vinnie -- and somewhere in Europe, Chad Hutchison is hopefully drunk and in the arms of a buxom fraulein. The receiver corps is in disarray with Bryant's temper tantrum and throwing his jersey in the coach's face. No running game to speak of, except for this rookie kid from ND. The OL is the same, and it seems like most of the defense is still here, too, with no changes.

So, I reckon on The Brobdingnagian Tuna leading us to an 11-5 or 12-4 season and the NFC finals."

later, around 3am with unaccounted for 'shiners'.

"Eff me, but I just realized you're probably an Iggles fan. Eff you."

It was an honest question (with tongue firmly in cheek). I'm an Iggles fan but also a football fan. I wanted to know how a Cowboy's fan felt about the team.

Their defense will crush a lot of teams. If they can find a way to score, they're going to be very tough to beat. I think the NFC East is going to spend the entire season beating up on each other. Cowboy's can't run the ball, Eagles can't stop the run. Should be two interesting games.

IMHO, only one team will make the playoffs from the NFC East and that team will make it to the Super Bowl. Bookmark it. Eagles or Cowboys in the big game.


We even had a guest appearance from Pauly on the Phish tour.

From his Phish update on Tao of Pauly, apparently I've become a barometer o' drunkenness.

Anyway, we were pretty near Al Can't Hang drunk when we stumbled back over the bridge into America. I was shocked the border patrol let us back in.


Nice quick post before work kicks my ass. For shits and grins, I'll answer 5 questions posted in the comments if anyone reads this.

Still two tickets left for the Maxim party. Sean? Iceyburnz?


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More poker on ESPN.com 

From Jeff Merron about 'Rounders'. I wasn't even going to post about it but I thought it was funny that Roger Ebert quotes someone from RGP:

Roger Ebert, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, answered this question for a reader. "The Oreos have been much discussed in the Internet discussion group rec.gambling.poker, where John Harkness of Toronto writes: 'If he breaks it in front of his face, it means nothing. If he breaks it to the side of his head, as if listening to it, he's got the (cards).'"


Fat and Happy 

1 bottle of SoCo + 20 pounds of raw tuna = 1 fat happy hippy.

I joined a group of 10 to try out a new 'Asian Fusion' eatery in West Chester Pa called Kooma. All I cared about was that it had a sushi bar. And a very nice one at that.

They only had two autographs hung up inside the front door. Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn from MTV's Jackass and Viva La Bam. So it must be good!

The food was excellent, the service was 'serviceable'. It didn't hurt that one of my favorite local bars was located across the street. Smoke breaks between plates involved a little drinkie at the bar.


Oh god, we're never going to hear the end of this. Affleck wins a big tourney and a seat at $25K buy-in WPT Championship event next April.

Be afraid.


What a horrible phobia.

Hart's lawyers had accused the hotel of negligence, saying their client toppled off the toilet when it suddenly broke "whilst in normal use for the purposes for which it was installed," SAPA quoted court papers as saying.


The view from our seats at Citizen's Bank Park.


Here's something new. I'm posting 5 questions to different bloggers.

1. HDouble - what was your hardest hit while playing football?
2. Pauly - have you ever, EVER found yourself in a situation where you thought you were too effed up?
3. BoyGenius - In your 30 years on the planet, what was your best bottle of wine.
4. Halverson - If you had to chose just one, watching F1 racing or playing poker?
5. Scott (aka TheFatGuy) - How 'bout dem Cowboys!?


Thanks for stopping by. T-3hours to the bar!


Monday, June 21, 2004

Ouch, that's my skin! 

Right now I am in incredible pain. Yesterday was a beautiful day in the greater Philly area. We took off towards Citizen's Bank Park for a 1:30 Phillies game. We hit the parking lot at 10am for some serious tailgating ahead of time.

Now I don't know if anyone knows, but I'm a bit of a fair skinned Irish lad. I sat in the early morning sun, drinking 'shiners', not worrying too much about the sun. It's 10am for christsake, nothing can happen.

Well, drinks started going down, the sun started rising, and I stopped caring.

Around the 5th inning, I finally realized I was screwed. I now resemble a perfectly prepared Maine lobster.

To add to my misery, during the evening, our fully-clawed cat jumped up on me in the middle of the night. I thought I was going to lose my mind.


Friday night we were able to play some live home poker 7 handed at Lewey's. Nothing spectacular for me. Early on I was up more than double my buy-in but busted out before the end of the night.

Some weird hands came out during the night.

Landow got quad 2's but couldn't make much on the hand even slow playing. Unfortunately for him, Lewey hadn't started playing so the table was pretty tight.

Mrs. CantHant flopped quad 3's after Lewey started playing and ended up taking his whole stack on that one hand. He refused to believe she had anything and paid for it.

On the very next hand, Brian flopped a boat and took a larg chunk of Lewey's rebuy.

On the very very next hand, I won a pot with King high.

By the end of the night, everyone at the table was down from their buy-in and the wifey had taken all the money. She made 6 times her buy-in for the night.

Yet another reason why I should be bankrolling her and sitting my ass at the bar waiting for the payday.


Saturday morning I entered another multi on Party. Out of 1112 players, I finished 233. One of my best showings in these large multi's. I'm still really working to improve my tournament play and I felt good about this one.

In the first two levels, I was able to double up a couple of times quickly when a fishie bet into me when I was holding the nuts. This allowed me to coast and not worry about the frozen run of cards right before the break which continued after.

Around Level 7, I had taken a bad beat and was severely shortstacked. ~T500. I pushed everything in with pocket 9's. I cracked the Hilton Sisters when the flop came out 9 5 5. Two hands later, I caught the Hilton Sisters and doubled up again. One more double up before the second break and I was feeling pretty good. People were dropping like flies.

I was still well behind the average stack size with a couple of minutes to go before the second break when I got dealt AKd. A short stack in EP pushed his T500 chips in. I liked my chances heads up so I pushed my stack all-in to isolate. Unfortunately, BB called my all-in.

As the flop starts coming out, I realize the other two players are holding QTo. I like my odds with AKd until I see one of the two remaining Q's hit the flop. Out in 233rd.

I would love one of my brighter bloggers to clarify the odds pre-flop with me holding AKd against TWO players holding QT. Crazy.

Overall, I was very happy with my play. I felt like I was making the right moves and played a good tournament. A bad beat put me in bad position but I was still able to make it up and get some back.

The AK move I would probably do again (unless HDub comes back to tell me I'm a moron).


Yesterday was a blast at the Phillie's game. Besides, of course, the blazing sunburn. The wifey got loaded instead of me for a change of pace.

Thome hit two homeruns, Rollins hit an inside-the-park homerun (still one of the most exciting plays in baseball), and Scott's stRangers beat the Marlins.

My only problem was the 4 guys sitting behind us. They're season tickets holders like ourselves and drive me crazy every game. 4 know-it-alls who insist on doing play by play and color commentary on every single pitch. Thank god I was sober. They haven't installed a court room and jail house in the Ball Park yet and I don't want to encourage them.


The blogfather has posted another monster, Guinness fueled poker rant. Unfortunately for us, he's going to take a hiatus. But no one can blame him. He has more monster posts then anyone on the internet. He's going take some time and actually play more poker.

Everyone should go and wish him good luck.

HDub has another great post. I'm going to go into his archives, copy off all the great posts, and submit them under his name for a poker book (just kidding). I do feel very strongly about this.... there needs to be a poker book with his name on it.

Grubby has his hand of the week posted. Check it out and make yourself some money.

Rumor has it the BadBlood has won Pauly's Hilton Sister Bounty but cracking AA with QQ.

Pauly had been updating his Tao of Pauly site with his thoughts during the current Phish tour. His writing sounds like me drunk so I'm sure he's having a good time.

Last but not least, the PokerProf has some great pics from the 2004 WSoP plus an interview with '83 winner Tom McEvoy. Great stuff.

I didn't start this section out for pimpin' but it seems to have gone that way.


Just a couple of days left until the Maxim Fantasy Island Party at the Borgata. Velvet Revolver, Hoobastank, and scantily clad swimsuit models. Good lord.

For anyone in the area, there's a good possibility that I'm going to have two extra tickets for the party. If you're interested, shoot me an email.


Thanks for stopping by.