Friday, June 04, 2004

Off to see the wizard 

I am a mere two hours from the NYC side of the Al and Pauly home-and-home series. I got my maps, my directions, and my MAC10 ready to go. My goals are set low. I no longer wish to drink all the SoCo in Manhattan, I'll settle for drinking one bar out of the nectar.

Hopefully Pauly is feeling back up to his usual self and we can do it up proper like.


Short writeup about last nights drink-a-thon. First, I wasn't involved. Not that I didn't imbibe, I just kept it sane. Work had scheduled some of my time at 9pm which forced my somewhat-sobriety early, then the desire to drive to NYC hangover-free slowed me down later in the night.

That doesn't mean we didn't have a blast. (How come nobody told me you could have fun and NOT drink?!) Two weeks ago, when I worked with Tanya from WYSP, I didn't have very good things to say. Last night, she was perfect. Making nice-nice with the crowd, getting them involved. Also didn't hurt that we were sponsored by YouBet.com who had a ton of free swag. I tried to hook BoyGenius up with a special account but he wasn't going for it.

One phenomenon was occurring. And I will dance around it delicately for my sensitive (ie:wifey) readers. Landow and I were trying to figure out how to describe the majority of the female customers at the bar last night. We were struggling. We determined after a couple of shots that there must be a plastic surgeon convention in town.

Good God y'all.

Nothing more will be spoken of this. My apologizes for the sophomoric attempt at humor.

At this point in my usual, post-party posts, I would start linking to pics from the night and have lots of good stories to go with the pics but apparently there won't be any pics today. Good job.


Short Pimpin'.

Ugarte at RickBlaine.com won the second stand-up comic competition he entered. Very impressive. Go check out his writeup.


In honor of my trip north to Pauly land, here's the top 5 things I want to do in NYC.

1. See a Met's game. Easy
2. See a Yankee's game. Easy
3. Get drunk. Could be tough. Tolerance high along with the prices.
4. Get myself AND Pauly drunk. Could be very tough. Pauly showed impressive resistance to my calls for shots.
5. Get the wifey drunk. Easiest. She's probably got a booze already.


That's it for the weekend. Writeups starting on Monday if I'm alive.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Mets Give-away 

WOOHOO! I'm not coming away from my trip to NYC empty handed. Tomorrow night at the Mets game, they're giving away.............

now wait for it, don't get too excited.....

NY Mets Ice trays!

How fast can I get those up on EBay? I'll be stinkin' rich.


Since Pauly is having fun looking at his referrals in sitemeter, I found some more interesting ones.

We have a Yahoo search on "Picture of someone who just lost alot of money in a poker game" That's great. Kick a guy when he's down. Funny thing is, Tao of Poker comes up first.

And the dirty ol' men are still searching on hijenni.com and finding a degenerate, rambling alcoholic. This is the first I've heard of mamma.com (the mother of all search engines). MSN and Yahoo searches are finding their way here also.

Since you pervs went through all the trouble of searching and finding me instead, here's some PG13 rated stuff for ya. Some good Maxim pics plus a 'little' Janet Jackson. If you search heard enough in the Image Gallery, you may stumble across the short Hilton video.


Speaking of Maxim (my hungover muddled brain is all over the place this morning), June 26th at the Borgata in AC, the Maxim Fantasy Island Party!

I've never been to a Maxim party, but I gotta think they know what they're doing. Velvet Revolver, scantily clad girlies, plus camel rides(don't believe me, go to the website). Free booze and food included, now I'm in heaven.

Alas, poor Pauly will be Phishing and can't join in the fun. Anyone else interested?


Is Scott visiting Houston?

Naked Man Arrested In Shopping Area
Suspect Claims He Is Jesus

It was no ordinary walk in the park for a Houston man Wednesday. Brandon Weeks was spotted walking through a popular shopping area completely nude.


I will be bypassing the normal boozefest this evening to properly prepare for the trip up the Jersey Turnpike.

But I'm still on the hunt for that redhead. I swear.


Finally, this friggin' tool Dan Shanoff of Page2 continues to take shots at Philadelphia fans on a regular basis. He's probably one of those guys who wore a Giants jersey to the Vet and sat in the 700 level. Sure, we have our problems, but get over it and move on.

"....like profiles of pathetic Philly sports fans using this as a proxy for their empty title-free lives...."


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

All In Magazine 

I finally found a way to ahold of a copy of the All In mag with HDub's article.

You can find anything on EBay.


More random thoughts 

Right off the bat today, I found an article about a blogger in Japan on CNN.com. Nothing major until I get to this point of the article.

He says he splits his time equally three ways -- for straight work, social activism and personal life. He watches less TV, doesn't play video games as much and has stopped drinking -- to spend more time on blogs and less in bars.

Now that's just silly. Less time in bars.


Due to illness and zero available time, I've been unable to properly writeup the going's-on at the hill billy festival in lovely Oxford PA.

Here are the high points.

Shooting a potato gun through 3/4 plywood with an Osama Bin Laden target. (I know Scott has to love that one.)

We started playing poker around 8pm. BigMike and myself managed to finish off more than a half gallon of Southern. I tripled up and BigMike did even better. Who said "don't drink and play poker"?

Around 4am, everyone needs a little break. Pete hits the grill (and cooks the greatest 4am burgers ever), I hit the Southern, and we start trying to give JDub some money. What do you think this man would do for $50? He had an electric shock dog collar strapped to his ass and walked across the underground electrical fence. I wish the hell I had the video (still waiting on it), but that might have been the funniest thing I've ever seen. It looked like he got shot in the leg by a sniper.

We stopped playing when the sun came up.

I wish I could do it more justice, but I just don't have the time.


Since I've received so many emails, last night I decided to write a post about the Borgata experience. I was halfway through a long post concerning what I learned from that monster night at the Borgata. But I can sum it all up quickly. I thought I had the best of it post-flop (I did), I wanted to force the player to make a decision for a whole lotta chips (I did), he called, and I lost.

I think I made the right move and I'd do it again everytime. I'm moving on.


Lookout NYC! I'm a mere 48 hours from hopping in the car and heading north. We're hitting a Mets game Friday night and the Yankees Saturday afternoon (they're playing the Rangers, think it's too late for Scott to send me an ARod Ranger jersey?)

I'll be meeting up with Pauly and attempt to drink the place dry of Soco.


Pimpin' time.

BoyGenius and Pauly are all tied up in their prop betting. Next up, guessing the over/under of fellow bloggers height and weight. 249 is the line (combined weight and height in inches).

Ugarte, fellow poker blogger, finished his first gig going from lawyer to standup comic. It sucks that he won't be performing while I'm in town.

HDouble has another fine post comparing lines from the movie Rushmore to poker. I think the next one should be Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

"The attitude dictates that you don't care whether she comes, stays, lays, or prays. Whatever happens, your toes are still tapping."


"People on ludes should not drive!"

The blogfather is back with a mini-post.

The PokerProf has his followup post on his observations from the WSoP. Plus, WSoP bracelets for sale!

And finally, Maudie has part 2 of her SnG writeup.


Now that I've wasted your time........

Screw you, New York. We're better than you!

Phila. outpaces N.Y. in killings

The murder rate here is three times the rate there. Why? It's nearly impossible to tell for sure, experts say.

As Philadelphia wrestles with an upsurge in killings, here is a disturbing fact: You are three times less likely to be murdered if you live in New York.

That's right. Less likely.

New York City had only 7.4 murders for every 100,000 residents last year.

Philadelphia's rate was 23.2, and it is running at the same level this year. Overall, the city is experiencing six murders every seven days.

Even the Bronx, and its once-notorious "Fort Apache" precinct, has a murder rate lower than Philadelphia's, New York City crime data show.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Quick hit 

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Borgata trip. No suicide watches were needed, just some booze and fish. Luckily, I was amply supplied with both Saturday night.


Before I even get to Saturday night's festivies, here's a story I saw on CNN.com of all places talking about the WSoP and Internet players impact on the game.


Not much time for a post this morning so I'll just copy the two hand histories where I played head's up against the great Tao of Poker. I wasn't catching any cards until this point.

***** Hand History for Game 639398807 *****
50/100 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 3959725) - Mon May 31 11:57:56 EDT 2004
Table Table 11268 (Real Money) -- Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 1: fmsfms2003 (1055)
Seat 2: duensing (890)
Seat 4: BowlerGal (1500)
Seat 5: AlCantHang (535)
Seat 6: PaulyMcGrupp (695)
Seat 8: rhodescarl (205)
Seat 9: Ratpackdk (3120)
PaulyMcGrupp posts small blind (25)
rhodescarl posts big blind (50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to AlCantHang [ Ah, Ac ]
Ratpackdk folds.
fmsfms2003 raises (100) to 100
duensing folds.
BowlerGal folds.
AlCantHang raises (200) to 200
PaulyMcGrupp raises (670) to 695
PaulyMcGrupp is all-In.
rhodescarl folds.
fmsfms2003 folds.
AlCantHang calls (335)
AlCantHang is all-In.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 2d, 9c, 7s ]
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3d ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 6c ]
Creating Main Pot with $1220 with AlCantHang
Creating Side Pot 1 with $160 with PaulyMcGrupp
** Summary **
Main Pot: 1220 | Side Pot 1: 160
Board: [ 2d 9c 7s 3d 6c ]
fmsfms2003 balance 955, lost 100 (folded)
duensing balance 890, didn't bet (folded)
BowlerGal balance 1500, didn't bet (folded)
AlCantHang balance 1220, bet 535, collected 1220, net +685 [ Ah Ac ] [ a pair of aces -- Ah,Ac,9c,7s,6c ]
PaulyMcGrupp balance 160, bet 695, collected 160, lost -535 [ Ks Ad ] [ high card ace -- Ad,Ks,9c,7s,6c ]
rhodescarl balance 155, lost 50 (folded)
Ratpackdk balance 3120, didn't bet (folded)

d'oh. And now a nice river suckout to finish it off.

***** Hand History for Game 639402772 *****
rhodescarl finished in seventh place.
50/100 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 3959725) - Mon May 31 12:00:21 EDT 2004
Table Table 11268 (Real Money) -- Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: fmsfms2003 (955)
Seat 2: duensing (890)
Seat 4: BowlerGal (1500)
Seat 5: AlCantHang (1220)
Seat 6: PaulyMcGrupp (160)
Seat 9: Ratpackdk (3275)
Ratpackdk posts small blind (25)
fmsfms2003 posts big blind (50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to AlCantHang [ Ks, Js ]
duensing folds.
BowlerGal folds.
AlCantHang raises (100) to 100
PaulyMcGrupp raises (160) to 160
PaulyMcGrupp is all-In.
Ratpackdk folds.
fmsfms2003 folds.
AlCantHang calls (60)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9c, 8c, 9d ]
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 7d ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Ts ]
Creating Main Pot with $395 with PaulyMcGrupp
** Summary **
Main Pot: 395 |
Board: [ 9c 8c 9d 7d Ts ]
fmsfms2003 balance 905, lost 50 (folded)
duensing balance 890, didn't bet (folded)
BowlerGal balance 1500, didn't bet (folded)
AlCantHang balance 1455, bet 160, collected 395, net +235 [ Ks Js ] [ a straight, seven to jack -- Js,Ts,9c,8c,7d ]
PaulyMcGrupp balance 0, lost 160 [ Td Ac ] [ two pairs, tens and nines -- Ac,Td,Ts,9c,9d ]
Ratpackdk balance 3250, lost 25 (folded)


More to come later.