Saturday, May 15, 2004

I apologize to anyone looking for poker content. The situation concerning The Post has gotten out of hand.

I have absolutely no desire to write or speak about my politic views. They are my business and mine alone.

This will be the one and only time I will even mention this situation publicly.


Nick Berg was not some faceless victim. He was a hard working young man from West Chester, PA.

West Chester is a small college town outside of Philadelphia. I grew up, went to school, met my wife, and spent my formative years in West Chester. This guy was a neighbor. This tragedy hit way too close to home. Seeing the family made it that much more vivid.

Blinding rage.

That's the predominant emotion for me since Tuesday evening. With no target other than my liver, it was a long week.

Then an badly timed post on a poker blog. The Post.

Luckily, I was not in position to respond because my rage finally had a target and my response would have made even Iggy say "Damn, that's harsh".

Thanks to the help from some fellow bloggers, I was able to vent privately and spew the vile filth and let go of the rage. The memory of the emotion is still there but it has been replaced by sadness for the family and for our country.

To Nick, I only have a few things to say.

I believe the use of your Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech to write that abortion of a post was poorly timed, grossly political, and showed absolutely no sympathy or compassion for your fellow man. Fellow Americans.

If you believed what you wrote, why take it down? You must assume that if you are going to write political commentary, there will be those that passionately disagree with your views. You had to know it was going to cause some backlash. Show some character and stand behind what you wrote. However, unfortunate I think the timing was.

From one of my new favorite bloggers, Burt Fu:

"Sometimes there is cause to look above politics. You live in the greatest country in the world. You have the luxury of sitting with your ass in a chair playing poker on a computer eating cheetos all night. You don't worry about if you'll have a next meal."


This is the end of this unpleasant post. Again, I have no desire to hoist my political views upon anyone and I'm really not happy writing this.

Hopefully, please let this be an end to this problem. There are way too many bad things in the world to concentrate on these ramblings.

Let's get back to poker (and booze).


Friday, May 14, 2004

Al Can't Hangover 

Thanks to Pauly for the new, alter-ego nickname.


Between work and exhaustion, I haven't had much time in the morning to write.

I'm going to buck up and give it a half hearted attempt today. So bare with me. This will be a really ugly post.


Why I will never live on the left coast. From Wil Wheaton:

"Pear and Gorgonzola pizza from Trader Joe's, to be exact. (Which is frakin' good pizza, man.) "

Good god man, that's not a pizza! I don't even know what it is, but I know it's not pizza.


Last nights festivities at the Boat were the standard drinkfest. Phillies won, great. Flyers got spanked, sucked.

But we did add another member to the "Oh Good God" Hall of Fame. Melissa St. Jude from WYSP. My goodness. And huge bonus points. She was extremely nice.

And she's also in the Pauly Fan Club now. Check out the autograph in the pic. Does it say Al? Keep checking your mail Pauly. There's a present on the way.

I should have an interesting post after this weekend.

Kevin (Big MonkeyBoy) is getting married on Saturday. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that Kevin is the one who missed out on his Key West bachelor party. The wedding should be a drunken mess. I expect fights (both the yelling and fist versions) and lotsa people falling down drunk.

And I'm staying sober for this one to keep myself out of trouble.


Not much poker playing done this week. Although I have knocked out a couple $10 SnGs in the early morning hours (when I should be writing).

This week, I'm 3 for 3. All 3 wins. Either the players at 7am are tired, drunk, or just plain stupid.

It culminated with a huge, amazingly quick victory this morning. I started off by knocking two putz out on the THIRD HAND. I picked up AA in LP. Limping all around and I raised. An idiot on EP pushes all-in, the guy to my right calls the all-in. What's a hippy to do? I'll take their money.

What do you think EP pushed all-in with? Betcha can't guess.

Screw it. I'll just tell ya. 82h.

Stop laughing. He went all-in with 82h. I can only think that he must have been trying to buy the pot. Meaning he's never played a $10 SnG on Party. They'll call anything.

So I took them both down and had a 3 to 1 chip lead on the entire table. And the cards kept right on hitting me in the head. I personally took out 5 players in the early rounds. Ridiculous cards with ungodly flops.

Early on, I also noticed that the player to my left was set to Blind / Fold for the entire tournament.

And finished in 3rd. hhhmmmmmm.

I'm all geared up and ready to kick some blog reader ass on Sunday. If you haven't signed up, too bad. You missed it.

You can always grab a spot at the rail and cheer on your favorite player. (I'll just go ahead and assume it's not me.)

Sunday, 9pm Eastern, Pacific Poker


That's my low-grade, heart-not-it, mediocre post.

My apologies and I promise to be back to my old self shortly.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Small Pimpin' 

It's been a long day and work is preventing any kind of post.

So I'll pimp the newest superstar to poker blogging.

Derek is the brother of super-blogger Pauly. Good stuff. Once I read his blog introduction, I knew he was going to fit in fine.

Hello my name is Derek and this is my poker blog. My brother is Pauly, the insane mind behind the Tao of Poker. He taught me how to play and now I'm kicking his ass in heads up play.


Now go sign up for the World Poker Blogger Tournament III.


Editors note: the moron writing this post forgot to put the link for Derek's site.


Monday, May 10, 2004

World Poker Blogger Tournament 

It's my understanding from Iggy that the turnout from the blogger community is still running behind. This is not allowed to happen. The deadline to sign up is tomorrow.

Now I understand all the poker bloggers out there are terrified to go up against the WCP skills I bring to any table. I'd be afraid to play against me.

To add some excitement to the tournament, I am going to put a bounty on my head. I have yet to decide what would be an appropriate prize for my scalp, but it will be worth it.

So get out there bloggers, sign up on PacificPoker and take your shot at the champ.

/end sarcasm


Jay Lovinger article 

New article on Page2 from Jay Lovinger:

Moreover, to make matters worse, the Horseshoe has a rule that you cannot just pick up your chips -- or chip, in my case -- and move to another table. No, you have to use a rack, which has room for 100 chips.

So I looked pretty amateurish showing up at my new table with one lousy chip, which was rattling around in a plastic slotted rack the size of a small beer cooler. To make matters worse, I noticed that the empty seat at my new table would place me right next to Chip Jett, only one of the 25 best players in the world.


Weekend report 

I just got knocked out of my first ever, multi on Party (555 out of 1139) when I tried to double up with AKo and lost to QQ. Not bad for my first. I made it to the first break over the average stack size and I think I only played 4 hands. Just warming up for the next stop on the World Poker Blogger Tour. Have you signed up yet?

Go do it right now! And email me your username. You must pre-register. I will be sending Iggy the list tomorrow.

Since this is open to blogger readers, I don't feel so guilty about playing. We all know I'm not a real poker blogger.

Ok, lotsa stuff to write about if I can remember it all. Poker and booze this time. Not just the standard, "Al get drunk, Al pass out, Al has a hangover" post. Add on "Al played poker with Lewey when he should have been home, passed out, waiting for the hangover".

Mrs. CantHang took off for lovely Ocean City, MD for the weekend. She took MonkeyBoy along for the bachelorette party. Can't wait to see those pics. So that leaves me all to myself. Friday on the deck, bachelor party Saturday night, and maybe some poker on Sunday.

That was the plan.

Friday was a lovely day. Sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I was getting out early to hit the deck for some cocktails. Everything was right with the world.

Then at 3pm, the heaven's opened up with a storm of biblical proportions. So instead of drinking, I went to the park for a walk and got reacquainted with nature. Eff that. It never rains in the bar. Luckily, the weather cleared up and I was able to take my spot on the deck and kick off the weekend properly. For the longest time, it was just me and couple hotties coolin' our heals and enjoying the weather.

Then Landow showed up and scared all the girls away. Just kidding Mike, the girls always love ya. Really. They told me. As they were leaving.

Everything is going as planned. I have a nice little buzz. Hanging out with friends, talking about poker, and maybe playing later that night. Then I step into the twi-light zone.

Pauly has mentioned being recognized on PartyPoker for his blogging prowess and it's happened to me a couple of times also.

While minding my own business, a table full of guys and girls called me over. By name. I don't think I know them but I meet so many people at the bar, it's always a possibility that we've hoisted a few shots together. They proceed to ask if I'm Al from AlCantHang.com. It stunned me a little but I answered to the affirmative. They started laughing and ordered a huge round of double SoCo's.

The three guys (sorry, don't remember your names, I was a tinsy bit intoxicated) had been to my website and were readers of this crappy blog of mine. They were asking questions about stuff I had written previously and just wanted to say hi, and lift a shot.

I gotta tell ya, it kind of freaked me out. The perceived anonymity of writing these entries combined with some of the bile purging that often occurs made it really weird to be recognized publicly.

But I have a reputation to uphold. Bring on the shots.

And if I'm going to be recognized in public, why couldn't it be the Swedish Swim Team or at least a roving band of wayward women?


Once all the craziness settled down, we decided to hit Lewey's for some late night, pot limit hold'em. There are certain conditions where I should never, ever agree to sit down at a poker table, especially with Lewey. And I was certainly in that condition. Landow didn't help the situation either. Metallica's ..and Justice for All turned up to ear-bleed levels. Made this happy drunk into a hyper-amped, power drunk ready to ram and jam the table. This is the worst possible condition to play against Lewey.

I lost two buy-ins in a ridiculous amount of time and called it a night around 3am. Bachelor party Saturday that I must sober up prepare for.


Saturday morning, I wake to a construction unit right outside my window. Well, maybe it was just the old man down the street doing some minor gardening work, but it certainly felt like they were demolishing the house next door. This one is a doozy. But the wifey is happily partying in OCMD and I'm free to work this hangover properly.

In the afternoon, I decide it's time to sit down and write about Friday night. I'm still kinda wiggin' about it. I have complete brain lockdown and can't remember how to spell my own last name.

So off to PartyPoker. Why not give the fishes more money as inspiration. I found Pauly playing on a $25NL table that's full, and I believe StinkyPants was playing on a .50/1 table. I signed up on the waitlist for Pauly's table and hit the micro limit table. I immediately start pissing away money at the limit game. Eventually I get called for the NL game and take the seat.

This was my first time playing multiple tables and it was the strangest combination ever. Two tables, one micro-limit, the other NL. I'm pretty sure my brain was about the explode. I have no idea how you guys do 4 tables at once.

Pauly points out that the guy to his left is not just a fish, he's Big Fish. I shut down the micro table and concentrated on the NL. This guy would bet any two cards and try and muscle people out of pots. Just wait for the nuts and this guy was going to payoff.

While waiting for my payoff, it became a regular blogger convention. StinkyPants made the move over and BadBlood showed up. Go read Pauly's entry, I love the title. 4 bloggers + 1 fish = Saturday Fish Fry.

While waiting to get paid by BigFish, I out-raced Pauly with my JJ against his AKo for a good start to the day. Of course, BigFish guy followed right along with my all-in so I triple up on one hand.

For grubby, here's a screenprint of Pauly pushing with the Hammer. Against KK. Oh boy.

After going back and forth for awhile, watching various people bust BigFish and BigFish suckout others, I ended up +75 from my 25 buy-in. More importantly, I really felt good about the way I played. I was tight/aggressive and maintained my play throughout the entire session.


Alas, it was time to prepare Kevin's bachelor party in Center City. By falling asleep on the couch.

This promised to be an interesting party. A private, catered gourmet meal followed by 'entertainment', supplied by yours truly. But my part got completely screwed up. The girls I had contracted for the evening, emailed me late on the previous Sunday to inform me that they would be unable to work that night due to 'legal issues'. I was unable to find suitable replacements in time.

The meal was incredible, the drinks flowed freely, and a good time was had by all. I was personally responsible for the killing of at least one bottle of SoCo, maybe a bottle and half. After the last couple weeks of binges, my tolerance is at a ridiculous level.

After everything settled down following dinner, the guys decided to hit Club Risque. Landow and I decided to call it a night. After Teasers in Key West, anything club in this area is pretty weak.

Besides that, as far as I'm concerned, his bachelor party was a couple of weeks ago in Key West. And we had a blast.


Sunday morning and the de-construction crew is back but this time they're using dynamite. I get up and decide that it's time for me to start writing. Too much to write about to wait until Monday morning.

Brain cramp locks right back in. Pauly pops online and tells me about a 10:30am multi on PartyPoker that will have over 1,000 players. I had never played in a huge multi and my only multi experience had been a couple blogger tourney's. This one should be much fishier.

I busted out in 555th. I feel very good about my play again. I wasn't catching any hands, but when I did I got my max EV and doubled up a couple of times to make it to the first break. Pauly told me to double up again and I'd be pretty safe to make it to the second break. The only hand I had the entire time was AK UTG and I was getting blinded away pretty quickly. I made a 3x or 4x BB bet. BB reraised me. I felt like I needed to take a stand and maybe double up at this point so I pushed all-in. His QQ beat me when nothing hit the board.

I decided it was finally time to start writing this entry. I was sweating Pauly who was playing very well. He finished 139th out of 1139.

But the couch was calling me and Mrs. CantHang was on her way home.

Procrastinating got the best of me so now I'm writing this at 7am Monday morning.


I had a great weekend. Poker, booze, great food. What else can I ask for? Can't wait for next weekend.


Landow, Lewey, and myself have been kicking around an idea for the last couple of weeks and I'm going to bring it up now.

Next April, the 2005 Key West Poker Invitational. A week of poker, booze, and relaxation.

(Side note, we're going to try and rent Teasers for an afternoon of non-poker fun)

Something to keep in mind. Trying to get a feel for who might be interested so let me know.


Thank you for stopping by my crappy little blog again. Feel free to leave comments telling me what a knucklehead I am.

Don't forget to sign up on PacificPoker for the World Poker Blogger Tournament this Sunday at 9pm eastern.