Friday, April 16, 2004

Vacation mode 

I woke up this morning and found two free tickets to Nelly for tonight in my pocket. And I have no idea how they got there or what I did to get them. That should tell you how my night went.

Free booze > paying for booze

Compounding my normal Thursday night bender was an office party with booze and food. Plus, stratospheric upper management. Annual report quality upper management. So I employed my distraction technique. Just keep them full of alcohol and they won't notice how much I'm drinking. Worked to perfection. Except the part where I wake up feeling like the cat crapped in my mouth. And getting up extra early to take the in-law to the train.

I blame a good percentage of my problems this morning on DJ Steve at the Boathouse. If he had been able to unlock the magic database of crap 80's metal, I wouldn't have spent so much time ordering drinks. I'm pretty sure that's where the Nelly tickets came from. (I can't even give these friggin' things away).

To settle the Richie Asburn / Hall of Fame dispute from last night. Here's the link. He was inducted in 1995 with Mike Schmidt. Now give me my Flyer's jersey.

Stupid trivia stuff I can remember. Free hiphop tickets are a blur. What's the first step?

I'm pretty sure I was chatting with Hank and Iggy last night. I could use a little confirmation on that one.


Since I'm completely slacking at work today (despite my manager's best efforts), I'm going to explain some of the posts you're going to see while I'm in Key West.

This trip was intended to be a bachelor party for my friend Kevin who's getting married in May. After all the planning, it was determined that Kevin would be unable to attend the festivities. (that's my nice way of saying he was forbidden).

Since Kevin is unable to attend, we found a substitute to take his place. For the next couple days, the posts will be titled "Diary of MonkeyBoy".

The monkey's name is Kevin and we are planning some obscene, vile, possibly-illegal activities for MonkeyBoy and posting the pics each day. When that poor, abused, defiled monkey gets back from Key West, I'm going to pack him up in a box with all the un-postable pics and that will be my wedding present. Sounds like a good plan, right? Or possibly just another juvenile drunk idea. We shall see.

Of course, I could let MonkeyBoy play poker for me and my EV would go way up.

So I apologize in advance for the drunken Monkey rants that will start in the next couple of days. (how often do you get to type 'drunken Monkey rants' in a post?)


I just got this email, do you think it's really real?

subj: Hi, long time no see....

Hi name is Jenny, a friend said you were really cool and said I should get in contact you with you! I love meeting new people, I also love to talk and show off my body. I just got my videocam working so you can see me to! It doesn't cost you anything if you wanna watch or talk to me! You don't even need your own videocam! To contact me you need to go to my website, (dont worry it doesnt cost a dime!) but it is the only way you can contact me!

Just Goto the Website below to get in touch with me!


I hope I get to see you soon ;-)


More pimpin'.

How could I miss ShftLft at TightPocket? He's a Phillies fan for Christ-sake. Check him out.

Hank at Card's Speak has another installment of Poker by The Big Lebowski. I love Chris Halverson's addition.

Grubby at Pokergrub.com is offering up his tax refund check to any qualified player (his qualifications) who makes the final two tables at the Empire Vegas Dreams freeroll.

Scott at TheFatGuy is heading out to my favorite city, New Orleans, for a bachelor party this weekend. I am completely jealous.

And Pauly apparently had too much fun at the Phish show last night.


That's as much as my muddled brain can come up with today. MonkeyBoy signing off.


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Back with a whimper 

After stuffing myself full of sushi and booze for dinner last night, I made my triumphant return to the online tables. After some encouragement (discouragement?), I'm staying away from the NL ring games and concentrating on my play at the low limit and SnGs.

It was getting pretty late and I didn't feel like spending the time grinding on low-limit so I jumped into an SnG. I was playing pretty well when Pauly jumped online and we began chatting about his current trip to Vegas. (by the way, his day 2 report was posted last night). Amazingly, while I was chatting, I started playing a little better. Laying down my hands properly and getting my money in the pot when I thought I had the best of it. Next thing you know, I'm chip leader with 5 remaining.

Then my personal poker god reminded me that he's in town on an extended visit. I played A9d in the BB and the flop came out A-A-x. There are only 4 left and I decided it's time to get a nice lead and make it in the money. I make a big bet and only UTG calls. Another rag on the turn, and I decide to go all-in. I'm not sure what UTG is chasing but the pot is big enough for me and I want it. There were no straight or flush draws on the board. UTG calls and turns up pocket 8's. I'll buy anyone a free bottle of booze if they can guess what came on the river. His Super 8 severely crippled me and I was out on the bubble the next hand when my KT went down.

Undaunted, I hopped into another one immediately. I was feeling pretty good about my play and wanted to keep going. And, maybe for the first time, I actually played pretty solid poker. Nothing spectacular. I played tight/aggressive early on and played what quality starting hands I received. No sense making steals early with the tiny blinds. Once players started dropping, I loosened up a little and made some moves. No bad beats and no spectacular take downs. Once it was down to 4 players, I sensed everyone tightening up to try and make it into the money. I used that opportunity to steal some nice pots. In the end, there can be only one. And that one was me. Yahoo for me.

I know, I know. Big effing deal. You won an SnG. Grubby wins that many on his drive to work if he can find a hotspot with his wireless connection. But considering the way I've been playing lately, any win is a good thing. Bottom 5 in the last two Sunday tourney's I've played and I can't count the number of times I've been kicked in the twig and berries playing the ring games recently. This is what it felt like.

So I hit the sack happy last night.

This morning, still feeling chipper about the night before, I decide to play another one during the 5 HOURS it takes Mrs. CantHang to get ready for work. (alright, slight exaggeration. Slight)

Damn, did I find one hell of a loosey goosey SnG. One orbit, three players gone and I took out two of them with AA and the dreaded JJ. Moved right along until there are only two of us left. I have a slight chip advantage and I have an image of the other guy crapping his pants. The blinds were 200/400. In the small blind, I was raising with any two cards and he would just fold right up. I pulled his BB enough times that I wasn't even worried about him calling. If he called and I didn't catch a flop, fold fold fold.

And then he caught me. I actually got a chuckle at being knocked out in 2nd. I raised the small blind with 87h and he called. The flop came out 7 - 8 - 9. I made a good size bet and he just calls. Does that mean he's chasing a straight? Does he have a pair? When another 7 hits the turn, I'm golden. I goofed up with the slider and didn't put him all-in. He just called again. WTF? After calling it, he didn't even have enough for the SB. And I don't get to see his cards yet. The river brings a 9 and my tourney is practically over. What did he have? Pocket 9's. I was behind at every stage of the hand and his quads kicked my puny boat over the waterfall.

My overall results. 3 tourneys placing 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Not a bad comeback even if it wasn't spectacular. I'll take it.


As I mentioned before, Pauly has the day 2 Vegas report up on his page.

Chris Halverson posted his Vegas trip report. Finally. I'm going to have to make another visit out to Minnesota to drink with Chris. Even though I swore I'd never set foot in that state again. Minnesota nice. What the heck is that? Ya, you betcha.

Hank at Card's Speak has a great post using the Big Lebowski for poker insights.

I don't pimp Jeremy at Love and Casino War nearly enough. He always has a ton of poker related posts.

Good luck to Felicia and Glenn in Vegas. Hopefully we won't see Felicia at the Sunday night tourney because that will mean Glenn is doing really well. Good luck!

And BoyGenius is just having all sorts o' problems.


Two workdays left until the migration south. I'm have serious short-timers disease at work.

Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Name Change 

Just for HDouble, I'm making it easier on him and changing the name of my blog. Welcome to Big Pimp Daddy Al's Blog!

All the same poker content with double the booze.


I think we definitely need to get a blogger drinking / poker weekend. Find a nice big table at a bar, pull out the chips and cards, and try to empty the place of all their booze. Iggy, I'll make sure they have extra kegs of Guinness available. The ultimate home game. A couple dozen poker bloggers, a bar full of sweet nectar, and a couple NLHE tournies. I feel very strongly that this needs to happen.

By the way, my rambling post today is a direct result of my blazing headache caused by Billy Gates and sobriety. So please forgive me. I've warned you in the past about going to the other real blogs.

Thanks to the encouragement of other bloggers, I'm making a triumphant return to the online tables. My ego has taken a huge kick in the stones. It took a kick in the ass to get me moving again. After a boatload of sushi for dinner, I'm heading back to Party tonight. Wish me luck. (Now the smart player has me tagged and will be waiting for me when I get there. If I have 10 people on the waitlist to get to my table, I'm going to be worried). I'm reading my Brunson, HDub, and Slansky so I should be golden.


Now for the random stuff.

That bastard Pauly looks like he's having a blast in Vegas. Where it's warm and no sign of rain and the girls look better than Jennifer Garner (but never better than Katie Holmes, mmmmm). Pauly updated his blog with the day one news.


I had a weird, "it's a small world", conversation yesterday. One of my normal tournament players was playing on Party Monday. He was chatting with another player who turns out to be Russ from Philly who is a friend of Landow who kicks my poker ass on a regular basis. It all started to make my head spin. If I'm ever playing and someone I don't know mentions my blog (like what happened to Pauly), I'll probably logoff and go climb in a hole somewhere.


Grubby has a funny post about his trip to the grocery store along with another one about Multis. And it's always nice to see an update from Grubbette.


What's up Bradley! How's the weather in Minnesota? We're gonna miss you in Key West.


I'm not very comfortable with my poker prospects while I'm in Key West. I'm bringing down the chips and we're going to be playing some low-limit hold'em the whole week. That's the good news. Bad news is the rest of the players. 3 players kill me all the time (Landow, Lewey, and Mrs. CantHang) and Danielle drives me batty when she plays. I have to be careful not to lose all my lap dance money. The standing rule this week is that you can rebuy but you can't cash out until Wednesday.


If you are a baseball fan, you must check out the latest list on ESPN Page2. The most misery-inducing, gut-punch, soul-crushing moments for each team.


I'm trying to get Landow to bring his laptop to Key West so I can blog and upload daily pics. More importantly, I want to play in the regular Sunday night tourney while sitting on the balcony of the condo. That's either the coolest idea in the history of ideas, or I'm a big schmuck for wasting precious Key West time being online.


Enough rambling. Have a good day.

Random Image of Mrs. CantHang.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Beautiful weather for a football game 

Yesterday was the opening of the new Phillies baseball park, Citizen's Bank Park. Fortunately, I wasn't one of the spectators who paid $500 on eBay for a ticket. We have a season ticket package so I only had to pay face value. The guys who paid huge amounts for their tickets are probably very very bitter people right now.

The weather in Philly yesterday was in the 40's with a steady, driving rain. I've been to warmer football games in November. Perfect for football, lousy for a baseball game.

The stadium itself is great. Made greater by the fact that the Philly planners didn't screw it up. The sitelines are great. The concourse is open on both levels so you can watch the game away from your seats. If you saw any highlights of the game, it looked like the place was empty. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't. All 40,000 ticket holders were crammed into two concourses and the connected bars and taverns watching the game away from the elements.

The most dangerous part of the park may be having the opposing bullpen about 10 feet below the standing room area in right center field. That could get very ugly. Two hours before the game, there were plenty of security guards in that area.

And what Philly landmark would be complete without a Tony Luke's or Geno's Steaks?

Here's a little known fact outside of Philly. Geno's and Pat's Steaks are tourist traps. If you're from the area, you only go there for a couple of reasons. One, if you have a friend from out of town that insists on going there for a real Philly cheesesteak. Two, you're in town, drunk, and want to eff with the tourists. Anyone in town will tell you the best place for cheesesteaks. Chances are, it won't be Geno's or Pat's.

The game itself was unremarkable. Another April loss digging us deeper in a hole to climb out of in May and June. I did get to experience a lot of firsts. First pitch, first homerun, first boo (a nice hearty one for Bud Selig), and first double shot. Arriving two hours before the first pitch necessitated a pre-game drinkfest at McFadden's. McFadden's is set up pretty cool. Technically, it's located within the ballpark but you can enter the bar and hangout without a ticket. You just need to have a ticket to go from the bar into the ballpark. And I added another bartender to my hall o' fame. I just don't have the pic yet.

If you happen to be in Philly, it's definitely worth it to stop by to check out the facility. Something we didn't screw up.


Big pimpin' the blogs.

Iggy and Felicia have two nice writeups of Iggy's WSOP qualifying tourney on Saturday. It's not too often that Iggy talks about his game so check them out.

MeanGene has a good post titled "There's no such thing as luck? Convince someone who's unlucky." The man knows how to write. (these are the people you should be reading instead of wasting time at my site!). Alas, MeanGene has given up his campaign for the White House. Maybe 2008?

Hank at Card's Speak has a report from his birthday trip to an Indian Casino. Thanks to him for explaining a 'kill pot'. I've read about them elsewhere and was always to embarrassed to ask what the hell they were. Of course, the embarrassment doesn't stop me from writing it here. Moron.

Chris has a writeup of his Sunday night tournament results but we're still waiting on his Vegas trip report.

Paulsburbon has a nice writeup on his win in the Sunday night tourney. Congrats!

Bill Simmons at Page2 isn't a blogger but he should be. Here's his trip report from Vegas during March Madness.

"Upon further review, the whole night was a debacle; everyone lost money but me ... and I was in the roughest shape. Two Red Bull and Vodkas = fine. Four Red Bull and Vodkas = not fine. Four Red Bull and Vodkas, multiple Diver Downs and a half-pack of cigarettes = genuinely unhappy, possibly life-threatening. My heart was pounding all night. Terrible times. I was an extra 100 pounds and one hooker away from re-enacting the last 15 minutes of Chris Farley's 'E! True Hollywood Story.'"

And last but not least, our boy Pauly heads out to the promised land this week. So no posts for awhile but I'm sure we'll get an Iggy-worthy rant when he gets back. Good luck at the tables.


Not much poker planned for this week (unless the wifey decides to throw some of her winnings to me). Getting ready to leave for Key West on Saturday. Bags are packed and loaded with poker chips and cards. And if my poker problem isn't bad enough, we're bringing down a laptop so I can play in the regular Sunday night tourney. I have problems.

Thanks. Now go read a real blog.


Sunday, April 11, 2004

More random thoughts 

Big congrats to Iggy for his play in the PokerStars tourney yesterday. I'm sure once he sobers up (I figure that will happen sometime Monday afternoon) he'll have a nice write up about it. Great job. Even the in-laws were cheering you on.


Finally, someone came to my rescue. Sister-in-law #2 and her boyfriend arrived from NYC. I hung out with him watching the Knicks and Flyers games. And they read the blog before hand and brought me a bouncing baby bottle of SoCo. Very cool. Easter dinner should be a blast.


By far the funniest post I've read in awhile was written by BoyGenius. It's the text from the smack-talk session with Iggy and Pauly. Classic stuff that should not be missed.


John Nicholson at football365.com has another great article talking about media over-hype and his small experience with the same. Check it out.

"However, we did have a case of Heineken, a big box of Zippy the bass player's mam's diet pills (loaded with low-grade amphetamine - hurrah!) and a Tupperware box of Humpty's mam's scones which, though not strictly edible, were hard enough to be very useful for killing things that were edible, such as pigeons."


Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I should be back in suburbia in enough time to donate more money to the blogging cause at the Sunday night tourney. And my sweet sweet broadband. No more 14.4 dialup from hell.