Friday, March 05, 2004

Wasted day 

Bad timing. Really bad timing. Iggy listed my blog in his latest post. After last night, any post today will make my others look like works from Willie 'effing' Shakespeare.

Recipe for a wasted day:

8 hours
2 packs of Marlboro
Ridiculous number of shots
Homemade beef jerky (huh?)
Wendy's supersize double burger (still sticking with me)
4 hours sleep.

All this adds up to one huge wasted day today. Next time I'm just going to ask the bartender to hit me over the head with the bottle instead. I would feel the same today but I'd have more money in my account.

Nothing but reading blogs and websites. Try and fake my way to a 2pm conference call.

So if you are coming here from Iggy's site, I apologize. My usual rubbish post will be sub-par. After reading the stylings of Grubby, Iggy, MeanGene, TheFatGuy, etc... I can't imagine any yokel giving a flying rat's ass about anything I have to say.


No poker tonight. A large group of us are heading out to catch The Passion tonight. It's a pretty spirited group going so it should be interesting. Given my current status (ugh) it's going to be a treat.

Tomorrow night we're heading to Lewey's for a night of Pot Limit Hold'em. We'll see if my poker skills are getting any better. I feel like my play has improved in the last couple of weeks. It will be nice to test them in a live game against some really good players.


Here's an article on ESPN by Ralph Wiley defending Barry Bonds because no one likes him. Here's a taste.

What Barry Bonds has done is show great merit in the game. Unfortunately, when you are what is called "black," that can be inconvenient; often when you show merit, the rules on merit are changed to make them more obtuse.

I have a much longer post in mind but I can't wrap my mind around it. But basically it comes down to one reason why most people don't want Barry Bonds to exceed. It's not because he's black, or we don't want him to pass Babe Ruth. Simply, he's an arrogant ass.

I'd love to hear Scott's opinion at TheFatGuy.com.


Here's a little something Big Mike whipped up years ago. It's his description from an online personal ad that he placed on AOL. He actually got some responses.

30 year old, Single, morbidly obese, white, man with short temper and bitterly cynical sarcastic outlook on life seeks mute, twentysomething supermodel for hot, passionate, monkey sex followed immediately by some light domestic duties. Only serious offers need apply, all others "SHUT UP! SIT DOWN!".


Thursday, March 04, 2004

WPT at the Borgata 

Last night was the kick-off of the second WPT season with the Borgata Poker Open. That tournament name doesn't exactly slide off your tongue. A few of us were present during the Super Satellite. I didn't play because I was bankrolling. I came away with some mixed feelings from that weekend. The Borgata was only a couple months old at that time, but this tournament (at least the satellite) was horribly organized. The tournament director was losing track of the time limits even with a large flat screen monitor. At one point he forgot to reset the clock after a break. Some of the dealers were a waste of oxygen. The most frustrating point came during one of the 30 minute breaks. Apparently they closed the casual food shops upstairs in the shopping area and routed all the customer down to the tiny grill in the poker basement. During the second break, players lined up to grab food from the grill. The problem occurred when it took longer the 30 minutes to get your food. There were at least a dozen players scrambling about trying to figure out how to get back to their seat, eat the food they already paid for which wasn't ready, in a poker room which does not allow food. Like the Good rebel / Samaritan I am, I bucked the rules for a half dozen players, only one of which I even knew. I waited in line at the food pickup with all the receipts and just started delivering food right to the table. Nice dirty looks from the director but not a word.

Don't get me ranting about some of the players. I even saw two of the idiot, mouth-breathing, jacka$$, arrogant, pretentious, Satellite players in the crowd during the show last night. Jumping up and down at the end like some pre-pubescent school girl at a Back 'N Sync show.

The poker room and the hotel front desk never (no never) were on the same page. Ask at the front desk for the poker rate, they say talk to the poker room manager. Poker room manager says check with the front desk. Nevermind, we'll pay the full rate.

I'm sure by now they've ironed out all the bugs in the tournament system. They've even started running daily tournaments although the juice is kind of rough. $30 buy-in / $10 entry on Mondays. eh.

However, I loved the Borgata. I spent a good part of Sunday, pre-tournament, sitting at the B-Bar watching the opening week of the NFL. (I know I talked to at least a dozen people who took Houston the first week in their suicide pool). Great bartenders, double Southerns, and football. Life was good. The suites are very nice and I've been told the spa and pool were very nice. The poker room was small but very comfortable. The computerized system for the waiting list was a nice convenience and was much easier than trying to read someone's scribble on a white board on a tiny screen ten feet in the air (hello Taj).

The mother-in-law is coming down after Easter and we're planning a trip to the Borgata. I'm really looking forward to it. Since I'll be spending Easter weekend in lovely Utica, I'll get to play at the Turning Stone for the first time. Does anyone know if it's completely smoke free?


If you start feeling bad about the state of our professional athletes, check out the latest scandal in English Soccer. 9 Leicester City players arrested for assault.


Looks like we'll be playing a rousing home game again this weekend. Searching for victims to succumb to my vast new poker skills.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

What a way to go 

I have no further comment on this story.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Here fishy fishy fishy 

After another pathetic showing last night, I'm not a fish. I'm fish bait. Even the bottom feeders were eating me up. I was playing tight again. Only the premium starting hands. Then seeing boards where I would have had the winning hand. All very frustrating. I'm reading my Brunson and Sklansky. Obviously not quick enough to fend off the feelings of doom.


On an up-note, the 2004 Key West Fishing and Poker Tournament is set to go April 17th. Ok, maybe it's not really a tournament. Each year a group of guys head down the Key West in the spring for some poker and fishing. This year was supposed to be a bachelor party but the fiance refused (yes, italic and bold) to let us take him. I have 3 guys booked in the condo with room for 5 more. Drop me an email if you're interested.


I've added a couple more poker blogs links. Please check them out. They are far more interesting then anything coming out of my head.


Question to Grubby if he ever makes it here. Is Wendy's changing their chicken sandwich? I've been eating them for 20 years and they seem different now.


Monday, March 01, 2004

MeanGene Poker Phil Hellmuth post 

A brilliant post on MeanGene Poker about Phil Hellmuth. A great read. Check it out.


Saturday night report 

Another rule was added into my memory bank listed under Rules of Marriage.

Rule #42235. If your wife is by herself in the midst of a crowd of strangers. Do not, repeat DO NOT, sneak up behind her a grab her ass. This is particularly important if your wife has been drinking (and a touch bit rowdy). One of two things are about to happen. 1. She is going to turn around one way, find the nearest stranger, and crack them over the head with her beer bottle. 2. She is going to turn around and crack you in the head with her beer bottle.

Now I think I'm being funny. I've got a couple of doubles in me, starting to wake up and enjoy the night. The wifey has gone walk-about and I find her near the front of the stage, off to the side. There are 3 or 4 guys standing near her. I sneak up and give a bit of a tweak in the backyard. She's got a few frosty beverages put back and working on another. She turns around with eyes ablaze, bottle in hand, looking for another soul to claim.

Luckily for me, two things happen to prevent a trip to the emergency room. My cat-like reflexes, honed in the finest rock establishments on the East Coast, gave me the skill and dexterity to avoid the blow. I'm sure the doubles made all the difference. Also, it didn't hurt when the wifey realized at the last moment that if she didn't pull her punch, she was going to spend the rest of the night in the emergency room waiting for her drunk, bleeding husband.

Just a regular night in the CantHang household.


We had a good time Saturday night. We hung out with some friends we hadn't seen awhile. Marc and his new girlie were out for the night. I'm not sure how she was doing Sunday morning, but Saturday night wasn't looking so good by the third set. Note: no offense intended, but unless you really, really want to drink, DO NOT have a shot every time I ask. It's bad for your continued health and welfare.

I hadn't seen Marc since my last Bash at the Boat in September. His band is moving along and getting regular shows. Next stop, Joclyn's in Media on March 12th. Joclyn's is one of my old Delco hangouts and I can't wait to go back. So many unprintable stories from Joclyn's. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to write that book, Brad.

I'm waiting for the bar to send me the pics from the night so I can post them. Should be some very interesting ones from where I was standing.


Due to my vegetive state, absolutely no poker was played on Sunday. Saturday I was able to squeeze two SnGs into my hectic schedule. I didn't place in either tourny and nothing spectacular to note. No bad beats, no great hands. I'm still trying to limit my mistakes by playing extremely tight. I know I need to loosen up but I'm still an uber-fish. I should have plenty of time to play this week. Fingers crossed.


Soccer news from the weekend. Chelsea win, ManUtd draw. Chelsea are now ahead of ManUtd by goal differential. Evil Arsenal keep up their unbeaten ways.

Middlesborough beat Bolton 2 - 1 to win the Carling Cup. I haven't had a chance to read John Nicholson's column but I'm sure he was a bit toasting last night.