Saturday, February 28, 2004

Fat People Make Planes Crash!! 

First the AP story.

Email from Big Mike (see pic below from Mardi Gras)

I knew it! The genie is out of the bottle on the gay marriage issue! A town is New York has a Mayor who is marrying same sex couples and other states have started jumping on the band wagon. So now that "The Gays" are no longer an easy target, the ape like masses are switching their attention to the last group that you can discriminate against! Eric said that their is no unified Gay movement. If you think homosexuals are passive, wait till you try to rally FAT RIGHTS ACTIVISTS! We won't even get off the couch to piss when we have been drinking all night! (What else would you do with all of the empty bottles?)

Well, I am starting an organization, Fat Liberation Activist Brethren, heretofore know as FLAB. We REFUSE to be weighed to get on a plane! Put sensors on the plane! Don't shame us by publicly weighing us!

I will have a rally at my house sometime soon. (And of course, FOOD WILL BE SERVED!)

Flabbiness Unite! (Donations gleefully accepted!)

You have nothing to lose but Weight!



New Penguin smash record 

Marc from Forty Ounces has smashed the penguin record. I guess I'm buying the shots tonight.


Friday, February 27, 2004

Cheers to the Old Man 

Last night I was privileged enough to attend the company retirement party for Old Man CantHang. After 39 years working for the same company and 40 years married to my mother, Pops is finally calling it a career today. And I know the stubborn punk is going to end up working late on his LAST WORK DAY EVER. My father has been a great role model for his work ethic and family commitment. We always came first. (obviously the work ethic didn't rub off that well since I'm blogging at work). So here's to my pop, CHEERS, may the Winnie run straight and the bike continue to set off car alarms. (don't let her make you sell it!) Tonight we'll celebrate some more by tracking down every piece of Toro tuna in the tri-state area.


My online poker career is off to a stellar start. I've played in five $5 SnGs. The other night I played in 4 and managed one second place finish. That was mainly do to the extremely loose play of everyone at the table. There were 4 all-in's, pre-flop, on the first hand. The player who took that pot ended up winning because he took his 4-1 chip advantage and just sat on everyone. I've been playing very tight trying to minimize my mistakes. Only playing the premium hands and always seeing better cards in my opponents hands. I really need to improve in this area.

Another problem I found in my short career is playing with the chip lead. At one point in another tournament, I had a 2-1 chip lead on everyone and I couldn't make it work to my advantage. I ended up getting chipped away and finishing in the dreaded 4th spot.

That leads to my one and only SnG last night. I sat down looking for a quick fix and not expecting much. Just looking for improvement. My first hand, pocket rockets. I'm in late position and there were 2 all-in's in front of me. My strategy had been to let these wacko's kill each other early on and move quickly up the table. This time I couldn't. Then BB even calls the all-in. On the board came nothing but rags. AA holds up and I have a 4-1 chip lead on the table. I have no idea what everyone else went all-in with but it drives me crazy. If anyone can explain this to me, bring it on. Maybe it's just the cheap price of the buy-in.

I have a nice chip lead but still learning how to use it to my advantage. The poker gods decided to do something cruel at this point. I went on a roll. A huge roll. Great starting hands. Perfect flops in the BB. Ridiculous. Even an idiot like myself could have played these cards. I slowplayed, muscled, check-raised... and I walked away with my first ever SnG win. No big deal for all the long time players but pretty cool for me.

The cruel part is that I didn't really learn anything about using the chip lead. I didn't have to make any big moves. I didn't need to worry about pot odds or what my opponent was holding. I felt like I was holding the nuts for the last 15 hands.

I can't believe I'm actually complaining about winning. So that puts my bankroll at a blazing +10. Lookout WSOP.


Heading out to Maddie's with the boys from Forty Ounces on Saturday to check out Crystal Roxx. A little spring training for the drinking team.


The countdown to Key West has begun. Heading out on April 17th. A 5 day vacation of booze, boobs (Teasers), and boats. 4 bedroom penthouse at the marina. We still have spots open if anyone is interested. Yes, the poker chips will be making the trip down.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Chelsea win, ManUtd lose in Champions League 

Good news times 2


I survived! 

Thanks to some well timed work issues, I was able to survive the anti-Mardi Gras mood. Work allowed me 4 quality drinking hours before the pager goes off and back to work (actually home to dial in so Mrs. CantHang can sleep). Not a bad night over all. I sat around getting toastie with BennyMac, telling stories, and watching the Flyers. I added 4 new people to my contact list for future tournaments. That makes a nice clean 175 contacts sitting around waiting for the next tournament. It's coming, I swear.

I have two tournaments in the works but without dates yet. The first one can seat 100 players, the second looks like 40. After enjoying Pokergrub's online tournament at ChoicePoker.com, I'm in the process of setting up one of my own. Maybe that will get everyone off my back until the planning comes through on the other two.

With work taking up my attention at the end of the night, I missed watching the New Orleans Police / Street Sweeper parade down Bourbon online at midnight. That's always a highlight of the trip. After 12 hours of constant drinking, it's the greatest parade in the world. Checkout the friggin' mess.

I'm going to try and play a couple SnGs tonight on Party Poker. I don't have much free time the rest of the week. Let all the sharks know, there's a new fish swimming tonight. Sharpen those teeth!

I added some MP3's to my ImageGallery from a local Sublime cover band, Forty Ounces. It's a great bunch of guys from some of my favorite local bands. They played at my last Bash at the Boat and sounded great.

Another band from the Bash was Petey and the BandCampers. I have MP3's from their acoustic show at 15 North in West Chester late last year. We're trying to get them off the ground and running but they recently lost their guitar player. Anyone interested?

But the #1 download in the MP3 section is a little 4 minute video by some hotel heiress. Check it out.

I'll be heading out to Maddie's in Malvern on Saturday to hang with the guys from Crystal Roxx. Stop in and look for the hippy who can't hang.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bah Humbug 

It's 1pm in New Orleans and I should be on my third mongo Cat's Meow Hurricane, leaning over the balcony, and trying to remember my name. This sucks. I knew last year's Mardi Gras was going to be good when this was the first thing I saw arriving at the Monteleone.

Work left me without any time to play on PartyPoker last night. I was able to login and muck around with the play money site to get a feel for software. No playing tonight because I'll be drowning my sorrows


Monday, February 23, 2004

Grublog Poker Classic 

I've pretty much wasted the last two weeks reading Poker Blogs and enjoying the commentary. Mostly Pokergrub, Iggy, MeanGene, and thefatguy. It's a humorous, sharp-witted and occasionally drunk group of poker players. You get everything from High Stakes players to .50 / $1 online players.

Last night I took my seat as a railbird and watched the Grublog Poker Classic at ChoicePoker.com. It consisted of 32 bloggers playing, harassing, and cheering each other on. Lots of fun with quick action. MeanGene out lasted thefatguy to take the win. If you get a chance, you must check out their sites.

Also, if you get a chance to do some recreational online reading, I added a link for John Nicholson archives at Football365.com. So I don't get any crap from my fellow Eagles fans, this is an English Football site. John may be the one person on earth that's more of a drunk than myself. His latest article even talks about Southern Comfort.

I've signed myself up on PartyPoker.com so I'll soon be one of the fish for bloggers to feed upon. If you signup for one of the sites, be sure and check out one of the bloggers for a reference. You get a bonus and they get the referral.


I'm not even the best player in my house! 

It was decided that Saturday night we would play a couple of NLHE tournaments in scenic Oxford, Pa. I was in a bitter mood (effing Mardi Gras) and ready to do a little drinking and win some money. I should have known how the night was going to go when I cannot find any Southern in Bob's house. This is the guy who witnessed (and partially caused) the Southern induced night in which I went from Al to AlCantHang. A very long story for later. But how could he not have any Southern? State stores are closed so I'm out of luck. Maybe I would play better.


Spent the first hour competing with Lewis to see who can fold the most hands before the first break. The only fun hand of note was bluffing Landow out of good size pot when my hole cards didn't even play. I was holding pocket 9's and the board had two jacks, two 10's, and a King. Lewis finally started catching cards and ended up winning. I finished 5th out of 10.

The second tournament started around 1am and the sobriety must have been working because I ended winning. It ended up being head's up between myself and Mrs. CantHang. The amazing part of the night was Mrs. CantHang finishing with a 3rd and a 2nd. And when I won the second tournament, she had to ruin it by telling me she let me win because she was tired.

Perfect. No Mardi Gras. No Southern. And my wife let me win.