Saturday, February 21, 2004

Mardi Gras Mourning 

Today is the first official day of mourning for Mardi Gras. For only the second time since '94, I am not on a plane bound for New Orleans for the Mardi Gras. The Boathouse tried to throw a Mardi Gras party last night but that only made it more depressing. So I made up for it by drinking way to much Southern. Just a word of advice. If you're planning a Mardi Gras type celebration and you're not in New Orleans, don't do it. It comes off looking and feeling pathetic. The picture below was taken at midnight from the Cat's Meow balcony on Bourbon St. (I miss the Squirrel. Pictured below with Big Mike.) Click on here for the web cam.

Top it off with Chelsea losing to Arsenal in the EPL. I should never have gotten out of bed. I'm going to forget about it all tonight by taking everyone's money. The 400 pounds of rolling casino are heading to Bob's house for a mini NLHE tourny.


Friday, February 20, 2004

The New Penguin game 

Check out the new Penguin Game. Beat my score and I'll post it. It shouldn't be to hard.


Why, Why, Why 

I've been hitting alot of poker blogs recently and they've been well written and very enjoyable. Probably not so for this one. Those who know me will tell you, I drink too much and play poker poorly. I mean really bad. I should capitalize DEAD MONEY. There are plenty of reason for both.

Why start a blog? Who's going to care about the senseless ramblings of an over-weight, long-haired drunk? Well, Brad in Minnesota for one. Brad gets all his news from home on my website, the Crystal Roxx site, and Delco Times. I've actually had strange stories of others regularly hitting my site. Pretty bizarre considering it contains nothing but announcements of my next party and pics from the previous ones. The writing will not be extraordinary and I'm not really that clever (I'm a programmer for Christ-sake, want do you want from me?) but I will update with the current events and random, drunken / hungover thoughts.

To borrow a line from the great Homer Simpson, poker is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. Sitting around with ACaucc one day after a rousing home game, we thought it would be a great idea to get our friends together for a little poker tournament. Sure, we should be able to find 25 guys to play in a dealer's choice, "shootout" tournament. We contacted a local drinking establishment and booked their downstairs. Drinkers only. Naturally, since I was running the tournament, I couldn't play. The tournament was so much fun that we planned another one and it turned into a monthly tournament (complete with H00ter girls for waitresses). Within 6 months, the tournaments turned into NLHE events and they kept growing. The last tournament was booked solid. 72 players with 30 on the waiting list. 100 friggin' people want to play in these tournaments! Absolutely crazy. We ended up having some great prizes along the way, including a buy-in (plus rebuys) at the WPT Super Satellite at The Borgata. There were 5 players in the satellite that had won one of my homegrown tournaments. Once it got so big, the establishment decided that maybe we shouldn't play there anymore. Understandable. I was starting to get some shady feelings myself. So no more tournaments for the foreseeable future but plans are in the works for other venues. Stay tuned.

That is the main reason that I absolutely suck at the game. All of my friends have thousands more hands played then I have. If I sat down and played at one of my own tournaments, I'd be the ultimate Dead Money walking in the door. Maybe that's why everyone wanted me to play?

I started browsing websites and newsgroups looking for poker information and I came across this group of poker blogs. Some great writing about all things poker. You can find everything from humorous stories, to advice, and even hand histories to help you better your game. The two I've been reading are Iggy - Guinness and Poker and Poker Grub. They are personally responsible for many lost hours. And because of these guys, I am going to throw some hard earned money into PartyPoker and swim with the sharks. So when you read about the fish swimming on PartyPoker, that's all about me. The littlest guppy. If you signup to play online, use one of these guys as an affiliate. You'll get a bonus and they'll get the reference bonus.

Heading out to lovely Oxford for a tournament at Bob's on Saturday. My prediction: out early and wait for the side game.